what arrived at you’re not gonna be as good as me so you might as well forget about riding a Segway there’s no way you’re gonna be as good as me oh hi brucey hmm you think we should have a challenge just use the better yeah yeah yeah yeah you’ve got to be good with your feet I am you gotta be good with your hands and you gotta have good offset so you don’t fall are you ready great challenge yes let’s go okay so brownies balance timbers right wall catching as numerous beanbags as we can and we can fall off once like this but we only get one read it Rio very creative that’s right and then you can’t have to catch you going to drop two beanbags but it has to touch your hand so it’s like a bathro it isn’t policeman all right I’ll go first ready go one two three four five six[ Music] all right all right all right you ready for the next challenge all right let’s go okay said are you ready for the slalom challenge yeah all right so what do you have to do is we have to go and grab a dance or bean baggage from each station got to go to each station twice and then you’ve got a goal without touching it and then made it into the barrel all right you ready I’ll go first and then you go first ball look at that right off the at-bat I got the bursal I got to get do mother all right here’s the second one second ball second clod oh I got the firstly pedal back oh I’m getting like super dizzy 42 nd 47 good Oh a few stigmatizes in low-toned a few recognizes been occasion all right 15 seconds[ Music] Oh 20 seconds oh that is crazy all right since are you ready to go blow of my hour a instant in 20 seconds so a likelihood with the filming so you’ve got to be in a minute 20 you think you can do it all right okay sister are you ready yeah start so here she goes all right she’s got one she’s got one she’s got it now she’s got a circle back around it oh she bumps it’s a five-second penalty Mike she’s got the next one good enterprise so she’s gotten to she had 17 seconds she’s gotta get the next ball she’s gotta get it she’s got it all right now she’s got spin around[ Music][ Applause][ Music] good enterprise dishes but around it now she does get around that you grab that female good errand 40 seconds 40 seconds she’s got anything oh good chore whoa all right she’s got another one all right the next one counts double are you ready to the next yeah luck meet you let’s go okay so you’ve won the first two challenges but do you think you can win challenge number three yeah the most important one the hardest one all right so this is what you gotta do we’ve got these stack of blocks you gotta go and get it back you’ve gotta take it and gave it on the barrel each pair of these have three blocks on it stack time when you’ve done that you come over here contact the violet block right there you come back over here you get the box one of the time you then have to build a pyramid right here I love your singer do you think you can do that yes okay tranio to pass I know this is your second watch 30 40 40 seconds 40 seconds I got to I’ve got two more my last-place one one minute three hot got three hot[ Music][ Music] all right so let’s see if you can beat that okay oh okay helper okay sis are you ready yeah all right all right so then drive but she’s gotta proceed she’s got her first block first block he’s gonna take it to the barrel good enterprise your job one down one down she’s got her second oh she’s gonna try to complete that one firstly and then do the other one risky strategy will it be worth it that’s not this task Bianca oh she’s already at 27 seconds oh son yeah she’s got to eat tonight[ Music] go ahead a hour Isis you got three use this one good job you got another floor he’s right oh yeah contact the violet stroke the violet she did it she’s got 55 seconds all right so now she’s gotta build a pyramid 100 is not a very straight not all doesn’t work all right keep going[ Music][ Music] but the auxiliary is our Segway 9/5 endorse I can’t believe she shaped me she be in the month of the best man she beat me in the flood and she picked me on the stacking all right thanks for watching remember check out our Roku Amazon Prime Amazon fire 5 path an Arab TV show claim ok ah