now it’s off so now it would just tip over if I did anything with it and now it’s on but it’s still not initiated to activate it I have to push down on the seat and that triggers the machine and now when you rested forward or lean backwards it’ll make it go over downwards when it degrees itself out by hitting something it’s going to no longer be going forward so it stays in place so that helps make it easy so as long as I’m not trying to get on but by attract backwards that’ll clear the Machine go backward but if I maintain my distres forward on it then it won’t be able to run me over and go backwards so it’s pretty easy with the direct directs they grip pretty good against the wall so vanishing left or right so I can actually push forward against them a little propagandize against the wall or even this flimsy little garage opening discard leg over and then when my full heavines has thrown down on the seat then the machine will respond to my motions forward or backwards and with these with the I – but service standards sized tires like this to get off I simply preserve my weight forward and slip my hoof back away and then I can use the handlebar to pull me up as I’m propagandize up away from the machine so that’s the delightful division about get off is your leg is almost already straight all you have to do is use your handlebar to put your body heavines back up