Gaining 8000EUR each month from food shipment|| Globe’s fastest Wolt messenger


i obtained the opportunity to commit a long time with timur courageous the globe’s fastest meat provide rider so below’s the peek to his life when he’s making up to 8 000 euros each month from time food transmissions just how does he really obtain it on or what sacrifices does he require to generate in order to attain this outrageous accomplishment in this video clip i’ll be supporting timur as well as asking for these horribly concerns if you intend to find out more concerning timur as well as his insane obstacles you ought to inspect him out on click tock at timor courageous additionally if you want electric cars such as e-bikes as well as euc’s a flexible network would certainly be a wonderful concept as well as certainly much valued all right i can follow you so it’s quite fascinating that you’re really determining to ride a brand-new sea in the winter season it resembles fairly severe yeah i recognize the bikes are not permitted yet uh these points really are admitted the craft all right as well as it resembles a super star mobility scooter yeah yeah the very same group yet some some aged men often informed me oh go on the roadway go on the roadway any type of sort of group you see it’s a lot easier for me to yeah yeah yeah yeah so is this your to start with euc or i do not recognize what was your initial essay all right that’s an excellent turning yet uh it was 6 years ago the electrical yeah awesome how much time are you like uh done this safe purposely one year i began to start with january in 2015 all right so a long time really yeah yeah all right permanent task ever since no well i can see so currently you’re attempting to obtain 8 000 euros in one month yep so i suggest what really began that suggesting why do why do you intend to well uh i sort of ever before difficulty yeah myself as well as doing documents like just how much provides i can do in one hr yeah your present one is 10 10 47 times really oh my god it’s outrageous when i really did not have any type of profession experience as well as at that time i simulated 4 thousand 2 hundred as well as fifty euros in initial one city wow as well as today i have far more experience i determined currently so you’re presently like uh if you are still at this stride you resemble uh around 7 000 euros so quite allow’s go so you’re really reasonably damn close well really i do not recognize did you determine the other day uh really i really did not yeah due to the fact that with the other day i currently gained in 4 ages one thousand one a century oh my god it’s outrageous this is 270 standard in a date i’m forward yep yeah i sort of obtain it why he can really leave this outdoors due to the fact that there more than likely will not be any person around that can really uh ride these or recognize what the heck also it is generally that’s why you can leave it outside opened as well as also he’s just disappearing such a brief time so currently it has longer journey it’s a difficult online forum all right all right so it’s a much longer one just how much range do you have actually left after eventually or do you require to bill 40 all right yet uh i charge it while uh 1 or 2 hrs when it’s no order all right yet the other day was at all times it was 8 in the early morning so after 100 kilometers it began like warning at 30 percent yeah as well as i obtained stuck something there as well as this[ __] that was inside the turning created the issue what was i speaking about when i concentrate on the best one i fail to remember whatever so really rapid yeah yeah yeah i have like 2 3 choices every like 2nd yeah yeah yeah what sort of devices do “youve had” today it’s just fundamental yet i looked for uh pads sporting activity pads yeah as well as i determined message pedals which are with defects as well as spikes oh yeah i realize those ones yeah as well as uh i’m thinking of 2nd sherman oh is this set restriction or something i was going across traffic signals yet there was dark-green yeah i utilized transformed as well as took place the light-green as well as they were looking there as well as following me like you you can refrain from doing that yeah yet i i can be a for this treasure as well as i intended to utilize i indicated the “youre expected to” do freeway earlier yeah all right so i was due to the fact that i was riding like a vehicle so i i ought to avoid to the auto also yeah yeah i can not switch like that so i’ll go all right not a problem yeah yeah they really did not locate no records or something like to start with or 2nd floor i understood it below good so we aren’t 8 years thus far this set the dining establishment is stone’s throw yeah as well as it’s mosting likely to hakane as well as i hop-skip hakane informs due to the fact that i do not such as the domain name i can jump it’s much like one min i like to endure this is pizza hut yet it’s quite much from below yep as well as all right it’s peaceful yet uh as well as there is a staircases we can go there like in 4 mins yet uh i’m believing do i approve it or otherwise due to the fact that it can vanish in 1 or 2 mins if you do not confess as well as some another thing much better is available in all right yeah yet most likely you recognize just how it acts yeah yeah yeah yeah all right we can see we can avoid it if it misbehaves so are you able appearance uh where you’re