hello hello oh hey die what’s this is this is whole selection of moves made by Ross swampy then I can be superior very superior and simply general madness jolly medium as well two of them two of them have madness in the claim so what does that tell you goes our medium vert and detonators he love caps I didn’t espouse that I didn’t construct the tiles well I should have I can’t make a choice this is segue matter oh my god it employs a segue I like predicting cool on it oh oh oh God is talking bloody talky oh it’s not we’re not in Torquay what Oh No let you have to lean forward to not ah nice pork this is insane it’s exhilarating they look at those rotates like I’m ended with document yeah axles are ordered brutal sew I affection it oh I mean it’s pretty funny yes it’s also got some speed on this bad boy I time real have some serious I should if the real one was this mental drive guys we all come severe segways precisely to hover around the place but never genuinely took five today you always get they get back they did every expensive that’s the thing they’re not they’re not cheap things just so I’ll get liberated my adolescent it’s like oh I’ll take out a wing for this it’s like I’ve seen more cotton yeah yeah yes a Segway yeah that sounds like a really bad film it’s a terrible blaze why’d you expend it around watching bad films when you don’t revolve your snout this is one of those things now I attained given daddies up now on okay doesn’t know where is your sis solidarity is I’ve got DVD somewhere all right yeah some was hopeful I’ve got it on Betamax somewhere VHS tape VHS Port Charles tape V maybe bridge on wait HS maybe my life BHS so you just like to tape it oh this chore isn’t just this initiation on it this little dit on yes they get her today Oh Shh oh those dive that plank like nothing like this ahead I like it a mess on the sea I’ve never seen a designate like this before where it’s really knitwear it’s just what why the little divots Chuck you off what live it what what are you talking about now what reaching tree why so hard and I’m saying the word divots what where are the divots I don’t see any division such a div you’re a plunge you’re a divot all right but that was ahead of it how do I do that they’re not finished people but you some three alcohol examination how what one’s my bang-up oh I’m if you’re not this mad at Charles Cashman the end is below oh just where it pitches you did it fling you I wants to try now it does fling you is how I would describe it there’s a blaze of a flavor so no such thing at the end oh they are they solution player off topic ninja star hurling stellars time fly up they look like marijuana leaves to me alright cheese what miss you little dose right what’s next explosion led which is this one I espoused this one because basically what happens is you’re running yeah and there’s like an explosion flowing or journeying I’ve um op which is due to be choosing all that storey is going G Oh flares immediately literally explodes underneath the I realise everything is large that is like exists through autobiography Idid difficult to control balance on the card to the fail yeah I bailed to choose not hard to town still exiting applied a snap in I put a turn in yeah you can get quite a few snaps in this 100 the car chasing me down the street now that I got the raw rapidity mate fresh accelerate so many detonations Oh double move oh yes Oh car chases no fucking – god it starts acute uh shot you wait for that ones come it’s gonna be huge this I’m seeing it’s a slice this absurd Oh God to me where’s my show whoa oh god there’s a slip demonstrate oh wow okay there’s a stage at the top you convey getting on yeah you know that you flew through it for second oh please slow lessen oh my god she’s just Christ oh yes they affection fair I somehow I reach an explosion chip it precisely flew me around the air they died Oh rocks accomplished it I won that one go ah one is that a real reproach got to say that every time I had to lead and it’s just loading I come on yes I finished right my brain is in the concrete block probably have finished that with tile toy very well by doing Ross I don’t Russ immediate hives as Smith to settle it halo tralala bit halo why not I like Oh Oh what deseed nope oh good nope halo hearty that’s pretty cool no I envisaged I surpassed that I’m still awake sorry aroused this one are you energized you exhilarated I can tell the excitement in your tone well it will evaporate face might crack I can’t see it hitherto oh wow it proceeds not bad she aa ghost Banshee whatever I didn’t play that is gonna it feels like it’s gonna flip back Ross anyway with it oh yeah this is awesome draw Wow ouch that was that was the repents get the halo theme – no no I rotted oh oh I’m forgiving oh don’t be unforgiving it’s the choir so forgot how it goes ah come on up the little space this thing is hard in this soul this ghost is sluggish isn’t it pretty slow oh it is daddy Dylan noise fun it did the choir guys OH didn’t do a very wise we should like try out the choir oh they were shared with all the ranges what’s Ross’s range it’s a mid to low-spirited whilst your wander crop up there or down there yeah it’s a prawn a soprano erm I kind of time whiny sounding yeah you got the wine Ross got the ups I got the downs and I got the gin see this so far prepared him cough ah I adoration going through this tiny little pieces reunited like this there’s actually terribly paucity of music isn’t it’s kind of like exceedingly really extremely empty extremely empty need something the matter where there needs that kind of letters too it’s missing something oh look at the end are the Ducks I’m done with this don’t be coming with this I’m past halfway so I’ll make it the senior is very cool come on wake up oh you absolute pube turd there are you pew everyone everywhere through a rusted Dibble tub that’s retro pube Hugh Hugh Barney McGrew well that long oh I continue drowning drowning sucks vehicle maybe like to drown maybe like sad rounder now if I was gonna impel trop check out a certain way it would be gone and check out that’s the worst way by doing it trucks check out some action no yeah that’s what I’ll get it on my either that or I’d begin you on fire Wow both the elements okay Oh projectiles marry more mate you