Hello everyone! I know what you are thinking: “why did she trimmed the gyro timber in half? ” Yes, there is indeed such judges, but as you can see, the Segway company I was ahead of me and manufactured electrical … rollers. I frankly dont even know if Ill supplanted with them at least become. In general, let’s first figure out what it is all about such, and then we will arrange a test drive. Electric rollers are announced Segway Drift W1( Segway wander double u 1 ). To position it simply, the latter are two small programmes with rotates. Legs, here are not fastened in any way, and I conclude – it is not necessary. Suddenly something – you can immediately jump off. The contingencies are symmetrical, so they can be from either line-up. The rotations are powerful, with a thick-skulled blanket of rubber, which is a little sucks minor inconsistencies in the road. The top is also rubber coated so that the foot do not slip, and there are bumpers made of the same material at the front and rear. They will not tell the body be killed on the kerbs. Each “runner” has its own filling, motor and battery, so they weigh 3.5 kilograms each each. It is a shame that they do not live so impressively. You understand, such a large battery you can’t stuff it, so you can journey for a maximum of 45 hours. The government of fee is visible on the indicators, which is convenient, can be checked without going off the scaffolds. When the last dot starts blinking, it makes it’s time to round out. Then the rollers can be hidden in a knapsack, or moved by belts like this. You need to pick them up from the floor simply after turning off, otherwise the motors are accelerated for a couple of seconds. The artilleries are billed for about three hours, and the port itself is secreted under the plug, as the Drift W1 is protected from moisture as standard IP54, namely splash and light-footed downpour. Perhaps this is all you need to know about these videos, let’s I’ll try to journey them. Olya turns on the skates: at first they don’t align themselves, but as soon as you touch your hoof, they brace themselves evenly … Well what, I’m trying. “Woohhhh, how confidential then there. ” “Look, I press a little, they are already accelerating. it it won’t be easy. That’s it, I give up. Cool, that they themselves hold its own position, like gyroboards, but become it doesn’t make it easier on them. Until was just trying to set the second leg, the first is already somewhere moves about his business.IN in general, this thing is definitely not for beginners like I. I will go I will recommend to try our people from the accumulate, they cut there on gyroboards every day, let’s see will they supersede. Now with whom it was necessary to start. “AND you can wear them like Van Damme in that ad ” “I will unionize an obstacle for you now.” “Well done, will go Well, I suppose research drive can be considered extended. I “ve spoken to the” chaps and all as one say that “theres anything” complicated now. If a are comparable to a gyro committee, then this is something similar in dominate: you likewise lean forward – you go forward, back – respectively back. Merely there is more freedom in maneuvers. Output I can do this. If a you are a beginner and never on gyroboards and the like should not skate, then it is better to start with something simpler, so that the two pedals were together , not separately. If a on the contrary, we have already rolled naturally for hours and kilometers, and all this is already boring – then you can replenish your ballpark electrical haul with such rollers. Write, how do you like Segway Drift W1 and let me know if you liked the video: like, subscribe and reached the bell. Until !.