hello chaps water up this camera coming back you guys once again with another unboxing video and this is a really awesome unboxing video I’m sure you guys will not expect this on the path I defend in advance for my expres I resound a little sick I’ve been sick for the past two days so that’s why my expression audios a little off but this unboxing video is an awesome one I’ve really been looking forward to getting this product in the mail I’m super tended to have this and I’m ready to show you guys what is actually in here so without further ado let’s go to open up this box and I’ll show you what came sent out to us as you can see pretty big box you can look all around it’s a it’s a somewhat massive carton so is moving forward and leave in the comments your suppositions right now okay let’s go and get into this alright so right off the at-bat you can see when we open this up we’re going to get something on the most top under this plastic off right off the bat you can see a convey bag right here so this might you know help you with your answer a little bit you know take a guess that kind of utters it apart candidly but we have a nice little carrying case right here see it’s got a little pocket it unzips and you’re able to apply whatever it in this box into this bag so comes in handy right there nice nice little transmit container but I’ll go ahead and threw this off to the side and I’ll pull up the actual box so without free to do pull this out real quick oh gosh it’s me alright one second let me get this out okay that’s like 25 pounder there people alright so as you can see right here we have progressive motion technology’s self matching scooter and this is their archetype so this is the archetype is one of those self balancing um fit hoverboard things it’s a soul offsetting scooter a lot of people know him as levitate committees or swag lanes or whatever like that it’s a two-wheel Segway without the handle it’s more like you precisely stand on it with the two motors but um why am I talking about it when I could just show you guys it on the inside but as you can see on the side just some more information about it on the back you can see it says rechargeable batteries included right there not on the other side same thing to open this up because I know you guys are looking forward to seeing what this looks like I’m really excited to try this thing out so when I first open it up at the top I has been noted that I’m going to get a user’s manual right here um probably just has some information about how to use it also has other mannequins you have the archetype the itinerant and the Pathfinder that’s the three simulations that we are really sell so I’ll only leant that off to the side um then we’re actually going to get a power brick right here um fairly standard substance merely a break used to charge the device and superpower it as well so that’s pretty cool to plug it right in the wall and you’re ready to go um and then we actually look like we have a keychain right here so it says fastening unlock fright and something else pretty cool little small-time like car keychain form thing that’s kind of cool though oh and then it also does light up whenever you do click it so that’s also cool I didn’t even know that it actually came with these keychains that’s pretty cool I haven’t seen one that comes with this I’ve only see the normal ones so this must be some kind of add-on that is pretty cool and then finally you open up this phone actually we have a Segway or swegway or self balancing scooter itself I’m going to go ahead and pull it out right here and I’m going to stop this box on the soil ok so here we go this is the actual scooter itself when we rip this plastic off it’s got that brand-new make odor to it oh yeah so there it is right here it was it was a good bid was like 25 pounds if you don’t know how these scooters toil we are really precisely rotate like this and that’s how you move them and use the directions and then you precisely lean forward to actually go lean back to stop you have your charging port right here it looks like the on button right here pretty nice paces on these tires and then one thing that I really like about this mannequin is it has this rubber on the top because these things does in fact roll over so this will protect it from getting scratch up on the top sort of like they included this enormous love off-color complexion actually candidly like it and then if I come to the back see that there are light-footeds right here to indicate when it’s on going on and on the very top it looks like we have a battery indicator right here and then simply a strength thing right here so pretty cool pretty cool product I’ll unquestionably be returning you guys more videos this was just a immediate unboxing video just wanted to get this up because I want to get get this thing out of the box but generating be imparting you guys my you know first time riding it my full review and just some more videos with it in general but anyways guys thank you for having watching this is from progressive gesture engineerings check them out in the link in the specific characteristics below this retails for $5.99 if you do want to purchase one um there are other colorings I visualize like the red one and stuff is a little bit more like $ 6.99 but this blue model right here is $ 5.99 on their website so compared to like some of the other firebrands like Iowa Hawk and nonsense this is a huge deal because they sell theirs for like 1700 so this one’s only $5.99 that’s pretty rational compared to the competition but anyways chaps thanks for checking out this video if you liked it make sure to subscribe to the channel leave a comment down below also like the video but anyways guys check out revolutionary flow technologies in the description down below I’ll catch you guys in my next video are ya