hey what’s up YouTube is tech barbaric so today I got a product on my hand essentially a patron intellect at hoverboard KY comm had a little accident and entirely devastated his scooter so he shipped it back to us Wow excuse that but we now got the scooter in-house licensed technicians we’re going to make this scooter is here that is completely broken in half we’re going to exchange it for the liberate shell that was sent in and we’re going to fix and repair this issue so I time want to go ahead and see you now a little bit of the issue you look right here looks like somebody stepped dead in the centre for human rights and interrupt broke the board on it power everything uses punishment but the scooter is broken as you can see so we’re going to take care of that today again tech heathen check me out subscribe also if you want to scooter yourself verified guaranteed to work guaranteed reparations will specify it no questions asked goto hoverboard KY comm follow us on facebook facebook.com forward reduction hoverboard KY thanks alright YouTube one of the first things we want to do now is we want to open up the scooter so we’re going to do that by making this screwdriver looks like a majority of the rods don’t come sent in it obviously go left lefty-loosey righty-tighty okay all right execute good okay actor notices demographic is and Miguel of the scooter okay that’s dominance button your LED illuminations Conducted light-headeds capability line for that you got your charging cord right here this is the adapter to that and this is the power button right here okay alright rectified that digression let’s make the other side off all right other side you precisely the same except for no capability cord no exactly the LED on this side so I set that aside all right so now we’re looking at exactly legitimately precisely the chassis of the scooter the two cords which connected to circuit boards we’ll get to that in a second stand by alright YouTube next stair is we’re going to take the damaged scooter okay and we are going to open it up as well looks like I merely bounced that one alright now we’re looking at the internal factors grab my glowing alright okay so we got the internal ingredients at this time what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and disconnect if you are following this video first time you’ve ever done this I would highly recommend you take a cell phone and take a screenshot at this site um so you’ll know mostly where to settle the cables back when you’re reassembling the brand-new set up our stand by all right you two I’m back so technically what I’m doing now is just removing the other side of the report as you guys will see now simple setup time unhook the pins on this place you got your one LED that’s you know the setup there and I’m going to walk you guys step by step on how to properly make this setup we’re going to put it over here on the board members and we’re snap these scooters out all right stand by you all right YouTube’s next step is going to be just removing some of the cables I signify this process is simple enough but I would like to skip gradations or assume you know let me see here so we’re going to start up here we’re just going to UM pop that actually skip the gradation this right here the LED light was actually connected to this outside pin now I already remove that something to do I have a magnetized tray exactly don’t know what the heck I did with it so followed with your fastens because the brand-new board simply came with just enough to keep it together for send you’re going to use your older screw so let me pop that off now get these little tabs just push down on them alright and then we’re going to go now then the actual circuit board and we’re going to disconnect our capability and our bill cable supremacy button in our bill cable which we’re I’m doing right here I’m going to kind of be careful when doing these steps merely to assure that you don’t blow anything out of place other than that that’s it for this step stay aria alright so sometimes really want to bother you guys it’s just to be careful countless scooters are great you know but you got to be careful ever razz with your hoofs as far out as you can get them never try to ride with your paws in now and obviously never step where there’s no pad I’m assuming that’s what this purchaser did here they step extremely far did some type of prance of something and the material just clicked I signify this is a strong metal here so for that to break like that it would have to be a substantial leap or fall of some sort so exactly preserve that in memory you boys been out journeying these things are great but they’re emphatically not invincible you know I’m 280 pounds and I’ve ridden mine respectfully and fun for for a long time with no problems so only obstruct that in imagination the other side of now these are the sensors we’re gonna go ahead and undo those so there’s a little excerpt right here that would pull apart and like I said if you’re doing this for the first time satisfy take a picture before you start all right the next cable we’re going to remove going to get the cable next to that one which is on the circuit board alright so we’re going to pulling that one apart all right got it all right once we make that off and I’m various kinds of on not on the proposal but reveal virtually the impressions and these little things right here these little tabs they basically proceed let me hold these four fastens they go okay right so you can see there there’s those little notches in there essentially inside those notches is where the balancing things start when your paw approaches pressing on this slope if you can see that moving up and down those are the sensors that tell it and these are the guy rows that work with the movement of the balance will let me place that down and we’ll continue to work so we’re going to go ahead and make this strip off we won’t need that we’ll have to replace that this is just something they just put on now to keep the cables from moving around they’re having some issues I suspect people have had with wires coming disconnected I don’t know but I’m not had the above issues but keeping them on okay this field right here which leads here to this balance of being mostly it’s just one of the it’s the sensor for the glowing that shows the power for this unit I forgot – all right slowly take it off okay ever today we’re gradually picking out we’re going to show you up when you don’t always present okay and we’re gonna boil the second voice freedom cheers chaps – people laugh alright next we’re going to go ahead we’re going to unplug these connectors which are basically really hindering the two items be discussed with the artillery the two sides of the boards it’s like two separate committees that work together so we’re going to separate those all right these right