then in in so on the previous short-lived press we modeled the structure today we finished the 9 and here the hubcap so if I gape closely at my portrait at high levels of the tire we can see that now we have a notch another in a notch in this sense a deportee and then we have here the curve of the association so it’s elements of the ANP now form so for this then since the tire is asymmetric we are forced to work on both sides at the same time the tire “wouldve been” symmetric we could use the symmetry tool but now, since it is asymmetrical, there is a requirement to got something and therefore to be able to create the smaller one the small notch which is here but I will do a sky the jft proportion on the organize so change and sky I do it quite small now I select an age here so I consider both sides at the same time an senility likewise making authority gysi switch a helper now no that is there one now and I do nothing so I will contribute a collaborator to be able to pinch for the subdivision here so that allowed me to position a limitation therefore I apply a connect I ever go through the sitting for the moment and I will use the slip and connect to be able to border it at its close to the pr of this one which will allow me with the turbo foam “youve had” nice to have something a little more labelled so if I still look at my figure at the cno now so I have another deplore this retirement I will do it a little later for now I are generating pacify it down to be able to create calm I will select the border so I take the leading edge and I will redo the same way a skate illustration so first i will start by creating the maximum tire size around inside here and to add the curve I will contribute a segment to the centre more I will come to shoot then on the other hand since it is going hard-handed that I run that I move the elements right to left I will too have to center my object in order to be allowed to when I will apply for example there is the displacement of 10 cm on the right there I will have to be able to easily apply 10 cents to our slope so we will see how we will position it I am now and connect no I go through the sitting to reset it connects it on the slip and here it is, if I want to move it, it is not mean I just “re going to have to” do a magnifying glass and to move your components for with the turbo smooth procreated the appease so there it is moves that we want on the other hand he has a lot that I withdraw his advances conversely on this one then to be able to have something coherent it will make first before moving it is sure that the tire is centered on my macrocosm since the displacement now of plus 10 at high levels of the kz must be always more 10 on the other side but for that it is necessary that the center is at zero I framed myself in top position and I see if my tire is centered at the tier of my macrocosm previously when I adopt it I see that my fulcrum detail is not centered on the tire so gesticulates selected at the same time that I change it to to change the swivel degree of an objective the authorities concerned will go to the archives so third tab the authorities concerned will ask him feign the swivel so we click on affect pivot in fight since it is the fulcrum that we want to modify and we want to ask it to center it on the category object unchecks an alter tube only and now let’s see that my the tool move and arrangement precisely in the center of the stack of male now the forge homes my tire on the zero level remember that the different levels zero of a belief is at the level of the black fronts so for that quite simple a young and on the bottom xy and z axes and i know right click on small-minded arrows that allow me to reset everything “i m sure” now that my tire and hub So now if I miss places and vertex or fringe on an axis I can taking costs to copy them is to apply them negatively to the other since if here in the middle of the tire it’s zero that means that on the right it can be more we will say more without cm and on the other side it will be less 100 cm so now I will select this age I apply the magnifying glass and as we witnessed earlier I reactivate the turbo smooth and I is moving forward employs because now I checked substantiate decisions in an egg google so I change my view to verify that it is clean the tire a delightful veer activity my sculpture smooth delicacy and I will recover its safe ethic here which is 400 we want make a simple appraise 435 435 was not able to be 435 I mimic I select the other edge I do magnifying glass and I’m going to ask him to apply on minus 435 and some wheelbarrows plan to raise enter so there we are sure that the right and left are exactly the same distance from the centre for human rights so now if I is implemented in turbo smooth so we have our tire which now has its galp so here perhaps a bit too much yeah i’m modifying what i perceive a little too much in fact it has more aftermath more motorcycle so here I will lean 400 380 here it seems I am mimicking and on the other side the games click the same so that just now I am doing a magnifying glass and when it is the least I will pertain my evaluate so we will have something nicer so then we remember the picture here I so I write a chalk and the veer here I have a slight port at the site but I want to add the offset in the same way as we will have done the other segments i.e.It would make 1 connect but we will do the same thing I select this age on the other side too check I adopt I make reverberating and I click on this connect chant there are still I move with the slither out of the blue close to his relatives I moved him his relatives I exactly adopt the edge I’m doing a magnifying glass regrettably what I’m going to do is will move it to there so we can either move to see arrows but what we can also use these elements that are in young I will move on the Greeks it allows me to create my notches this price we will say it will be 190 or there “its not” from it was 290 here is this value I follow it and I apply it from the other side the one where still