got yourself a strap ground triumph[ __] bury me in the field and it’s not there’s no ocean fairly when I picture bandeau so extra representative throw in some irrigate got me there copulate got you there Chris trot trumping that’s what he does Trump trumping ah no in some kind of a locate this is a really bad as I’m at month yes haha we got multi Monty don’t Google Monty now you can hunting google it also or after google blue-blooded waffle I’m just sorry we just don’t throw random what else we got a GU gun no that’s it Chris try brand-new come up with like wasn’t it like just a series of this grotesque memes now Scott left his party I’m here teammate maybe I adore a party we’re having a party mate we’re all in the pasty that’s too much entertaining that we will have to step outside and anatomy it now again slip and slip this one requires a great concentration and and as it fastened why let’s just say you have fun well thank you indicating I’m not have fun – oh God all right can you guys it’s a lot of curves I can see what’s going on she got bail out or something yeah you got bear lumbers oh there “theres going” what’s your organization slide around it shows lady you have no control Scott you don’t compress the initiation come on she’s at work swim you just gotta like rim announced on the sides that’s really as a lack of water in this slipper slide all right there’s like metal what I just I did not happen what do how’s a game terminating how’s your container huge tournament people the game I’m a lifeless corpse on that we could make it to the end what make it if we try oh is it because we bailed out signifies this time limit one oh it’s almost there um I was a bit nature it was know what’s really weird I didn’t know this I didn’t see what I’ll be in the game my never noses it was all be bales but that didn’t affair as it should have no I don’t think so yes leonesse that gruesome I knew did not function what’s this for a paradise – I think we’ve done something similar so I would do road of paradise this is – yeah it’s a seat wall and yeah all the stuff comes popping out we did one like this oh yeah I see it keep an eye on it come on oh god oh god oh god think twice it’s in a washer it’s not every bad enlasa on the road hop hop it does dan dan dan dan dan dan dan cock Bell you can’t smash somebody get something like that that’s not all did enticement I gory did it yeah they believe took immunities went for anyway Liberty X get bad Greg your hand not one thump wonder don’t don’t give him that name oh maybe two things there’s so much more cuz so you’re gonna say oh that’s a good thought q I’d like to challenge that paradise is not a day with Chris Rock oh why is that all I would agree with Chris Rock well cause it’s like Oh think twice there’s another day for you and me in Paradise as if somebody else’s I having a hard time now you want to come on Chris trot for activity well what’s so he supports a paradise crowded day no no no no that’s that’s what they assumed by the opposite like you should think twice about how good your life is but really it’s not that immense cuz I’m has been dragging on Chris Wragge rising like time various kinds of not you’re personalizing it to yourself that’s we all yeah well Chris trot about battle and hunger rolled into one what war and dearth rollin wheeled into one yeah one neat little carton oh I’m just ignore you I’ve made up you’re not you examine her greeting now I’m reacting to the track I’ll spools oh I’m doing well much more interesting than what you’re seeing I’m doing very well yep I’m not at all that’s the thing come on I’m making poor decisions that’s what’s happening oh ah well if she knows how to ditch it oh sit what may I time overtake you on my side oh wow how do each Munoz desire my face right maybe I’ll be hanging myself you won’t be right back there with me I’ll be right out you may be right back to haunt you and kill you in an electrical fire not electrical attack unexplained word not me Goosen also Jesus playin our cables one day again IDNs DNF hurry up not function well is there any more there’s two more cuz there is a cool serial big deal madness dot-com this is a very quick one fYI remember as he promoting that website or that push I think it must be but I deterred it on some adness Doce Y a gala bet you’ve got madness or comics like Oh God right so me affair so Jesus what I lived I endured it I’m out ah oh he’s out how’d you get out a bit no ashed swift 20 seconds Jesus Christ’s statements it I survived it – there’s nothing at the end it’s just it’s literally only a road yeah come on yeah I endured it when it was moving yeah well it has to move me I was all do every time is it you can’t see it moving for us yeah right medline yeah that was madness zero volt sucked it up and come at me bro okay come at him I got break-dance bottle I’m gonna gut at you it hinders happening right you’ll enjoy awesome why have you observed the streetcar asan on track central notices oh for God’s sake that wasteful stair everyone loves these the rumble control the round off merely time rotate Oh let yourself fall with it naturally I’ve got come on Horace Ike yeah I’ve got rhythm leading I don’t know how oh god I’m doing large-scale ones now that’s mando oh yes I’m so close to the bottom hello hey all finished did you bail tomorrow I finished I finished I’ll call a next all right okay I said sounds but I actually transferred at the same time that’s good literally only spam my whole wedge Oh hilarity that’s the last one so yeah that’s good didn’t hinder joyful with the bottom and Alison nice ones are they it’s a nice little buzz on on it I hate where when trot prevails it’s such an like not a thoughtfulnes of live what are you on about wrong I just like seem doesn’t matter glance you can famine RC you were listening genetics is a more natural ross sucking big-hearted large-hearted juicy one another one so i’m telling you to do something alright jump on it so big salami he didn’t listen to thee so we’ll see you next time and good day large-scale one bye bye-bye are we skiing tomorrow this would be great with scrawny think we’re skiing yeah oh yeah that’s good hypothesi oh are they clapping my left snap oh oh I didn’t reach that hole at all no come on wow this really hard like to where I’m gonna estate