hey guys I’m Ben from Authentech and thisis the halo board it’s a gyroscopic self-balancing twin wheel hoverboardscooter starting with a quick unboxing it comes with a helpful user manual withclear english instructions these seem rare nowadays also included as thecharger and the main unit overall build quality and design is great its sleekand futuristic looking I love the fully wrapped glowing LEDs and headlamp itlooks sweet while riding at night there’s a subtle battery indicator atthe front of the board a nice carrying handle built in underneath four rubberpads one on each corner help prevent scratches and sliding and they do havereplacement pads available there’s fantastic grip on the foot pads whichare pretty sensitive by the way and the board weight is 25 pounds inside is a500 watt motor 36 volt samsung battery with a weight limit of 265 pounds and abattery that’s rated to run up to 12 miles with a recharge time of about 1hour underneath you’ll find the non inflatable 8 inch twin wheel design moreon this shortly there’s also bluetooth and speakers built-in so you can blastyour music while you’re out surfing around now learning to ride take somegood practice for me it took about 5 to 10 minutes just to get standing uprightand slowly moving forward putting in another 30 to 60 minutes of practice Iwas able to go a bit faster make some wide turns and had a bit less wobblewith each time getting on and more and more practice I feel more comfortableflying around carving and cutting like I’m snowboarding on the slopes overallit’s a healthy challenge learning to ride but not too steep of a learningcurve here are some kids picking it up in just a few minutes top speed is rated up to 10 miles perhour which feels fast on this one let’s discuss the twin wheel design on onehand it’s not too thin to be super wobbly back and forth but not too thickso it can easily cut and carve leaning side-to-side this is the firsthoverboard that actually looks and feels like a hoverboard it’s a lot of funsurfing around so my only major complaint is ground clearance and thesmall wheel size when riding the board is only about three inches off theground this isn’t very high now sure you could view it as a safety feature you’renot going to fall off a very tall platform but on the other hand I reallywish it was raised up a few more inches with a taller wheel I found it prettyeasy to bottom out while going up a hill that front rubber pad can catch theground and throw you off also bummer with the smaller 8 inchwheels they easily sink in and spin out in thick grass and sand now fortunatelyit can still cruise and low cut grass and some off-roading it just can’t goflying over all sorts of terrain oh and don’t even try hitting those curbs ittotally bottoms out overall though once you get the hang of itthe feeling of surfing on pavement and riding on a futuristic looking board isa ton of fun and I’ll give you the link to it down below now huge thanks to haloboard for sending me the sample unit and thank you guys for watching hitting thatthumbs up on and consider subscribing if you haven’t already for more scootervideos coming soon until next time let’s live off thumbtack