hey guys my specify is Jan are you tired of using your legs to walk around instead of hoverboarding around have you been watching countless and countless hoverboards segue time aboard one well I’m here to tell you there’s an easy way with three simple stairs you can actually get a hoverboard for free this isn’t a joke this isn’t a scam I’m really here to help you guys okay so before I prove you these three stairs make sure you touched the like button and establish this around with your friends I want to make sure everyone has a chance to get a hoverboard really a really awesome device and I want people to be able to get it without having to spend a ton of money so make sure you punched that button right now thanks for watching here’s the tips-off for step one you’re gonna need personal computers I have a MacBook Pro but any other computer that’s decently up to today’s standards will work I personally choose MacBook because I like it the most wonderful but I know some people prefer PC so if you want to use PC it’s okay for the second step of this method you’re going to need a debit card or a credit card either way will do you precisely need a invention that can let you get a transaction through so either credit cards or debit card will do now here’s the third and final step you’re going to listen to this one very carefully but if you do you’ll be journeying a free hoverboard in no time so what you want to do is you want to quickly open up your laptop you’ll have about the homepage right here then grab baseball bat run off the streets finding young helpless Asian maids thumped her up with a baseball bat take a walk grab your debit card through the wall interface then take your form about a epithet and grocery store get a box of baby crackers put on top of the face and nobody will ever know that you’ve been there then go home and use for debit card to buy the hover board perfectly freaky free alright so there you have it the three easy steps to get a free hoverboard hopefully you guys enjoy this leave a like if you did if you got a free hoverboard out of using this method leave a like leave a comment I want to know who did this you guys are awesome peace out