Hello everyone, EcoDrift is here and I am Lisa the Bandit. recently we got an electric scooter Ninebot ES2. we have already shown and talked about his predecessor electric scooter Ninebot ES1. there is a reasonable question: why do we need another scooter from Ninebot? to answer this question i I propose to compare the previous pose ES1, which we have already reviewed and referenced we will leave it in the specific characteristics under this video, with this new ES2. So first of all the color of the scooter is striking. the previous representation was much darker and this is so swank, silver. second this is the capability of the engines. Ninebot ES2, of course f, f is more powerful. its rated power 300 watts versus 250 Ninebot ES1. maximum dominance, of course, too higher, which personally makes me very pleased about. the tires of the two mannequins are similar: cast by 8 inches. and everything there is can accelerate you up to twentyfive kilometers per hour! it’s me about Ninebot ES2, because prototype ES1 accelerates to only 20 km/ h. compas the apoplexy of the models is the same: up to 20 kilometers. Battery capacity is extremely the same: 187 watt* hour. but the weight of the new Ninebot ES2 has become a little more one and a half kilograms by in comparison with the first edition. it now weighs 12.5 kg. such force gain is associated with he has a buttock torsion bars and more strong instrument, but somehow it is all remains relatively easy for similar metropolitan scooters, which compiles it easy to carry. this the simulation will give you a ride if your heavines is from 25 to 100 kilogram. unlike Ninebot ES1 NEW has NOT one leaf springs, but two. the ES1 has a shock absorber in the front it was presented as such a outpouring, there is also a rear shock absorber. in last scrutinize on Ninebot ES1 I talked about the facts of the case that the fact that there is the front I personally did not feel the shock absorber while razzing, because the scooter was verified tough fairly, perpetually on all sorts of breaches was certainly not going comfortable.Here are two shock absorbers and here the rear genuinely renders a soft move. I razz the Ninebot ES2 on paving stones so light enough, and more is a scooter certainly succeeded extremely smoothly and the travel was soft, it was pleasantly! but on hardcore paving stones the scooter was still shaking, but in principle, require such superpowers it would be strange. but the important point is me note: when you drive on such coarse fairly paving stones you, of course, you will ride on this scooter, but the rear part of the scooter will constantly beat against it and you will hear a whack. but it would be strange to want from such an city dandy something powerful and offroad. now about the confines! for ES2 they are made of rubber and unlike the ES1 they are not have side detonators: now nothing will fall out! themselves the controls are very comfortable for the sides, they are not move, but if you abruptly fall under downpour, it was likely not be so comfortable with them. but on the other hand, don’t razz in the downpour! by the way, about the downpour: this simulate, like the ES1, is not waterproof.This important! but if abruptly you just wanted to precisely contingency to ensure your scooter from humidity, then you can contact our servicecenter. if you will not sufficient, but most probably you will not be enough, you can download proprietary Ninebot work, consuming which you can install maximum speed for eco state, as well as succeed sail restrict and find out more battery information. for mannequin ES1 there was a rubber coating on the deck.In programme , nothing has changed here, so such as in the case of that representation, having in mind that if you get caught in the torrent, it will slip, you need to be careful! rear backstage accurately as in the previous mannequin protect the deck from touching it dirt because the rear offstage are similar. the footboard of the Ninebot ES2 scooter is exactly is the same as the previous simulate, then there is a footboard for all footpegs: it stable, durable very comfortable extendable by foot and is also pleasant and slides comfortably. the folding mechanism is exactly the same here like Ninebot ES1, but unlike previous pattern from Ninebot ES1 the tongue also folds.Rather all this was done in order so that while driving you do not touch it paw. that is, security. by the way, spilled tires: their plus and cons, in general, have long been known. among advantages is that you cannot impale, have a bad roll, they do not need pump up and check, do they have enough pressure inside. but they have more detriments, of course. pens the scooter does not fold, it is value bearing in mind if you are planning delivery it in public bring. riding this scooter on paved roads enough pleasant and soft, because the scooter can overcome an direction of rise up to 10 severities, overcome the pits to three centimeters tall and handicaps up to one centimeter in stature. but nevertheless on it, of course, it was unable to do what you can, for example, on Dualtron, even on the 2S, he and faster and more powerful, and her tires are completely others, so the ride is much softer, but nevertheless this model is more convenient, than ES1 because the rear the leaf springs does its chore and truly very much felt. in our Review of Ninebot ES1 Electric Scooter I said that the restraints sensitive enough. now same! merit a little push on restraint and they immediately respond and the scooter starts to slow down. both poses have brakes electronic and mechanical, located on the rear rotation. restraint distance for both poses at speeding of 20 kilometers per hour is about 4 meters. more about pokatushki: when I travel it into gogru, the electric scooter gathered me quite easily, but the average a man weighing about 75 kilograms scooter will not pull up the hill so cheerfully, it the acceleration will become slower. and extend you won’t really be very fast. both mannequins have on their front 1.5 watt LED which spreads a route from two to eight meters. reflector in flight and remained, on the side instead of him materialized light bulbs that show when braking. continuing his sunrise I want to note what’s the new Ninebot ES2 below loomed Conducted scooter sole lighting. we have it shimmers blue, but the colour can customize with a branded employments. overall the scooter turned out stylish enough. I enjoy, that all the cables are hidden , nothing prominences out and no crazy engaging colour, as I call it, on pedals. in addition, the hue is very pleasant, silver-tongued. me highly, extremely like! magnitudes of the new ES2 the same as ES1. You can receive them in the area of the screen. if you just wanted to see it in more details, you are eligible to take a look at our review on Ninebot ES1, association will be in the description. electrical scooter Ninebot ES2 is a good option for shift on metropoli roads. of course super moved from him there is no need to wait and on long moves I I wouldn’t take it either, but as policy options working on this Ninebot ES2 can be quite a good answer because thanks to its folding mechanism it is convenient to fold and organize in the part. if you are used to polyurethane tires, on a scooter Ninebot ES1 you can be very even accessible, but if you, for example, cyclist who decided to change to such is Ninebit ES2, I’m not sure what to you will be comfortable enough on it. that’s all for me, write in the comments if you have Ninebot ES1, how you razz it. “ve seen you” soon, with you was ecodrift, I am lisa the bandit, byebye !.