alright guys so look what I have here this is related to the hoverboard and this is a Segway you’ll have to pay $ 1000 per place by two thousand dollars segways are very plowed you can get this for four hundred and fifty dollars on the world of slews on eBay $ 450 it’s a Segway whatever one Kingston no what you do is best power and only stand on like this now watch when I back up when I back up it starts beeping good-for-nothing truck you time turn over the handle at this instead of with your paws like the hoverboard just barely turn with the handle it’s really fun really awesome it’s um that’s not all it can be though it does all this but there’s one more thing it does and this is what it does okay so you’re just going to press this with a lightning button on the remote like that and it’s going to start coming by itself you can exactly jog with it handgun Draghi go to the end of the park and done jogging you get tired you need this cable right again step on and keep going charge it for two hours and the last seven or eight miles this thing is really really strong 48 volts I repute and it’s fast ten miles or eight miles something that and this is it chaps get to segue $450 on the world countries of treats on eBay this out