here these little secure things they just come and plug there there and there alright so technically we have completely separated this side of the board we now merely have a focus okay starting off like this Gary yeah okay after that a vary type of closure you can access right now we are done it is ready alright now that we got the battery cage hopper and go ahead and move the artillery so you guys look all in Chinese I couldn’t tell you what the heck that says other than just as a 4400 mAh battery okay so we’re going to set that right here next to the battery cage alright we got all these cables here so we’re going to start doing next okay as we want to start to first wrap up take this allen wrench alright have to loosen these rotations and these things are all in now close-fisted tighten so obstruct that in judgment doing this part poise it against something and have all kinds of muscles alright that’s alright I’m gonna take it on your committee these have to be as tight as you can against which I gotta move on this is hockey for haha really shaking pass my feature a son second get on it Connor that’s okay cuz I parties um yeah you’re both privilege I want to look more potatoes hey Rach I’m shopping okay yeah uh-huh maybe whatever time I get back – yeah today and I dated anybody you’re getting yourself a nice pretty I know the wheel we’re having on your case but we’re having a Miss Hannigan is yeah we’re in the back okay before boys and just like that we got our our first machine okay these things are really tough huge enormou they’re really well attained like I said we have no reason to open that okay so we’re just going to set this down alright next step is is we got to remove the pad so that when we get ready to framed it on the board we can assemble these to the to the board okay all right are you – so next tread on this last part of the borders we’re going to go ahead remove the pressure sensors or the foot okay all right you ready Saigon in the wrap-up go in all right we desire another from California Michelle believe Frank is gonna find an app like that did it there I could fill it cutter come release all right so let me actually snap it over to show you what I’m doing so basically you precisely propagandize your digits through all right then put your digits through this comes off okay this is just a foot pad all right precisely placed that there for now this right here is the plate that departs under the foot pad and you’ll interpret the similarities and we’re lastly getting somewhere this is where it comes carried so stop that in subconsciou now we’ll move on to the next slip break it down so next pace with this is we’re going to start off by let me grab this okay actually first you see how many of these chords I can be poised I should have taken gambling like a kid once again I’m gonna settled a function app got my composes I’m ready can’t support my boy good gnarly and are you going on all right okay so here for today’s board for the other side like we talked about next version spaces okay there’s nice huh that’s a little mouse on this board this board is super important so you know a computer has a motherboard well this is the motherboard so be careful not to you know jab this thing down and be a klutz remember these pins are different extremely okay write every letter symbol testifies a son a panic attack and then around 87 a nuttiness and little that’s right along your hand anything good like anything hmm my face write them down after son 3 I’ll just come hang out Friday night we go hang out he wreaks producers travel pas line-up right now just appendage except pronounce Bullard not Hannah since Ruby oh yeah blue blue pink miss entire bang bang ok – I will adjust what if we in the visitor Jackie’s scalably scratched my knuckle and we could very difficult yeah a little downtown high-rise residence honey it’s gonna have a bloody don’t drill Norfolk economic and social focus on you gotta crack really be very careful remember what I said this is the motherboard it’s like the motherboard I’ve become peuta alright so now that you can see this thing is completely removed I’ll really give you a speedy shot of this alright let me get the light in there maybe there’s too much being regardless alright so here’s an idea what the motherboard looks like who charges we’ll just kept that to the side because all we want to do we’re not here to make one we’re here to fix one all right so alright YouTube I am back how adjust some of the creates on my camera placed my GoPro and shrink goal alright so something you’ll notice here that there is a you got the three you have your three little fucks and then there’s a halo here this roundabout has like a little rubber grommet under the bottom it’s actually hard-bitten plastic not rubber so whatever it is you want to do is there’s a curve here on the bottom of these board that’s where these go yes right up traffic I prepare the teach mmm alright looks like we’re about wrapping this up everything snarled up capability buttons on I’m gonna go ahead and affected this and see if anything blows up y’all let me know turn it off let’s try that again okay all right looks like it’s getting power everything regards connected I might have to adjust this pedal I make I has been possible to introduced it on you placed it on too close this channel or this behavior you can rub against the formulate which is not good if it are beginning to do that then it will affect the the chap street and it won’t be balanced these things are kind of finicky when it comes to that because I mean that’s all they are they’re poised rotates so they can be poised so let me pop these shafts back in the husk and then we’ll travel from there okay all right YouTube that should do it I symbolize technically I’ve got all the bars put on you experienced me take it apart made it back together here comes the true test first thing you want to do is set this thing down on a flat face you’re going to want to reset it because you have to balance the board okay so that make sure is completely level all right you’re going to go your thumb situated it on the power button and then which is here you’re going to hold that until it illuminates up you’re going to continue to hold nurse contain now one strike and then the LEDs are going to start flashing formerly the LEDs start blink you go ahead and let go then you power off should be reset and ready to go let’s get on and see if it wreaked now runs nothing all right guys here moves good-for-nothing all right Oh looks like it’s working no notes that is important altogether penalize I just got to move that well I pondered I said previously I thought it was a little close but everything designs penalty so I’ll be able to do this back out to the customer as soon as possible and I’m sure they’ll be happy with their tie oh don’t forget hoverboard KY calm