ЭЛЕКТРОролики Segway Wander W1 ▶ Обзор и Тест-драйв


Hey There! I understand what you’re assuming: “Why did she reduced the gyroboard in fifty percent? Yes, there is without a doubt such bears in mind, butas you can see, the Segway firm I was in advance as well as madeelectric … rollers. I truthfully do not also understand it will certainly function out.do i also have them to end up being. So allow’s firstlet’s see what it is such, and after that we will certainly set up the testdrive. Electric rollers are calledSegway Wander W1( Sigway Wander Dual u 1 ). If basic, after that thistwo small-time programs with turnings. Legs are not secured currently, Yes, as well as I ideas – not needed. Unexpectedly that – you can immediatelyjump off Corps are balanced, thereforeon them it ends up being feasible from either side.Wheels effective with thicka mantle of rubber that is a little bit mutes small irregularitiesroads. Over, as well, rubber layer, to maintain your feet from sliding bust as well as back bumpersfrom the exact same product. They will certainly not inform the body be killedabout constricts. Each rapid pedestrian has its ownfilling, electric motor as well as battery, so they weighhealthy – 3.5 extra pounds each. It is a pity that they do not live the sameimpressively. You recognize in suchdimensions substantial battery you can not material it so skatea optimum of 45 mins is feasible. Fee condition visibleon pertinent indications, which is practical you can examine without obtaining downfrom platforms.When the last blink startsa dot makes it’s time to round down. After that you can conceal the videosin knapsack or delivery forThese are the areas. You require to raise them from the groundonly after blockage, or else the rotates for a number of secondsaccelerate. Billing batteries around3 hrs, as well as the port itself is camouflaged under the plug as driftW1 shielded versus dampness as common IP54, specifically spray as well as lightof rains. Possibly that’s all you needknow concerning these commercial-grades, allow’s I’ll attempt to ride them.Olya consists of skates: firstthey do not straighten themselves, yet as quickly as you touch your foot- block formerly precisely … Well what, I attempt.” Vouououu, exactly how delicate after that there. “Look, I pulp a little, they alreadygas up. it it will not be easyAll I quit. Trendy, that they themselves hold the positionlike gyroboards yet end up being on them from this is not easier.Until attempting to maintained the secondleg, the initial is currently someplace continuing concerning their company. AT Usually this point is not exactlyfor newbies like I.I will certainly go I will certainly use to attempt ourthe men from the storage space, they study there on gyrobordevery day, see whether they will.” Right here is with whom it was needed to start “.” BUT you are qualified to on them like a vanDamm in the advertisement” “I am a challenge to you noworganize.” “Well done, will certainly work out, I remember analysis drive can be thought about passed.I spoke to individuals andone as well as all claim that absolutely nothing challenging here.If a compare to the gyro boardthen this is something comparable control: reclining tooforward you move forward back – respectivelybackwards Simply much more liberty appearsin strategies. Verdict I can do this. If a you’re brand-new as well as never ever ongyroboards as well as comparable points not skated, it is far better to startwhy is it simpler to both electric motors were togethernot individually. If a the other way around formerly normalso hrs as well as kilometers as well as all this has actually currently ended up being boringyou can renew your ball park electrical lorries heresuch rollers. Contact exactly how do you obtain a segway drift w1 as well as giveknow if the video clip suched as: like, subscribeand press the bell.Until!.