I knew that could be we are with ups the unidentified parcel service hero the alien wheels hoverboards that you dictated goodbye gaben Garrett let’s see what’s inside these things yeah this looks really cool yeah yeah they are look this is a glass cup no it’s an umbrella let’s see what’s really in this thing this is the alien board smoke Balance Board it looks like it comes in two different sizes I got the big one cuz I’m the oldest when I get to open mine first[ Music] whoa this looks a lot like the contingency here’s the manual the charger whoa oh it’s got like sticky things yeah my grippy can’t open by now[ Music] whoa mine will outrun and aircrafts on and there squish you there is a requirement to your foes ogle how burnished it is alien board excuse me oh whoa we got two different types of alien timbers I got the bat backstages and I got the b1 the at-bat wings has a Bluetooth speaker and a remote control waiting for Bluetooth connecting they each come with their own carrying suits[ Music] Wow it is possible to looks like something Batman[ Music] they have really cool lumen on wheels the v1 has two Extended lamps the batwings has four Contributed daylights two in the figurehead and two brand-new that the foreigner timbers have high-quality Samsung artilleries you can get these from aileen motors comm maybe aliens will come to your house too if one buy one of these check out the link in the specific characteristics below for a reject system hey let’s take these things out for I yeah however better ask mommy first mummy are you able razz an alien cards sure but make sure you get your duties done first I’ll get the garbage now I’ll get the garbage[ Music] whoa balls take it out[ Music] you I’ll wipe the kitchen[ Music][ Music][ Music] yes we’re done with their hassles heyyou our race sure since this ogles gen like something Batman would go I’ll be Batman cool then I’ll be Superman okay today we got a race of Batman on the Segway a real Segway and Superman on an foreigner timber hoverboard who’s going to win this one okay you guys ready all right on your stigmatize get set go[ Music] and later good job Superman okay here’s to anymore[ Applause][ Music] Gaming here at you