ladies and gentlemen it’s a beautiful epoch and I wanted to show you something cool that I managed to pick up or actually I could have sending them to me three honest but it’s now a few seconds one I’ve got I bought the first one the second one’s a new addition that is pretty nuts and you’ve probably seen it you don’t Twitter Facebook or the thumbnail of this video try up here look at it so damn cool what have you actually get down now we’ve got wait there are too light so don’t actually use ready but let’s pick up a information go on to that is a pull-up thing out oh maybe I’ll give it a go actually find Macaulay I’m not sure that’s me old-fashioned they they’re technically concoct people’s a swag billow they’re technically announced mono Rovers and this is a brand new when I get so now I just got to show you guys “ve never” really done a video not look like an Instagram post but I’ve never truly demo you meet yous never anything that is super super fun so we’re going to take a look at all this material and I want to show you something pretty awesome so what have we got going on what if we got going on this is the first exclusive watch precisely time look at that now why we’re not wearing it that’s the question regrettably the report contains teenagers sizes and adult sizes for these snap back when they’re launched in about a week’s time and inadvertently they transport me the babies one I put one across my principal as I miss a finish this is not fitting but I should be going out one tomorrow I’m gushed humanity I don’t want to think like I wasn’t too sure about snap back but they’re just fairly recreation and used artilleries everyone here pick this up from iSeries i-5 5 as a introduce which is awesome so thank you very much for that and I simply relatively like wearing the moment but that alia was so so that’s a first and look at it I’m actually most extremely busy at the moment I’ve got tons of stuff happening over to the left I won’t appearance you but this excel document here so this is my massive 21 by 9 check and on that document is ton and tons and tons videos brand-new teeth are like 25 years I need to get done in the next four periods it’s nuts there’s one websites going to look like though if you guys gonna get them it candidly is not about that subsequentlies made I’d prove you cos quite cool but something is very cool is you Liss which I went given by Sean at ICO Zeus is awesome you guys may have seen you contacting the one who sent me I’ll try and get you trying it’s to focus a little bit better this is the new one of my new logo with revised thumbnails and modernized subscribe account again like it’s constantly used to go update regrettable because obviously amounts go up my big-hearted shoutouts Shawn for this is absolutely awesome and thank you for giving me offsetting me another one my friend and updating again is perfectly sugared but I anticipate like whatever substance I can show you but honestly like that bedroom is a mess like a gratuity on another level because I’ve got loadings of invests but it doesn’t like put away don’t ask me why but we don’t even look at that the kitchen is various kinds of a mess we have a look in now speedily I’ve still got all of the chromecast attached with TVs which makes I can exactly send anything in now which is sweet this is what the kitchen is coming looking like can you recognize some formidable straws cut in the back one paw but it can super repetition in here actually right look at this as well I need to do a video on this at the moment so you experience a video very soon on the brand-new ali-a infinity scuff which is kind of nuts as you can see here this thing is absolutely insane slightly different shade of blue but absolutely crazy so that’d be a main Channel video eggs the coming week unfortunately how are you able or anything don’t even have like any nature you could go outside so kind of suctions we don’t have any direction you can go outside unfortunately but chaps back through the mono row but that is what we’re about right now alright let’s give this thing a lead I have no shoes or socks on we should not alright so they are kind of ponderous things about 10 kilograms I foresee no way maybe so essentially what we got going on here we ha this is the front side or the back side I think we should invent it around really a daybreaks employ a little bit better but virtually it’s all to do really push so if you pressurize on this surface go for the front one just go go forward both of the backlands it’s going to go back and then if you really pressurise on one particular area or spin in that guidance resonates various kinds of complicated it’s frankly not that hard this is where I left you all right so boom maybe you’ve got socks on now so okay so we’ll turn this thing on first so it’s going to push there thank you for telling me that alright so first things first putting the first paw on and got some balance this one out and then put your second on oh gosh and then move so I’m leaning both forward you can see the blue dawns reveal where I’m recline I have such a rapid hard-bitten – I’m not gonna do see if this works then “re going to have to” kept the camera down there and cinema myself alright maybe this will work maybe it won’t I’m gonna you guys can see okay I’m gonna try and balance here which rhyme answer this go back to the base go back it’s actually once you get used to it’s not too bad but I adore it yeah it is so much fun oh alright now we know why but these ones wrapped in extra special because that should come with built-in bluetooth loudspeakers and when I was being sent this when I was like doing really miss Bluetooth orators is like you know what like expend policy options I made up a kit but it’s actually sick so I’m gonna grab my phone let’s roll out squad diddly-dee diddly-dee on and appreciate can I get into the room of this mmm no you can’t getting off is actually not the easiest thing the world so alright woof-woof-woof did bash me in the foot a little bit was fine – fine – fine so grab my phone which is here I’ve been assigned so these people have you the one some automated switch maniacs I should’ve done a little while ago but you will get it soon if you are competition winner so I’m gonna sync this up with the with the rover and play video games some music while we roll around the thing that’s working my camera actually sharpens focus focus focus alright I envision yes we’re connected dreamy next alright bye-bye a synced it up I’ve synced up right now if you guys probed on Diablo right on YouTube his music is godly like on a tier all these tracks are sick this is a remix of Tiesto secrets so if I play this it’s gonna be thunderou so I can’t be talked very much but we’ll have some fun rolling around Hodgkin like you can’t get better all right that’s more than a few thing is not I don’t know I mean you merely roll around like I can try and go into the kitchen if you want so over here you can see yeah you like rubbish you’re sick boys I hope you can see a little of like a incline you’ve got a bit quite easy you know you can go but fairly you’ve never even caught that’s petitioning is this go back out and assure see if I managed to get that now “theres going” boys there we go there we go so always like large-scale big-hearted lowers like doesn t drudgery very well you require but because you’re not pull-up bars even set up with somehow film it all right goodbye monorover hello pull-up bar so canaries attaches to the wool made like I gave the camera all right hopefully you guys can see is unknown this is like I’m bit too tall for it Yanis that’s a quick look at a pull-up bar it’s actually quite tough humanity I used to go to kurma every day almost every day a few months back I haven’t been ages I’m just so hectic out at any time for either which I’m vexed but honestly I’ve like demo you guys a lot more hasn’t it’s gonna show you the Sweetwater over so I mull gonna resolve it there but people have to enjoy of cheeky little boulder if you want to see more time give it a thumbs up because they are really fun to do I know I’m just stuck in my flat at the moment this is just meant to be a fun little silly one but I’m gonna go out and about unquestionably gonna do more so hope you guys enjoy there’s always a look up for Italian snap back soon you guys get a sneak peek here in the second channel so thanks for watching you all also know see you guys another video