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While waiting to comfortably sit in the S-Pod in the shape of a rolling egg, Segway has unveiled an innovative electric scooter that could appear in self-service fleets.

The Air T 15 looks like a standard electric scooter from afar. But Segway has redesigned the controls, taking inspiration from classic scooters: you have to pick up speed with your foot, then by lifting it onto the platform, the engine of 300 watts takes over by driving at the same speed. The aircraft speeds up to 20 km / h, the maximum legal speed in France.

As on a classic scooter

On climbs, the vehicle will “push” a little harder in order to maintain the desired speed. As for braking, again Segway uses the principle of traditional scooters, with a mechanism at the wheel at the rear. Just press this pedal to slow down. The sensors integrated at the wheels will then determine the new speed. According to the manufacturer, the scooter calculates friction and road conditions, which allows it to adjust automatically.

The idea is interesting and it eliminates the controls on the handlebars. The driver should quickly find his sensations there since it is his feet that take control of the scooter. Segway has also thought about transporting the device: a button allows you to fold the structure in half. Please note, the weight of the Air T 15 is quite large (6.8 kg).

Segway specifies that the range of the vehicle is fifteen kilometers, and indicates that the battery recharges slightly when braking. A screen is present on the handlebars. The vehicle will cost 699 $, it is not impossible that it will appear in self-service fleets.

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