I’m gonna give this guy a floor his list is Jorge he just got off the boat trying to find his family and he is fruitless what up YouTube welcome back to have a rails Wednesday here we go let’s see we’re playing right now harpoon pas oh yes here we go pop not today oh we got me he got me like Mortal Kombat here we go peace not to watch Poppa Willie loading all them oh my god come over forward is the key forward is they ever got my son pop pop pop pop pop pop ha ha oh we got me on the end okay allures wow that’s it spike descend two expletive hola a toda esta a meanie despiteful stress out give me your leg in suitcases are fine Segway guy oh that’s too far let’s try and only slip off slip off hitherto yeah simply give a little hop hop hop hop to it brand-new not that bad good very good ninja pro who d pi how did you do that best in the world we’ve got this I came this Rudy pie now we go maybe where you get that organization from ah I experience a blur that’s the one that’s the one yes sounds tah tah dah tremble track fall down a big course filled with threats oh snap ok so far I’m not doing anything wait get this glass on my neck dress again keep the arms up Oh second slip and slip yes slip and slide not today sounds what I came this slip and move epoch with a flap here we go pop profit some momentum um now we go pop not today slip spurt backflip thunder tah tah tah basketball dunk account one point no sound Oh missed it got it Jordan ball shaking experience help snap got it move oh that’s a bad dismount flip-flop on them boom move on him come on buddy do it for the Pan Am Games pop whoa that was the one hang on hang on hang on flip on him pop that’s the one easy Frank Monica distress story his list is Jorge he just got off the boat trying to find his family and he is fruitless scoop Scott sleep Scott scoop what daddy go down echo down there yes it’s nice and smooth delightful and smooth delightful and smooth keep the arms up keep the arms up Tata for upswing three colours hey guys here’s my newest height tether sling three colors rope fluctuating three emblazons go for it go for it is that my lad tether fluctuating three colorings perfect descend neat keep it smooth keep it smooth get the arms up perfect check out those glutes slowly careful colourings that direction really hang in yes don’t press spacebar and don’t undermine your premier what gradually grab tether rapid that apart Oh pop come on Shh slide down slip and slithers you can slide here we go grab this rope my hanging out my hoof still good yes what what what I’m so glad I earned I’m i did i win sing it wait a second oh my god at the time no no win song don’t thank you slow rise serviceman hopeless jelly is not a dnf King Justine of me whoa whoa I’m alive and I acre on the thing pas oh that let’s go this course nope that’s gonna hoax these guys out I pretend to go full out whoa yes I’m good on this feature daddy case whoa functioning mega humiliate take down the opponent you know what that’s a lot of writing this is play it welcome back aging every responsible our only hope is to bring down reef con okay how did I bring you down here “theres going” what and we go mega crusher 5000 pa you’re done pa your finish buddy you’re done you guys sucking jameson on the job not today you oh he’s alive nope not today TV those TVs are too old whoa whoa whoa nope nope sleep squat what’s next now that I’m done we’ve a quap rise cook I really want to thank everybody before those be as hot last-place I am I would go this lane would you you know what really because you wanted me to go that highway nope smart-alecky haha you don’t write a smart oh no the limbo on it spike projectile hour sound OH wheels a joke okay whoo what what what’s going on what’s the question no more yes okay I’m gonna go with no pa I said no catch up what no oh my god discuss huh jump over ah what am I supposed to do yes you tricked me again yes hmmmmm gonna point the game play right there get old happy rotates Wednesday thank you for 22 did give it like if you liked this video you know all that good material please don’t turn turn turn turn turn turn did it editor today