hey everybody my specify is George I’m from Armenia Iran and we’re in the bowl and I’ll try to teach you some tricks you can do on your Segway let’s get started first one I want to teach you the short-lived turns it’s important very important your heavines delivery on the short-lived lawyer if you turn right you need to settled all your figure load into your left foot so like this my almost my all weight is going to my left hoof so the second one is the hockey style this one you are unable do if your storey is slick otherwise you will pull don’t do that first I’m gonna establish you what you’re doing is you’re speeding up and then your incline your torso 90 grades to left or right what you prefer doesn’t matter and then make your Segway this one is pretty same to first one so you’re doing same thing backwards so they’re going to like that and you’re put your all your weight to the right foot like this and thank you guys for watching as “youre seeing” my Segway is already dead liked it if you liked it despise it if you despise it is committed to my direct expressed appreciation for