We have listened to a entire whole lot of talk about gasoline cells and of study course it is a deserving endeavor. Portable turbines, cars, transportation business, Power turbines, Ships, and many others. can advantage. However in a mobile software this sort of as a shuttle bus, motor vehicle, truck, train, tractor, motor scooter or even a Segway air-cushioned platform mover, there is the challenge of warmth. The heat takes place on transfer of gas. So if we are talking about a transportable application the heat can make steam and the steam can be utilized for more energy wanted also. In an off street software when we are in destinations of drought and severe hearth tricky there is a considerable dilemma which needs to be greater addressed with the product sciences to command the warmth. Absolutely everyone understands that 2-cycle motorcycles get hot and can result in fires if you are not watchful.

The hydrogen mobile challenge with it&#39s temperatures could be significantly worse. In much larger cars there have been strategies to mitigate this, with added insulation panels, having said that in a modest off street vehicle or ATV, the difficulty turns into extra important. When I discuss of ATV, I necessarily mean All-terrain car, not the Gas Cell phrase of Innovative Technological innovation Car or truck. At Texas A and M. They are functioning on just these a challenge.

When we are talking motorcycles, and ATVs the cooling technique is the significant obstacle, wouldn&#39t you know it. There is generally some hitch and it does appear that this compact impediment is in fact remaining taken treatment of by means of new product sciences and it is crucial in fact as we have seen city warmth of five in addition degrees in just a variety of areas of the US due to concrete and asphalt without the need of 1 gas cell automobile and we know that reciprocal engines of gasoline motors operate about 300 or so degrees, which is a lot a lot less than the conversion amount to pure hydrogen? Well these engineering boundaries are staying pummeled at the moment as the innovators in The usa take the problem and refuse to go again, this kind of is the mother nature of the American Spirit, In no way ever, ever, at any time Give Up. Winston Churchill could have been an American, he certainly talked like one particular and this recent scenario could have utilised this sort of communicate. And of program he comes from the very same stock as a lot of of us do. Very well it seems quite a few College Scientists in this state may perhaps just defeat President Bush&#39s careful motivation to bring this know-how to the forefront by 2012. We are now viewing the strides of innovation take keep. From the Spinglass Scooters to opportunity Segway Types.

Now then, the elements of these motor vehicles simply cannot be produced of light-weight composite. Some forms of composite unfortunately give off Cyanide Gasoline when they burn off. We of training course have been mastering this from the F-117 Stealth crashes and the potentiality of the 7E7 50 % composite airliners. So what product do you make these models out of which is protected for everything from a ride on lawn mower to a laptop laptop or computer 90 watt electricity method. Even Plastics melt and give off some quite harmful substances? Ceramic Coatings or glass coatings on prime of other resources, without a doubt may possibly be a single answer. As a make any difference of simple fact this is just about the only known answer for the exhaust and catalyst devices (which run particularly scorching and glow inside) in latest exhaust systems. Several believe it can be used to the warmth concerns of hydrogen cells as well and of class after examining a lot of articles or blog posts and research in the ceramics sector, I believe that there is sufficient opportunity there.


We have been studying these situations for our company in the Mobile Oil Change Business figuring if we cannot change the oil in the future as a business we can replace filters and membranes with re-usable ceramic materials which maybe found in the new technologies associated with fuel cells. But where will all these filters be discharged? After all Glass takes quite a while to decompose rendering it's half life closer than that of uranium to lead, then from Ceramic filter to dirt? Will future archeologists dig up these nifty ceramic filters in old garbage dumps in the decomposed semi-crude oil remenance and wonder what on Earth we used them for and proving that we were indeed a species of significant cognitive worth? As we look at ceramic coatings such as Adsil (google it to learn more) and others we realize that they decrease corrosion from things like the nasty Magnesium Chlorides put on roads in the North during ice and snowstorms.

Will we need to coat the entire car with glass to prevent fire? Will this mean you will wash your car with Windex? Is glass cleaning services a future growth industry then, since more things will be made from glass including much of the coating on a car. Will this foil the efforts of GM, Ford, Honda and Toyota in planned obsolescence? In other words whoever is making the cars, whether it is GM-Ballard partnership, Eaton-Ford Partnership or a Multi-National Foreign Conglomerate of China, Japan, Korea, US then will cars last so long people will buy fewer of them or will the Chinese demand for oil drive the prices of crude up so fast and furious that the whole world will begin to switch to fuel cells at once during a last hurrah of overbearing gas and diesel prices. Cars which last too long mean consumer will not continue to buy new cars which at average now is 3.1 years in the middle class of America. Now do not go out and buy Windex Stock right now. No matter what this is still many years off.

You will see in the future that many companies and even military, NASA and others use ceramic coatings on equipment to prolong life. Corrosion issues are serious in all sectors, including shipping containers, truck chassis, braking systems, railroad, automotive, even a rusty lawn-mower with many plastic parts from your local Home Depot, Lowes or Wal * Mart.

Ceramic coatings even applied at 5 mils are enough to seal the aluminum pores enough to solve basic corrosion problems. Corrosion control is especially important to military equipment after wartime. Sure it provides jobs to make new tanks, humvees and armored personnel carriers, but there maybe budget concerns as well to think about. After all some of the T-34 tanks used by our enemy were how old? Still running, perhaps with corrosion controls of ceramics, the ones left could be put in museums forever? A remainder of the Human Species and her need to wage war, perhaps an innate characteristic which may eventually be bread out of our genome, but probably not likely soon. Hydrogen cell tanks, yes there are many such projects going on now.

What will the routine maintenance service companies look like in the future? How will they maintain their ROIs and Proformas, forward looking statements and spreadsheets, Warren Buffet style balance sheets, quarterly profits and shareholder's equity? These companies to harvest continued cash flow in these cleaning, maintenance and coating industries will need to drastically modify their procedures. As we see from this weeks devastating Hurricane Charley, we need to pay attention to the global warming problems as they are real and when you turn up the heat, the surrounding atmosphere will notice and when it comes to mother nature, she is quite sure of what she is doing.

I hope you have enjoyed this provocative topic and interesting study on Fuel Cells for motorcycles, trucks, trains, tanks, ATVs, ships, etc. as it pertains to global warming, urban heat, Fire Hazards from heat exchanges and risks associated with these new technologies.

The future is going to be a most excellent place to live as long as we pay attention to what we are doing on the way to get there.

Source by Lance Winslow


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