this is Katie VOS good morning art land good morning Carolina’s thanks for joining us this morning I’m Alistair oka I’m try Mullen today is the Wednesday August 27 th it’s Wednesday mm-hmm 27 th your favorite daily yeah we’re only a half hour in and I’m ready for it to be over there’s something about wednesdays for Liz dangerously the last what month now seems like four weeks can’t stand Wednesdays I don’t know why I don’t is I wonder if there’s a certain Wednesday phobia I don’t know I exactly I feel like there’s a phobia for everything i’m sure there’s a wednesday phobia there’s got to be there has to be I’ll seem it up while you’re doing the story and all I’ll report back at the end of them I’m not scared of Wednesday’s I precisely definitely sounds like they’re just in the way yeah they’re just there yippee nothing nobody’s got period for that Yeah right but you know we do have epoch for via a day in history yes I ID okay on the working day in 1859 to Drake well in titusville pennsylvania became the first well in the united states to strike oil sparking the rise of America’s multi billion-dollar oil industry now Edward Drake is the man responsible for finding the shaft why did Drake choose the place to teach for oil well the number 1 vegan was the many active oil permeates in the region as it turns out there had already been wells taught that had impres lubricant in the region the only problem was they weren’t drilling for lubricant instead they were looking for saltwater or just plain drinking water when they struck oil they considered it a inconvenience and vacated the well at the time no one truly knew what to do with the stuff formerly they discovered it when drake started to drill he only receive a few gallons but he returned the following day in salt petroleum lying on top of the sea by the next day he was pumping anywhere between ten to forty eight barrels per day and the american petroleum industry was born and that is a look back at biography for you he’s the original Jed Clampett the original Beverly hillbilly yes that bubblin crude yeah doesn’t looked at at biography for you okay imagine like you know you could have been the multi-millionaire but you’re just like oh it’s not what I’m looking for delving is just such hard work it’s you know I’ll just go to the gas station and get my oil that road ok right yes ok good if you plan on heading to the gas station today make sure to introduce an umbrella could be a little bit rainy out there love that segue I’m not talking about your scooter either yeah let’s check out the heartland highs that we’ve got going on today mass and storms moving in from the West will help to keep high temperatures a little closer to ordinary today rain this morning before warming up into the low-grade 80 s mostly in cool discerns insignia and centerville at an even 80 positions 82 in Memphis and unionville bit warmer today in Macon 86 degrees we’re expecting most of the rain to stay mostly in the northern parts of our viewing area so we won’t get as cool down south and coming up will track the rain and look at how much we may end up getting that’s just ahead Ella back to you