deterring the least I apply my importance so now I likewise have the notch now to be able so if I press close blues we visualize clearly that I disappear to be able to keep our notches I will apply a restraint orbit on these two fence on the other side of the same route I am exaggerating the chamfer deplete so I should have the chamfer here and I will even compute a segment in the middle now when I apply my hiring foam we have something much sharper at the level of English as you understand lingo here and sharper so i will change soon the color of my tire I click on the green color I had a hearth liston colour and I will look for a shade carton a little bit more So here is for my outfit now I will have to do the hubcap so as we see in janiver the ornament as ascertained we is currently considering his simplest character it’s just a cylinder then we have places inside we will say squares borders rounded off bandit rectangles we have nine so I won’t be called you for the phone when I explained for the two sides here is going to have to I deduce the number of polygons that will be used to create this condition so I’m not going to go and cause the nine suddenly, I’m going to create one that I say would involve once so here I will believe like a football polygon I need a polygon for the outer place a polygon for the interior part one polygon by exterior component facing too much polygon too polygon and gernez g9 rounded square that meets three times 9 27 it will take a cylinder with 27 surface so I introduced myself in view France or for now I’m going but what the turbo smooth otherwise it’s a bit too much apart visually and I will come and create a cylinder I speak from the center and I make love slightly out of good tires I change my view I be changed to him from awarenes and with the move tool I want to target this freshly brand-new cylinder developed first thing on x I reset it to z I reset it so that it be well placed there being the degree here which croaks the molecule is returned to the inside of the tire therefore already first thing at the cylinder the segments who are inside now I don’t need them so I’ll go to the modifier here revised six lnder we will skip the segment so the segments that are here I will go back to a freedom click on the small arrow i will change its depth so i was passing it earlier in this direction then I said previously that I needed 27 apple back of 18 light never 27 and to be able to work here I merely have one polygon I will supplement a segment cap to be able to have those components there now I can be allowed to work on my rim my polecat hubcaps so my angel oliver i will need as we to say 3 polygon aside to pose my chassis and then I’ll duplicate it eight eras at above the old one I is applicable for a shiny elite I will select the polygons that I want to keep once those of the edge these three there and these three there the others I don’t want to keep them I have y checked to change my assortment and I have deleted now I have more than one object that will allow me to model the basi of my liver age first thing to do is to check franck in sight that this part now amber you have to watch I went out of the game revised I am only on the object I will revolve this any objections to that he is right here is responsible for ensuring that they are his rights since it will help you it will help you it will assist you sentiment your vertex just now so here now I have the cornerstone that will be used to model my rim and that I would leave nine goes if we look at the notches at the the image performs its small parts we see that the top and the locate are similar width same width golden if i look here on my available polygon this polygon which will allow me to generate my determine we see that the top and the cornerstone are not the same length extent at least what i will do if i will get a vertex the value of this object on x since like yesterday the maroon arrow chatter in future directions title left I emulate it I are applicable to it to this vertex there it allows me to have here importances that correspond I select my safe bet and x self-control c so hop-skip now I forget the less I gave less in the maintenance that I have here it was a rectangle inside this element so i will be able to create my formation if we recollect on the phone when we want to make a square rounded boundaries I will have to use too much polygon a polygon for the centre for human rights a polygon for the rounded part here is a polygon not to start again we say here so it takes 3 high-pitched polygon here in this shape the three points are not available so I are generating them I switch to selected people border I conclude resounding and in place a ballpark providing of connect I will add two segments to have too much polygon from now on I can be allowed to render my contour already if we ogle again at portraits we see that a insignificant shift at the edges here we are not against so I will have to shift this element if I crave the altered recreation it’s a laid carol and there I go through the insset and I increase the insset once that I have what I miss I validate and we have seen that in the persona this part and extruded inward but i will apply it from the same way i are applicable to an interior exclusion to my influence here if I apply a turbo smooth on it we will have two or three little things which will be annoying I go to iteration 3 we will see a small problem is that here is our shape here is too rounded and now our factors are too round you will have to mark them a little more and more you can distinguish a little bit more either requesting chamfers or when we have elements now rectangular mold which will gamble engendering tilts I select an age on the leading edge ferring or there I can connect or I select a polygon and doing transformation if I dry at the polygon note that allows me to do a missed in polygon I select a shift polygon in second that allows me to draw magnifying glass is here I applied 2007 I reset it to zero and increase it significance here no I often did argument this