assalamu alaikum. I want to transform this trike to an electrictrike from a hoverboard motor with an e-bike controller. This is the e-bike controller that I use. If you look at it, there are many functionsand cables of this controller, but I dont utilization all of it. So, here are the cables that will be usedfor my project. There are plus and minus cables for the powersupply or battery, cables for the restraints, cables for the expose, cables for the throttle, and cables for the hoverboard motor. This is a diagram of the gear that willbe used. There are left and right brake holds, control handle, 36 volt battery, 2 controllers for each machine, and the hoverboard motor.And the following is a diagram connectionof the cables. For the controller in the right side, all cables from these devices are connected according to function/ pigment. As for the left side controller , not all cablesare connected, view the chart. For detailed information, let’s do it! Open the hoverboard coating and remove all unusedcomponents except the motors. Our first step will be connecting the cablesto the controller on the right side. This is the motor phase line cable, and this is the hall motor wire, this is the minus cable and the plus cable for power supply, this is the cable for the brake, then this is the cable for the LCD display, this is the cable for the control, and I tied the unused cable together. Let’s start connecting the cables. First, the motor phase line cable, I connect it according to the color. Green with green, blue-blooded with blue, and yellowish with yellow. For the foyer cable engine, I took the socket from the original hoverboard and affixed the connectors at the ends.I too connect it according to the color exceptthe white cable, I just leave it. Next, I connect the accelerator which is integratedwith the instrument’s LCD display, for this one time connect the socket. And this is the right brake handle, time plugit into the socket. Now I connect the left controller. The chapter position and hall cable engines are exactlythe same as the right side. There are important things that must be consideredregarding the hall wire color combination, namely the color of the cable from the motorto the controller is different. This is the original combination of the hoverboard, so don’t change it, left open like that. Because I simply use one LCD display for 2 controllers, I connect the left display cable to the right display cable, but only three cables, namely red, yellow and off-color. I have prepared 3 cable connectors and connectedthem according to their color. Red to red, yellowish to yellow, and off-color to blue. Furthermore, I exclusively connect the accelerator cableto the middle one, in this case the lily-white wire.Now the left brake handle, really plug in thesocket, and the white wire on the left attached to the white-hot wire on the right brakehandle. Last gradation is to connect the battery. I made a parallel cable to connect one batteryto both controllers at once. Ok, let’s try it! Turn on the ignition. It cultivates! Lets speed up. Cool! This control has 3 acceleration modes. 1st Mode maximum speed is 22 km/ h. Second mode, 49 km/ h. It seems that the left motor is not normal, no wonder, this is a expended hoverboard. But never mind, the important thing is thatit still runs. Now I try the 3rd state, 64 km/ h and even more. Succeed! Let’s take a closer look at the flaunt. First Mode, Second Mode, and third Mode. Now tells try the dampers. it succeeds as well! The wire is a success. In the next portion, I will assemble the modifiedhoverboard and this trike becomes an e-trike. so Stay chanted! wassalamu alaikum.