Adam Savage Develops a Onewheel Electric Skateboard!


hi there everyone its Adam from gauged youguys popular much I prefer the one revolve I have actually been busied with it for yearsI have actually logged hundreds as well as thousands of miles on numerous one wheels that I possess Ihad the initial pattern I had the 2nd design as well as they simply bring out a newlong-range design the XR that comes near 17 miles on a fee oh I can not wait nowone of the 2nd point I like concerning this company is that it was saw ofand developed in Santa Cruz as well as they are hand set up in San Jose The Golden State Ilove me some area production checked will drop to their factorywhere evidently they might allow me erect my very own XR right here we go hey one disclaimerbefore I leader in there as well as made the one-wheel XR with each other this might finish upfeeling a little like a commercial-grade yet it ain’t the reality is I’m not gettingpaid to do this they are providing me a one electric motor that holds true yet my cherished for thiscompany is based upon the kindnes for the functions of an outstandingly formed make as well as we’ reshooting the series since we wish to commemorate neighborhood production Californiamanufacturing of a wonderful item so allow’s go hi there Kyle hey great to see you man great tosee you as well so I can not rely on every one of its very own background of my delight in of one wheelsthat I have not been to the mothership extra this is where they obtain enhanced wherethey’re all bring that puts up a manufacturing facility in The golden state I prefer that we do you knowit’s been very important for us from the starting to construct our asset right here inCalifornia it’s such a Californian item as well as us production is superimportant to us all right can can can you stroll me via exactly how this procedure goeslike what what I’m passing away to see exactly how these are birthed there’s a great deal of stepsthat enter into developing a one turning you enhance each specific component thecontroller the weapons after that you made the tire on the revolve located that all togetherinto the framework in the process there’s a great deal of screening ensure whatever’ sjust right you mounted the unguis pads on verbalize the blocks on and after that you go examination rideit as well as ensure you did it okay it’s simply that easyit’s like impel delicious chocolate damaging cookies flawlessly so I went declaration that there’s apossibility that I can take part in placing one with each other you can do all thework if you truly mm-hmm oh I estimates I have actually been bleep that partthat’s me being promoted allow’s do it where do we begin allow’s begin at thebeginning all right so this I I have actually constantly intended to see this these are all thecomponents of the one turning set by in a took off point of view flawlessly all right come with methrough the standard active ingredients that’s the battery precisely this is the XR batteryso it’s obtained even more variety than any type of one wheel we have actually did ever Oh doesex-parte mean severe variety additional dynamic Many thanks can not recreate that this isthe controller yeah that’s the mind movement sensing units microprocessor all thatkind of great product the portion that everybody is associates with the one wheelthe electric motor with a large rubber tire around it as well as I’m the race go-kart as well as thesethings around right here these are this is the electric motor without the tire exactlyexactly as well as if you’re solid sufficient you can attempt to leant the tire on later I do n’tthink I will certainly be solid sufficient so you men are establishing your makers that rightyeah so we in fact become our makers we create something called active coretechnology to ensure that axle you assume you’re stay on itslike it’s a lot larger than the axel in a lot of electric motors which’s cuz we’ reactually drawing the warm out via this light weight aluminum axle which’s why we canrun a greater power go much faster further larger Hillside in fact is ending up being a heatsinkexactly obtain in fact the capability to utilize even more electrons without overheatingexactly unthinkable I represent I discovered that the differencebetween the the one turning as well as the one pedal plus in regards to the electric motor really feel atfirst it was refined and after that it ended up being very evident as well as when I agree the oldone it seems like I’m driving a horse-drawn carriage specifically so we’ realways boosting points you recognize we’re we’re riders so we’re constantly out ridingand claiming oh this can be much better this can be far better as well as whether it’ shardware or firmware we’re simply constantly nipping on things was simply attempting to establish theultimate go and after that this is the brand-new this is the heart of the XR this is abattery that relocates further specifically so we upgraded it around a various kind ofbatteries various battery chemistry a brand-new battery control company as well as keepit all risk-free as well as to allow it to perform at a greater power too as well as yep that’s thesoul of a new Macs are so currently you’re chatting 15 18 Mile variety there’s theheadlights as well as tail sunups in there you recognize exactly how they switch propensity as well as thenthis is the certain Santa foot pads which you can add your plus yeah as well as sothese are in fact as well machined CNC maker out of some timber laminatedreally magnificently laser etched as well as this has the you recognize that we have actually been tailedyeah and after that it has both area foot pad inthis one right so you simply reached get on that with your paw which’s exactly how theboard understands it needs to go as well as the framework barriers do not obtain spoken about excessive Ilove them they’re blue-blooded my preferred