good morning everyone today should be a really fun day and the nighttime we will be going to San Francisco to meet up with my friend Vince I’m going to try out his hoverboard I’ll bring up my 9 but we’re gonna try riding around San Francisco at night let’s start the day yes he’s like what like it’s what what what’s going on are you ready to go yes B yeah we are going to the Bay Area’s monthly Cori meetup comes me so ready to go you can see all your quirky friends perfect on the car turns out there’s not that countless corgis because everyone’s going to rind in the common which I didn’t even only knew it’s essential right now I actually have a lot of stuff to do today but I was like you know what I’ll make time and push everything back merely parked and to Bark in the Park here and I meet up with Jack he’s got his halo belt for him and trying to park as a enrollment hanging out reunion check it out look at this all smudges hello everyone’s standing in line over here tell these doggies I get Jack whoo little beings puppy makes this preference you save the bingo here but the secret of bird-dog dolls thank you let’s be patronizing Jesse sunglasses we’re looking around it’s so red-hot outside doggie bakery ah let me see you like a year filling Jack sit down jack the boy hi look at this mobster outfit oh my gosh it’s so funny thing oh so funny oh my gosh so cute yeah downtown hounds Resort and Spa it’d be so small this is a small comparative ordinary bird-dog company of these booster seats oh yeah just regard the turd for you so you don’t have to carry it in your hand the doggies yes we can hurt so interesting she’s like what’s going on more puppy substance yeah there’s a hound lawyer right over here too obedience rehearse we’re gonna head out now I examine an ice-cream truck yeah I came hastened to hear that so happy yeah such a joyou dog so lucky huh got to meet all your fans yeah hmm yeah this bad tongue forgets the fool yes you’re this going to run to the gym super fast and try to edit as much as I can that I’m running out to San Francisco today could be a crazy day what Corgi okay you okay so I’m headed off to San Francisco right now to meet up with my friend Vince who you guys haven’t seen in a really long time he’s the one who represented these loops the LED regions check it out he has a hoverboard so I are of the view that I would try to ride it and compared with the ninebot so we’re gonna do that breaths he’s all tired he’s gonna respite and so I’m gonna drive up to San Francisco right now and I’ll see you guys up there hey yo Robin I get more foreman than what the fuck is get in Corgi on fleek is popping out Mary Poppins just for the record that heart is what I’ve weighed last-place two pails of fishnet stockings you know you missed this move Mis is mrs.Pine used to call me Hilary because I write them her ring-ring ring-ring ring-ring placed a reverberate on it or ding ding ding son your time’s up where’d you wind up there’s shoulders to this you should clambered up San Francisco there’s been stair arrange all this material away hey Vince has the talking Ted bear so Vince is setting up a promo code right now for us Baumer immense rebate system for all of the viewers promo system is Gatsby G 80 s be Y 30% off oh my gosh after I have to show you guys the container though it’s like the best gym bag it’s super styling oh yeah it’s filled up with stuff delightful it’s a small length the hole but it’s a cylinder of appearances and actually that’s one flake yeah so it’s ripstop nylon it’s got paracord disaster paracord got military excerpts it’s actually Kickstarter’s most successful duffel bag Wow Wow Vince did this yeah it’s really nice for the gym so guys should check it out look at the sky outside nice we’re gonna go and grab some menu I’m going to toss Aki sushi I’m starving we started it my luck we’re pretty where’s our sushi hey this is part one of our sushi those two parts that’s like the climax of like Harry Potter and that’s the climax right there are two we’re like doing all these videos ha ha ha that was very satisfying now we’re going to go and ride the ninebot and you chuck hoverboard the dog’s gone oh look at all these funky ducks that he live in test oh my gosh alright so he came out to the car like that Kelly Calgary Mitterrand wah yeah ah nice we’re filming at the Palace of Fine Arts we’re going to try out the ninebot and the funky duck hoverboards it should be really cool hey little bells look at yeah I’ve never been one of those no no I’ll try it later you have to turn on your your loops there you go whoo check it out look at that Palace of Fine Arts are here the kiddies over here so dark every day they look like we’re just hovering there it sounds super trendy it looks so crazier here but if it is hard yeah I didn’t make it with countless yummy really good like spitting this is a lot harder genuinely efforts yeah it’s nothing like the ninebot because you’re only stable I meditate or in a handbag what if you get a loosened absolutely it’s really honest well if you can try and step off I don’t get off your paw how do I stop this you time get off it Oh sense no bed terrifying it’s like not to say no they’re all over the place what are these gotta get back to the doggie so see you guys back at home so I concluded it back home I are of the view that I would talk a little bit about comparing the nine carton to a hoverboard since now that I’ve been able to try both of them out I can talk a little bit about it so I is suggested that the ninebot is definitely harder to learn how to ride the hoverboard although it was hard to pick up I thought it would be pretty easy the fact that you know how to journey one doesn’t make it easier to razz the other because the difference is that the ninebot you’re trying to stabilize yourself sideways like slope to surface the hoverboard you’re trying to stabilize yourself forward and back another divergence is turning is the total opposite for the nine but if you want to turn right you push down with your liberty hoof and you lean to your right hand side for the hoverboard if you want to turn to your freedom you push down with your left foot and push back with your freedom hoof hoverboards I think are more for recreation indoors more for like standing on it and just like hanging around versus a ninebot you can’t really stand on it a hoverboard is kind of like a skateboard and a ninebot is kind of like a bicycle a skateboard you can stand on a skateboard it’s not meant to go as far distances and it’s not able to go off-roading versus a bicycle but you can’t hang out on a bicycle and you can’t really go a bicycle indoors those are the differences I would say from my experience going these so Shaun is going to be trying my theatre out the Super Mario maker amiibo stage okay here he goes haha I’m so confused hold on I’ll figure this out this is gonna bother me guess he’s laughing at you yes he’s just like yeah cool floor bro I’m so distracted why’s he getting on he’s so funny poor Sean this is a show itself catskil Chewie I know your nose was a jump on me like that oh my gosh he made it he made it half now ha ha ha see it wasn’t that bad are you kidding guess he’s already on to his next toy train hey people I’m headed to bed super late I am depleted so I’m gonna see you guys later good night second I can’t be good night don’t forget to check out my latest video on my second channel life after college entreats and likewise the submarine cask and halo region in the description below where you can get 30% off by type Gatsby as an feeling close but oh well and finally the last ingredient mozzarella cheese there we go and now we just stick it in our preheated oven for 40 times there it becomes that was really next we’re going to start on the peanut butter tart so we’re going to prepare the crust first