last-place thing now I construed I didn’t want to thrust him if I miss this part does not work because now I have a change of attitude and if I do become the chamfer now I will see having a triangle in this part so this what I do if I adopt this age earlier I apply a echo and a connect parties but merely one and I precisely position it on the edge to be able to constrain this english now when i move up on bosmel g something that is much clean much more celebrated that except at the bottom but that is normal the point is all only now what I’m going to do is that I managed to make a contour so I will now replication this ingredient eight ages to retrieve 9 I go out of my revise I switch to mode objects I will select an object and if I want to repeat it I time “re going to have to” oblige switching to gyrations then we will use a thought offset by coline we are going to use then what was using the snap toggle is here in will situate 40 since 360/40 it’s nine so if I put 40 here and that I do shift move I get it on once it comes to applied automatically on the edge and I ask him to have a copy and I do ok now I have my figure which has become a cylinder again so formerly so i duplicate my appearance i’m going the exercise is so for that i’m going in my privileged modifiers smoothed and I click on the task and I come to attach other forms I will select all the edges then I have to control for part all the vertices I exactly zoom in to be sure not under muses inset I do weld and I substantiate now if I apply my smooth tube so we have our shape which is successful the only thing missing is going to be the inner circle if i look at my word-painting here i have an inner circle so I will have to make a stroke on an interior portion so for that no strong that I check if I have the possibility to extract a curve technically if I have a circle on the leading edge I must be allowed to obtain a circle inside but here if we gape closely g if I make a circle here by a damper song or by the insee is in fact I have not perfectly a circle because when I moved but fringe now you understand I have metes which will be sharper than the others far worse plan it does not matter I will select all and by do so jean adopts a switch selected people salty note take all i remove this determine and I will contribute it to our cylinders ensure that they are able reuse its generic figure I take a cylinder I made it in the centre eg this method i will come on a prospect I’m only going to keep what I need like we did earlier activate some parts I will do the same thing again so already well check that the slither on this if there has always been 27 segment capes I can employ them one and i will alter it to edith courtesy I add year says respectful on sky I crave this is the one the rest I remove sovereignty is there I am caught we heard that to locate a polygon not for another it suffices to select a polygon then previously we will the task and I select a polygon I recover its safe price y control these competitions picasa dominate b formerly I have stood so my pond it contributes compared to the others this what I am going to do now is that I will select the two hems with strip and I referred a bridge over it so if you find yourself that here the positioning is not super clean just take the polygon central the tool rotation and make it rotate without los slants snaptu speak and from this now we can kept them cleanly golden but now there is one thing that is certain is that now I have a perfect halo so now i will describe the appearances i need we receive which if it is a notch so I make an i7 to be able to create a notch now I will use these freshly composed polygon which is this one is all around displacement I take a number that I teach in the selections and a few seconds got a miss has gone far enough I’m going to apply an extruder I’m going apply an excuse to come and mark items I’m looking at my envision this part I’m going to do it now I be understood that the inner segment has a curve here inward what I did about it please select the interior polygon I added to the insset until then little close I support it and now I will lend a burrow of 7 towards the center here it is and I will alter it inwards which tolerates me when the use of the turbo smooth to have a shape then in for the moment do not worry about the stellar in any case it allows us to recover the arch on the other hand now we see that it is a little too much informing and it will perhaps be necessary do the brake studies so I will select the edge hedge to do a missed and applied the six children so if I pertained a turbo smooth we see that here it is the form a stellar or a heyday at your convenience why because here this polygon is a polygon next to it what we can do if we don’t want to be pissed off eh well we delete it now when I framed my turbo smooth it’s going huge can i do now if we take a good look at my influence do not hesitate to do this from time to time age because when it’s useful it can be this can be used i will be implemented by another cylinder to create this part a cylinder that I will too center so I employed myself now I dread a cylinder nurses him he is not 0 I create a cylinder in this way now I slot at 0 xy and z I change my view I will select an object I introducing it to its position here is this object I will increase this number of slips by above I is not apply I will mount 36 I will not apply above turbo smooth I’m not even going to solder it so here I legislate the police that I can do it is smooth and everything but face I have to control at a high level of the glowing and I make a car sousse So now when I situated turbo smooth we have something clean-living I can change emblazons if i miss despite here also we do not forget to rename the calls and these components hubcaps here center hubcaps i would have girl sing better and so we now i will her apply the stop too concerns to convey or there we are so we are here with our own constituent of our rotate with the hubcap here for this current will then continue its work the rear place tire