all right this is going to be my hoverboard unboxing I went this for a really really good deal like low to hundreds from a friend who knew individual so a chap who knew a guy but uh yeah let’s go ahead and check this out so we got the user manual now for a self-balancing electrical scooter this is the charger there is the hoverboard the hoverboard that doesn’t really cover all these things are pretty heavy like good extent of value there all right I’ve never even journeyed one of these but no got a good deal on one and that’ll be kind of fun so here you got the place to charge it right there this one is supposed to have like a Samsung battery not the cheap ones that are exploding so you’re worried about it exploding hopefully I’m good so right next to the charger is the power button you press it then makes a little beep and you get the battery indicator green means that it’s perfectly billed I contemplate formerly it gets to yellow I think it’s like half charged then it turns to red I think it’s like 20% and you have to recharge it then there’s like LED illuminates here so I’m going to try this out never tried this before whoa Oh oh this is harder than I made I ponder I might look at the manual alright so I can predict the manual I remember I know what I was doing wrong you kind of got to put one foot on it and get onto to match firstly then you can step on it kind of lean like you come move your hoof forward it runs forward if you various kinds of like switch on and you go in circles you lean back go backwards forward so that actually was pretty fun um so exactly various kinds of my first thoughts and first impressions um it’s fun to journeys formerly you use um you various kinds of imagine like when are you actually going to be able to use it so it’s fun but like I’m a little bit unsure of like when I’ll be able to use excite I envisage a lot of places are like not allowing you to use it like can you go to the mall and write it I don’t know what to let you or like I’m a you can’t write at the airport you can’t speak them at a lot of places so although it’s fun you kinda have to decide if you know you’ll use it fairly for it to be worth it this one was really like I got a good deal on this like I are aware of the plaza and some other residences on flight 305 hundred dollars and if you guys impelled that much money you kind of to make sure that you know it’s not just going to be like a doll to play with every like at times right so you know it’s it takes a like it does the teach curve is pretty fast I think you can kind of get the hang of it really quickly um so you know if you think that you’ll actually use it it’s a entertaining toy play games with but candidly a little unnecessary more entertaining than anything so you know if you really want one they’re cool but uh yeah I’m not sure when I’ll get to use it but I’m happy and I’m evoked to be able to use mine so that is the end of my video hoped you guys liked it if you did apply it a thumbs up and agree below hi guys