tone I prefer this pigment as well as I ideas withoutseeing them from within that these were simply lengthy extrusions yet you seeand see this completely out of a billet specifically as well as component of that’s since whenI was boosting the initial one electric motors in my garage that’s exactly how we constructed those orthe exactly how I create those which sort of fastened with us I intended to make it superstrong made to make sure that individuals obtain flight insane manoeuvres as well as do whatever they wantand the board’s gon na hold water I have I’m honored to state I have actually abused the black out ofall of my one wheels as well as they have actually endured practically whatever I’ vethrown at them as well as toss them out we state they’re constructed like a barrel as well as youknow I see I motorcyclists concur with it should be truly satisfying to sendthese light weight aluminum tinted bent on the plated as well as obtain them back this colorthey are really quite yeah delight in when they return like thatokay so where do we to start as well as placing these with each other of course so we’re gon na startactually taking a peek at exactly how we worked out the components with each other all right adjustment are we goingup like the real battery itself as well as the real controller circuit boarditself and after that we’re gon na obtain those buttoned up and after that we’ll see exactly how weput everything with each other right into what comes to be the one-wheel wonderful amazing allow’s do it okay so this is the team of cellsthat will certainly obtain me the entire method throughout San Francisco as well as back house once more absolutelyhad to inform me exactly how this fits yeah so this is the battery component ofammonia plus XR to go the cells right here like you’re stating new kinds ofcells that we’re utilize really high power as well as really high capability we’re gon na putin the battery conduct plan that’s a motherboard that we developed thatkeeps the pack truly risk-free so it’s checking each specific cellall the moment making certain that they’re all delighted stabilizing the real voltagesbetween the staffs as well as you recognize safeguarding the entire system which’ sthat this that’s this specifically that’s I similar to to touch it no that’s a brainmake certain that the battery races all right specifically the battery dealing with organisation ohand I can really feel that it’s water resistant it is is in fact covered with a specialcoating that shields the electronic devices to ensure that if there is any type of dampness humiditygets in there it’ll were totally shielded that it’s razzing in the rainfall is one ofmy preferred points yeah other than with with the covering on since ready to cover myleg protector yeah under environment I assume that a person point celebrations do not realizeabout large battery manufacturing is that you require large fatty cords to relocate all thoseelectrons I involve this is a rigid a powerful stem of bringing right here yep youabsolutely do as well as we utilize these automobile adapters as well as we actuallyuse numerous poles in alongside bring the large ability for the main currentthat’s once more you’re relocating shit-tons that’s the technological word right you’ eliminating spunk lots of electrons electrons are hefty yeah a large copper to do it allright therefore what is this point currently so throughout the setting up procedure we haveall type of testers that we utilize to confirm that points function the manner in which wehope they will certainly all right therefore you in fact tossed this board right into the tester lowerthis down as well as it runs a computerized test as well as we’ll see that a couple of various other experiences wetest our battery control company we determine our controller as well as all of thesetests are to specifically ensure that whatever’s functioning within specification so thatyou go out there riding whatever unleashed excellent it’s amusing I have actually claimed thisin the store when I’m doing electronic devices I each time I “re undergoing” a procedure I goback I examine the initial point you men aredoing QC doing the exact same precise point you have actually these councils made by someone andyou prevented them as well as producing them in currently yet they all are explored prior to they go intothe objective specifically we are for that reason develop these circuit card right here in the Bay Location theyhave the exact same maker over there they examine it yet we examine it once more herebecause really in a production setting it’s everything about tone andso you require to examine as well as study as well as experiment examination the element examination the system andthen examination the end product as well as talking premium The golden state products this isthe best grounding band I have actually ever before seen the the building and construction of flex groundingstrap which is some severe things taking place wear it to a group amazing okayso what’s following so we’re gon na drop right here as well as complete in fact making thebattery component and after that we can create it right into a board all rightthe control panel specifically so this is a controller this is the mind it’s obtained anARM cpu on there as well as it’s obtained these are the power electronic devices thatactually drive the engines it’s obtained these perception water resistant automobile connectorsto attach to the battery which we assembled and after that additionally to the electric motor ofcourse as well as the foot pad all over else so gauging is very crucial as well as I’ vegot an examination component over right here this is an additional QC tool specifically all right so it’ sgot these pins called a bed of claws that fall assemble get in touch with on all theselittle examination websites oh wow linking to a computer system the