hello guys and welcome to I’m not play through I’m sorry there’s no electrics our doctrine was kind of busy then we can but make up with that I have started playing happy pills engendered again by Tobuscus so what I’m going to do is just run through all the levels like he’s been doing and time encontre along with them so this is also the first one the renaissance faire with the Segway steve-o an advanced are good because usually when i land there i end up breaking my legs for some reason Oh small child dead let’s go keep going oh I just take your head off and I’m shopping on your president Oh sh t over and land on the wish yes exceedingly elegant lend you in our dead up and apart it was too high that’s cool wow they make sweet love these days the kids and yeah that was uh fun taking too much pleasure in this now oh man there’s somebody else virtually dead because of me oh whoa my manager there Oh made his head off its cool bah oh and thank was my leg um it’s cool I simply want to finish it oh and there was other one grievous uh oh wow um okay this is difficult to get round can I conclude with no legs I don’t think so oh wow okay oh god Steve are you doing get up stupid Segway off and reset no no I have to kill “their childrens” okay now I feel better Oh has to be done I can’t die that’s fair now you can join little Timmy and opted oh I see you have some difficulty crossing the heart oh that’s cool haha oh I never verified that one before extraordinary and if I go well somebody has to die somebody was her he is just begging for me Calem that up that aw come on oh forget it progress still have a kill that guy anyway oh[ __] it’s cool it’s just my hoof I don’t really needed most I know what I have to do here this all falls down okay monitoring up and now we go there we go up and apart oh okay montia geczy hold out for one second grab space Oh for labor and seizure okay and charge stunning yes fiestar’s fantastic okay let’s departure the menu and the combining let’s give this a try okay so uh instruction learned what’s notes this though I don’t understand what just happened it served in a watch if anything okay let’s restart up oh wow yeah that’s uh clearly a difficult game what no no all right don’t understand i’m doing but let’s go that’s uh that’s cool well at least look of it maybe for for the savagery cool and depart the menu okay um let’s see does it continue a tally on my value any Pokemon training okay then that’s cool ah ah guy in a wheelchair seg receive gonna roast[ __] one in a browse go-cart whatever does pogo lodge uh Santa okay ooh my auto Indiana I might try the rink are actually let’s go for it I prefer you I’m sure you do so what’s the deal with this guy can rush no merely flatten okay ah oh that worked out I guess okay ah yes that was interesting oh oh god okay it’s coming I have to go there oh just in time Wow oh my god I belief I’m okay South the top okay have to go there quick oh that was an epic neglect Oh kiddin no no no oh ha ok I know how to do this one haha uh Timothy okay oh fucking – god he’s so I don’t know what the word is it’s just so that I get up oh don’t fall down again oh god Andy you’re so crap okay let’s try this game Oh slow down slow down Oh boss is gonna in ghastly yep that’s all that one coming up jesus oh god no no oh this is gonna oh nothing out okay so many stop stop stop and forward haha all the entrails funny okay so I leave back oh Jesus well that suctions Oh back fourfold there oh that um that still kinda jobs right dolls okay yeah I’m dead okay um so I imagine wanna alter courage I’m gonna go old-fashioned sega Steve again he seems to be reliable oh okay then all right oh so so sup sup it’s cool back back back back back back up up at the seasoning spice public oh thank god okay so go further than other the last name oh my god Steve you’re dying how can he render it the SEC are with his hands oh no wait do it would write 0 final clash Oh sugar what’s that doorway it seems it is a switch go deflector shield on uh-huh yeah that was going to happen so uh this channel what to catch tu mismo to train a bit I can’t merely be fast yay Steve finish with no legs ah ok so I’ll induce that a four and Melissa to the menu ok people thanks for watching and you know impeding the short-lived because uh you know the special diversion was a few people get bored too easily so Jay back from OG step we hop dating my path soon and that a more videos minecraft monday hopefully will be coming soon as well up at the time of making this up probably reach him a poster Monday as well so all about the video is a whatever and check back later thank you ok guys thanks for watching and you know saving the short-lived because uh you know the specially joyous was a few people get bored too easily so Jay back from OG step I’ll be informing my path soon and that a more videos minecraft monday hopefully will be coming soon as well up at the time of making this up probably make him a placard Monday as well so a good deal what the video is a whatever and check back later thank you Wow