5 Geeky Strategies To Make Money That You&#39ve By No Means Heard Of

I have place collectively a rapid list of 5 approaches to make cash that could truly operate but are just a minimal geeky. Enjoy 🙂

1. Wii On Wheels

If you have not performed a Nintendo Wii you&#39re definitely lacking out. It has definitely interesting wireless controllers that enable you play games like bowling and tennis wherever you do the entire movement in the game as if you were being actually actively playing the sport.

Consider obtaining a Wii on a cart with wheels and hooked up to a Tv set display that you could place in entrance of a shopping mall or movie theater and cost persons to play the activity. Everybody passing by would surprise what all the commotion is and would, in return, deliver you a lot more shoppers. Interesting notion, I&#39m sure you could make it perform!

2. DailyHundred.com

I do not really want to share this concept, but I do not think I will ever get it commenced … so I hope somebody chooses to make dollars with this someday. The domain name is even readily available!

Produce a site that offers away $ 100 day-to-day to 1 blessed person who can -allow&#39s say- be the to start with to respond to 10 trivia questions the right way. The fact that you&#39re providing away $ 100 daily will attract in tons of site visitors so providing you the usually means to maintain your web-site with advertising and marketing earnings. Your homepage would have a lot of advertisement spots (all over 30 or far more) for $ 200 pounds a thirty day period so that each individual time an advertiser buys an ad you can give away fifty percent of that revenue to the fortunate winner.

3. Pocketbike Racing

This would be a pretty reasonably priced way to start a organization that could be really effective and get paid a great deal of community media attention.

Pocketbikes are like miniature motorcycles meant for youngsters. My notion is to use these bikes for a exciting and entertaining venue for all ages. I&#39m 6 foot 7 and seem seriously amusing on a minimal pocketbike. Visualize acquiring a drag race with your friends on 1 of these items. This would be exceptionally entertaining! You could even present it for totally free and make funds from a concession stand selling treats and beverages.

4. YouTube Theater

Begin a video clip theater that tasks a bunch of YouTube videos on a monitor that are decided on by the viewers. When people appear into your theater they can textual content in (with their cell phone) a video clip to be played on the significant monitor. This would entice a good deal of individuals seeking to share favourite films with their friends and families.

5. Segway Extreme Program

Build a area exactly where individuals can not only practical experience a Segway (particular human transporter) but also press it to it&#39s restrictions. Established up a study course with ramps, hills, turns, curbs and other many obstructions that would provide out the geeky extremist in all of us.

Supply by Mark-Andrew Williams


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