Charger Take a look at On Segway


Jason now from MTO battery at present we’re gonna go over the best way to test and see in case your Segway is definitely charging your batteries so the very first thing you want is a set of identified good artilleries on this case I’ll use one artillery that we now have right here it is a take a look at artillery for us I’ve obtained a era one Segway this occurs to be an East and so I’ve obtained an extension twine popping out of the machine there and that line is gonna plug into the battery pack that is only for ease of video it is the identical as placing the the artillery proper onto the machines and no hole so very first thing we’re gonna do is have a look at the connector and the Segway battery and what you are going to see is we now have a optimistic and a unfavourable a optimistic and a unfavourable this optimistic and unfavourable right here is for this half of the battery this optimistic and unfavourable right here is for this half of the artillery so what we’re gonna do to begin this off is we’re gonna test the voltage between these terminals so once I test that I get thirty eight half six now we’re gonna test it on the alternative facet as nicely and we now have thirty eight degree seven so these are good portions when you use a rhythm that is not auto-ranging like this one now will routinely spy the voltage attain and positioned it correctly so that you get correct talking some meters you need to flip them to twenty volts 50 volts 200 volts when you need to set a collection like that you do not definitely get fairly as correct of a predict in order that’s necessary to know however what issues essentially the most is you keep in mind the numbers that you just learn as a result of after we cost the battery we’re gonna be searching for greater multitudes now merely to time it out if this had been a lithium battery we might solely be checking between this pin and this pin this being a optimistic this being a unfavourable this one and this one would not have contacts in Ana trigger the embattled so I am gonna take and plug this harness into the battery and now we will see on the Segway we obtained a flashing inexperienced mild so what we’re gonna do now could be simply wait till we get a stable inexperienced mild and we’re gonna be searching for these numbers to extend then above that thirty-eight level six and thirty eight high quality seven we will be searching for greater quantities throughout this this time period the place it is pulsing dark-green like that it is really body small pulses of vitality into every battery cluster on the within of the compres and it is taking the batteries that aren’t fairly as billed as a lot as others introducing them as much as the identical voltage that mode all of the batteries blame evenly not less than that is the widespread objective of it’s to get all of them to cost evenly and profit from your battery now if this had been a lithium battery we would not be ready for this would not be twinkle dark-green we may get a stable lettuce instantly should not be an excessive amount of longer we’ll get a stable inexperienced right here it is necessary after we do that test that you just do that test on each the entrance and the again of the segue when the the CSB miscarries which is the the sovereignty shaft base that is the half that the road pushes into the CSB can fail and it may cost neither battery or fairly generally when it fails it can solely invoice one of many two artilleries so right here we go we obtained a stable inexperienced that tells me this battery are being presently accused so I am gonna depart it stable dark-green now for one more 15 20 seconds or so see the way it greets and we’ll unplug that that artillery from it test and see what the voltage is and doc whether or not it travelled up or whether or not the federal government has did and if it began up then the charger is certainly put in cost into the batteries if the voltages didn’t change or if the voltages was downed then we will safely can conclude that you already know the charger is just not placing cost within the artilleries all proper so we now have left that religion a bit of bit not atrociously lengthy as you’ll be able to see by the countdown within the video so we’re gonna go forward now I am gonna unplug this and we’re gonna test this pretty rapidly okay so I got here 38.9 that again prolonged up and 39 that floor grew to become up as nicely so this battery is certainly being billed by this Segway had these quantities not elevated you already know we might know we positively have one other drawback in order that’s that type of concludes this video that is what we’re searching for hopefully that constructs odor to all people ideally when it extends stable inexperienced I would advocate you already know depart it cost for a few minutes earlier than you analysis it however for the sake of this video and making an attempt to maintain it as short-lived as potential I did it you already know in a lot much less time so there you go have an incredible day and do not forget go to WWMT oh battery for all of your artillery wants take care all people