[ Music] every once in a while when you’re walking through Las Vegas during Ce you just happened to stumble across something that you’ve never encountered before and various kinds of fascinates you for years have been thinking that I needed rollerblades to get around see you after this is much better this is the io hawk it’s actually available right now for eighteen hundred dollars you can buy it on the web it you really stand on it and move forward kind of like a Segway but much smaller and lighter it weighs only 22 pounds and it’s got this small pulped bearing in the middle that you merely kind of shift your load one way or another and the thing carries you forward downwards or spins in a zero turn to spend you totally around this annotation at clas it’s a little bit hard to get you know relax with it it takes but we don’t have a lot of potential like I considered that if I spend a lot of day with this thing I would adore it so what we’re assure from this machine is that self matching engineerings are actually going smaller cheaper more cheap and more accessible we learned this thing in precisely a matter of times are we gonna be getting this thing in our laboratories anytime soon probably not but we had a lot of fun while we were here[ Music] you