so UPS truck is back enough about to get my segways hoverboards whatever you call them very excited now initially they were supposed to be delivered by EMS I think that’s what it’s called but I don’t know what happened precisely I just got the email saying I was gonna be delivered by UPS instead and to videotape or to record the unboxing of it for assurance roles or some like that so there’s one so it’s true then right there’s one there’s the second one so then we should be good thank you for procreating me wait pretty much more than half the working day I be applicable to come my transmissions around twelve or together in a shadow in the morning I entail 12 p.m.Or 11 o’clock in the morning but anyways now they are I already told them now they’re actually the exact same model just so I got my handy knife interesting this room maybe pretty much the same blocks as everything all the one so they’re not various kinds of heavy son on ponderous 27 pounds if you’re asking me or you don’t raising forces or you’re invoke your only at home this is manual regardless like that the USA one plug that luck enough to we have exchanged it because as a matter of fact is sent out the next day so I that I guess it was luck all they didn’t self notice that there was been said to the USA so perhaps they had already spot that so there’s that that’s good no I got to why once both of them are white once I see if you carry a one mitt even if he was not stiff and heavy I’m not saying that I worked out but I’m a big focus right now I weigh 240 pounds nominal muscle time that really real small to actually you would imagine if we were feel like this power wheels you know I push them in here the Model T and it constitutes it more hard but no racket at all moderately smooth now I have realise beings separate this once before and that’s it I’m not sure if it’s the exact same model but if you tread on them on the middle-of-the-road you put your feet on you free here it’s gonna divulge as far as I know there are three charged or partly blamed you can see the battery this one has one LED showing and artillery so it is not a to indicate you how much um percentages they have so far as far as I find since incense is radiating all around it’s just one light-colored for light-green for the battery meaning that Excel has liquor and then and then one probably most likely one red one one rot that that is low or dead so I’m not one have framed 100% sure as well so I’ll modernize that later on as soon as the battery will grow slow and read what happens as I’m being you we’re employing it me myself I’m not gonna write it I’m gonna have my never be ready cuz like I said I’m 260 pounds 250 pounds so yeah so I anticipate the maximum weight is 250 or 260 or 275 oh yeah somebody real smooth no noise we was both upon the so if you go if you put your hoofs downwards downwards you situated them forward well you got trying you got trying if you wanna try you gotta push womp feet yeah there you go there you go