Segway tours are a great way to cover more ground. Read this article to know the benefits of a Segway tour, safety tips, and more.

( — May 2, 2019) — Segway tours are a unique, fun and modern way to visit and sightsee your favorite places or to experience new ones. By investing in taking a segway tour through a new city, you will definitely get your money’s worth by experiencing more in less time with little to no effort, saving you energy for more activities. This article will go into the many benefits of a segway tour.

Benefits of a Segway Tour

From ease of getting around to saving time, Segway tours have many benefits when compared to walking tours in a new city or town:

  • Covers a lot more ground and saves much more time.
  • While the average walking speed is just about 3 miles per hour, riding on a segway increases that easily to 12 miles per hour, allowing everyone to see more in the same or even less amount of time as they would if walking. 
  • Smaller groups mean higher tour quality.
  • If you’ve ever been on a tour or have been to a tourist populated town, you’ll know that sometimes it feels like you’re part of the herd. Having fewer people attend in the segway tour makes the experience more intimate and less crowded.
  • Tourists avoid sore feet.
  • Constant walking can cause blisters or sore achy feet, especially for those who forget to wear comfortable walking shoes. During a segway tour, tourist use less effort to see the many sights.
  • It’s a memorable experience.
  • Segway tours aren’t the average way to see a new place, so they are not common everywhere. Because segway tours are also costly, a segway tour may be a once in a lifetime adventure.

Before a segway tour is taken place, every attendant needs to be properly trained. This is important to for the safety of tourist when riding near busy streets and businesses. If you are new to riding a segway, your tour guide will most likely give your a demonstration and make you sign a waiver for safety and liability purposes.

Safety tips and guidelines that should be followed include:

  • Always wear a safety helmet and pads
  • Drive under 12 km/h
  • Users should be over 13 years of age
  • Do not operate under the influence of any substances
  • Wear appropriate clothing light and comfortable, no long skirts, pants or dresses

In some countries and states, you are required to carry a valid driver’s license with you while operating a segway near the main road or any busy street with other moving vehicles.

Keep in mind, that segway tours are banned in some places for the risks of injury. Segways aren’t considered motor vehicles legal for the roads and are banned for recreational use outside of the home.

Segway tours are a journey in a new place on a personal transportation device that can make any new city an adventure. Benefits of a segway tour surpass those of a tour taken by just walking in a large group. Although known to be dangerous if users are not properly trained and are banned in some cities, states and countries, segways tours allow clients and visitors to experience more of the town in less time without sore feet or exhaustion.

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