on this bout of China uncensored the future of Transportation is a thing of the past China’s bootleg Segway is Segway into the Segway market by buying Segway hi welcome to China uncensored I’m your multitude Chris Chappell like numerous Chinese companies ninebot is committed to innovation no sorry that’s Apple slogan here’s nine BOTS though where was I yes innovation 9 conclude makes a Segway which of course is not a Segway it’s a personal transportation robot absolutely unrelated to superficially similar manoeuvres and whereas that other unrelated produce has been adjusted to a move punch line in the US monkey hopping it in China it’s involved with utmost seriousness these are counterterrorism coerces in Shandong Province do drills in the lead-up to the 2008 Olympics I don’t see how their counter dare because I’m fright the terrorists will be implemented by stairs anyway if you look at a nine bot PTR and a regular Segway side-by-side you might notice a few affinities and you might think that perhaps Segway ought to file a prosecution against nine BOTS well the government has so ninebot did the only sensible thing rather than admit to intellectual property steal they simply made a deal to buy segway so this really commemorates a brand-new era in us-china ties-in intellectual property theft is rampant and a serious source of contention but that can be a thing of the past now because Chinese companies can now only copy a concoction make it for cheaper and then use the profits to buy out the original struggling US company paper wraps Rock so what do you think about the Chinese Segway and the new Chinese Segway let me know in the comment section below and check out China uncensored org to sign up for the China uncensored newsletter once again I’m Chris Chappell see you next time trying to develop a brand-new superweapon called the great gun going to explode the internet beings all over the world have been letting their anxieties dissolve in a cup of tea