shopper headline tonight just as millions buy talents for “their childrens” this holiday one family saying the hoverboard they bought for their son ignited and you’re about to see images of their burned out home amid new questions was it the battery or was it something else here’s ABC’s Matt Gutman ever since luminaries like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner began posting videos of themselves slaloming on hoverboards they’ve been flying off the shelves according to eBay they’re selling one every 12 seconds but it may not just be auctions that are hot some of the boards may be – it’s all ba Timothy Cade says his hover booster board burst into flame and the lithium-ion batteries shut out but dousing the thingamajig with baking soda didn’t seem to help Hayden horn grinned when he got this fit turbo scooter for his birthday last Saturday but simply a epoch later inspires are flying and the middle part of the board really poof and to blame his mother says the flames destroy their home we’ve reached out to the companies but haven’t heard back even though they are your scooter is working perfectly well you can’t ride these things everywhere in New York City it’s illegal to ride them on the sidewalks and the streets and starting January 1st here in California it’ll be law exclusively to travel them on motorcycle paths and pathways the documented injuries falling off the machines landing few of them in the emergency room it’s why experts exhorted children to wear helmets while travelling them and parents to read the directions carefully before blaming those lithium-ion batteries you