Lexing “ve given me” this balance wheel Boom. I tried their balance wheel at the segway opening happening last month I want to see which of them is better This is perfect in the power You can go in curves, go straight, and travel where you want to go. Okay, it’s time to go for a gait Oh this is Step aside Trying to ride on this kind of plank is simply too difficult I can go down the stairs sometimes. But its too agonizing to go up When you turn it over or picking it up It will not automatically reinstate balance unless restarted We are here for the second level challenge I certainly want to know if it can be recharged when going downhill Oh, it looks like this is not a good suggestion Woooo! Succeeded wow, I can go down these slopes But its not very safe. Shenzhens outdoor environment is super nice tonight The brave is great There are some skateboarders over there, I will see if they want to learn how to razz Can’t run This is much lighter than hoverboard Riding on a particularly smooth road makes the operation easier and more fun But as the artillery tier slips, I is my finding that the squirm resistance likewise plunges So when the battery power droops, it becomes very weak So its possible conclusion is that although the price of the Segway balance wheel is cheaper, it seems better But Lexing is better than segway Although Lexing is shorter, it is obviously easier to stand up Faster Bigger artillery And lighter If you like this video, want to watch more recent videos about electric balance bikes Please click the button below to follow the subscription