computer system varies specialcode that in fact determines a large amount of voltages as well as currents throughout theboard ensure that whatever makes wonderful it looks so I value that clearacrylic to ensure that whatever’s truly easy to understand what’s taking place right here andthere’s like just among the adhering to choices so in fact there’s a few of these so wehave desired our distributor one right here as well as an extra simply in situation you recognize cuz it icebreaks we can not have the line drop so really developing an examination component likethis resembles developing an item therefore it’s developing a wheel right there thisis in fact overcoming its treatment if all works out that motorspins up there all right yet this is gauging all the voltages internallythe bus voltage the worked out voltages as well as it informs you a great deal concerning whether thecircuit board was assembled appropriate whether it set appropriately withfirmware as well as whether it prepares to obtain constructed right into one wheel good sopresuming that this circuit is great appearance allowed’s proceed to taking into anenclosure allow’s go alright there we go you’re hiredhaha oh consider that it resembles a sugar can I tweeze this off go all out oh sosatisfying so this is a running go-karts employ that stands for one turning what it isit’s totally unblemished as well as really sticky voice so right so this takes place it on themotor which’s primarily exactly how you do it so this is in fact a go-kart tireinstallation all right yet it does not make it as simple as you may desire you can attempt toput that on so yeah I do not I do not reached come by from this attribute reached pushit at simply the freedom angle really so you in fact do hard-bitten good hang on ohwow that is tough it’s tough I wish to attempt this now currently it’s an obstacle I’ vegiven me an obstacle ok so after that am i right that this is available in as well as promotes pushit you reached press the side to you on when we’ll is progressing ahead attempt to simmer grain as well as it’s it’s an entire procedure yet ultimately you obtain this fantastic rideyeah nicely done naturally that is the individual that guys this incurable simply likeabsolutely they are yeah shucking oysters display solid forumthat was tiring that we did anyone think of doing that throughout the day oh guy yet sowhat we’re gon na do currently is you obtained a seat the dot as well as maintained this specialspecial tire sealer in there you tossed it in there we established tires just in thererolling about in there specifically incredible so we are all at the finalassembly as well as you men did something truly unique you asked me if I had afavorite shade as well as I claimed safety orange as well as you powder-coated the imprison aone-off you have actually made powder covered orange rails as well as you men do not recognize thismy one pedal has a name that my new bride generated as well as it’s sugar glider andthey laser-etched the designate of my one wheel you’re gon na gothrough all the job of structure on your own you reached go personalized I am sopsyched so you recognize what’s amusing is as a result of the plywood pads whenever Iride the one wheel around as well as beings have not seen it they idea did you makethat since the plywood pads make it seem like it’s homemade today I cansay sort of all right so where do “were beginning to” currently so we require to maintained these 2 modulesthe controller as well as the weapons that we developed right into the rails and after that we’ regonna screw it down so this is what we employ the factorythe blade right so it’s obtained your your battery as well as your controller component inthere and after that naturally we have actually reached used the electric motor in as well as place completion blockson path every foot pads as well as attach whatever there is up as well as assessment relocate yeah hold thisplease do all right oh to ensure that extra quarter-inch there that’s my additional eightmiles specifically that’s what allows us greater than double the collection is simply a littlemore area as well as a new battery chemistry that was developed for the electrical carindustry so amazing okay all right where to following onwards are you able offer yousome definitely remarkable open source songs fine alright so what this this is aspecial new model this makes certain stands pro so this is something brand-new thatwe’re we’re simply introducing currently it’s in fact a scooped foot pad so it’s morecomfortable you got back at extra control you’re gon na enthusiasm itbeautiful so we placed that there and after that this is the front Deadman swap obtained thesensor in it yep all right so you obtain an adapter connected in we are we arealmost there which’s itthis is last-place clamp so I assume this is formally one of the most personalized one wheelthat’s ever before been constructed I like you for claiming that all right it’s time for checking all right I’m gon na positioned this on this iscool the stickum on the back of the one wheelbranded plateful right here is called VHB that represents really high bond as well as I’m hereto inform you it’s no lie okay below we go good hmmlet’s flight yep all right right here comes the skid wonderful dudethat was so incredible this resembles I am this is a great things right below you’ regonna have countless fantastic remembrances travelling this point I completely will as well as Ican’t I can not wait to examine the restrictions of exactly how much it can goit is an attractive point thanks for providing me this experience really welcomethank you for nicking this stunning stunning creation you desire a setting downhere boil down anytime flawlessly alright time to create back to SanFrancisco this is the tire that’s never ever seen the road so inspect this out yeahthat was risk-free to do possibly