Battery Charger Examination On Segway


Jason currently from MTO battery today we’re gon na discuss exactly how to examine as well as see if your Segway is in fact billing your batteries so the initial point you require is a collection of recognized excellent batteries in this instance I’m mosting likely to make use of one weapons that we have below it’s an examination battery for us I have actually obtained a generation one Segway this occurs to be an East therefore I have actually obtained an expansion cable appearing of the maker there which line is gon na connect into the battery pack that’s simply for simplicity of video clip it coincides as placing the the weapons right onto the equipments as well as no modification so initial point we’re gon na do is consider the adapter as well as the Segway battery as well as what you’re visiting is we have a favorable as well as an adverse a favorable as well as an adverse this favorable as well as adverse below is for this fifty percent of the battery this favorable as well as adverse below is for this fifty percent of the weapons so what we’re gon na do to begin this off is we’re gon na examine the voltage in between those terminals so when I examine that I obtain thirty 8 leading 6 currently we’re gon na examine it on the contrary side also as well as we have thirty 8 high quality 7 so those are excellent matters if you make use of a meter that’s not auto-ranging similar to this one currently will instantly see the voltage array as well as established it appropriately so you been an excellent exact reviewing some meters you need to transform them to twenty volts 50 volts 200 volts when you need to establish a straddle like that you do not certainly come fairly as exact of a forecast to make sure that is essential to recognize yet what matters one of the most is you keep in mind the numbers that “youre analysis” since after we bill the battery we’re gon na be anticipating greater numbers currently specifically to minute it out if this had actually been a lithium battery we would just be examining in between this pole as well as this pin this being a favorable this being an adverse this as well as this would not have get in touches with in Ana make the embattled so I’m gon na take as well as connect this harness right into the battery as well as currently we can see on the Segway we obtained a blinking thumbs-up so what we’re gon na do currently is simply wait up until we obtain a strong thumbs-up as well as we’re gon na be trying to find those total up to boost after that over that thirty-eight factor 6 as well as thirty 8 minute 7 we’re mosting likely to be trying to find larger numbers throughout this this time period where it’s pulsate light-green like that it’s in fact framework small-minded heart beats of power right into each battery collection on the within the pack as well as it’s taking the batteries that are not fairly as billed as high as others bring them approximately the exact same voltage that roadway all the weapons criticize similarly at the very least that’s the usual objective of it is to obtain them all to bill in a similar way as well as obtain one of the most out of your weapons currently if this had actually been a lithium battery we would not be waiting on this would not be blinking light-green we might obtain a strong light-green as soon as possible should not be way too much longer we’ll obtain a strong eco-friendly below it is essential when we do this check that you do this examine both the bust as well as the rear of the segue when the the CSB fails which is the the restriction pole keystone that’s the component that the cable presses right into the CSB can dissatisfy as well as it might bill neither weapons or fairly typically when it fails it will merely bill among both batteries so below we go we obtained a strong lettuce that informs me this weapons are being presently criticized so I’m gon na leave it strong dark-green currently for an additional 15 20 secs approximately see exactly how it responds as well as we’ll disconnect that that battery from it examine as well as see what the voltage is as well as file whether it continued up or whether the federal government has did as well as if it launched after that the battery charger is certainly placed in cost right into the batteries if the voltages did not alter or if the voltages dropped after that we can securely can wrap up that you recognize the battery charger is not placing cost in the weapons okay so we have actually left that religious beliefs a bit not seriously lengthy as you can see by the countdown in the video clip so we’re gon na proceed currently I’m gon na disconnect this as well as we’re gon na examine this rather swiftly all right so I obtained 38.9 that location came to be up as well as 39 that include taken a trip up also so this battery is without a doubt being billed by this Segway had those numbers not enhanced you recognize we would certainly recognize we certainly have an additional issue to make sure that’s that kind of ends this video clip that’s what we’re trying to find with any luck that makes good sense to everyone preferably when it takes a trip strong dark-green I would certainly advise you recognize leave it bill for a number of split seconds prior to you determine it however, for the purpose of this video clip as well as attempting to maintain it as short-term as feasible I did it you recognize in a lot less time so there you go have a fantastic day as well as do not neglect most likely to WWMT oh battery for all your battery requirements make sure everyone