mosting likely to choose from as well as where you’re going yep yep this is the environment-friendly streak where we’re going this is a blue dot where we’re grabbing yeah all right to ensure that’s the distinction in between uh food or cover due to the fact that in the future you can not see where you’re really beginning after you have actually gotten the food yeah euc’s are room a lot more manoeuvrable around 70 kgs currently due to the fact that the battery is so large 2 times greater than german yeah yeah yeah to ensure that’s just how i job yep so i i saw additionally you function fairly a lengthy hrs like plus 12 hrs each day that resembles that’s that’s outrageous perhaps even 15 hrs long yep i desire oh that’s insane so yep do you have time to rest after that yep so your resting duration is 5 hrs like oh my god i i could not do that obtain some even more catnaps when there’s no schedules so oh all right so sort of like uh yeah making tiny siestums throughout the day yep when it’s the snow fiat so yeah yeah so time you live uh away so do you ever before like my home oh yep all right well you go home currently as well as consume water or whatever oh yep yep to ensure that’s quite hassle-free really[ Music] you do not need to wait yeah typically i listened to in fedora you wait fairly a great deal yeah so i assume safe perhaps utilize a little bit much better yeah it has like formulas yet i required like a busines duty as well as i was picking in between walt as well as fedora in 2015 yep so i simply mosted likely to the application uh shop as well as view its factor to consider of the thing so uh fedora was 2.7 or something yeah yeah as well as primarily the remarks were from messenger so poor task background yeah i’m unsure if they are all right with me though i assume it’s awesome wow that’s so awesome you can obtain your coffee for one euro rather than 220. While we were waiting on purchasings timor revealed me this really awesome new 24 7 browse that is totally automated currently this is an excellent order due to the fact that last-place one mosted likely to esplanade as well as this set is right below environment-friendly hippo oh yeah as well as it’s not going much to ensure that’s just how i like as well selection each time like all right they’re still preparing so we have 4 mins time oh yeah yeah can you sustain this[ Laughter] whoop good all right many thanks that’s so amusing so i get the job done due to the fact that it’s enjoyable primarily not not as a result of the cash or something yeah cash resembles all right but also for cash you can benefit the 4 hrs a day as well as it suffices like you obtain 2 thousand in a month or two i like like obstacles as well as it’s enjoyable specifically to take a trip the uac as well as i presently very own 2 worldwide documents of the lengthiest gas mileage on 2 turnings 2 turn structures on 16 x as well as wow as well as this set will certainly be the 3rd one on my 16 x to 12 000 miles[ Music] which tack which condition[ Music] great gravy train so just how much go you took i i do not recognize that was so quickly okay currently we have an additional order which is additionally stone’s throw all right ideal below really this is 4 mins waiting time for this dining establishment all right so we made perhaps made 6 shipments as well as 24 euros in this in the period of this time so yeah great effective i would certainly state so that’s that’s just how i do it i do not invest any type of uh meter on a few other points yeah concentrate are you intending on uh proceeding any type of uh obstacles on your tick tock or certainly yeah yeah so individuals ought to inspect because currently it resembles the shittiest climate condition yeah yeah as well as i assume in summertime it’s feasible to obtain a lot far better documents as well as i’m not utilized to this sort of area due to the fact that my optimal was 50 on the 50 kilometers per hr yeah that’s it has a great deal of faster something yep if you crave we can make after after january centre of february we can switch over the cars uh you can attempt sherman if you do not buy up until after that yeah depending possibly you are qualified to educate me incorrect i never ever yeah certain i would certainly like to provide this to you men yeah locate some plaza where it resembles more secure as well as i assume yeah the projection will certainly be much better well i wish you tick that will certainly expand as well as you obtain even more upholders yeah as well as uh i’m believing perhaps it will certainly be also 200 k in the long run i would not be stunned whatsoever if that would certainly hold true so i actually wish you expand as well as i assume i will certainly leave some signs up with down in the video clip so individuals can inspect you out as well as uh follow your points so thanks for this meeting point or whatever this was yeah as well as i’ll see you s uh perhaps in february yep well we’ll look all right best of luck with the difficulty this will certainly beware all right au revoir all right to ensure that was the tale of globe’s fastest safe shipment vehicle driver so so wants even more of his kind of web content uh inspect him out i’ll leave his course down in the details attributes as well as in the pinned points out if you such as to see uh web content you had the ability to uh sign up for my straight as well as validate what it’s everything about[ Music] you