How Much Should I Pay for a Segway?

A Segway is an electrical powered two wheel personal transportation system. It somewhat resembles a scooter, with the long neck and handlebars and a flat area for standing. If you live I a major metropolitan area, chances are you’ve seen them zipping through the sidewalks. They are meant to cut down on traffic congestion, and save some of our gasoline supply. The Segway is designed to give you optimal balance, and the hand controls are easy to use.

A common problem with Segways is trying to find out how much they cost. The company website has no pricing available, but they have plenty of links to dealers across the country. If you follow the link, you will be taken to the dealership homepage which will give you a variety of models to choose from. Once you click on a model to find out more information, you will be given technical specs and information, and a phone number that you can call for pricing. If you call the number, chances are you will be given a message asking you to leave a phone number so the dealership can call you back.

There are various reasons dealers don’t give prices on the website. The main reason is that the potential customer might see a price, think it is too much, and lose interest. When you call for the price, chances are the salesperson is not going to give you one.  The goal of the salesperson is to set an appointment with you to come to the dealership, because if you are at the dealership the salesperson has a chance to make a sale. They know that you are more likely to buy a Segway once you have seen and operated one. The secondary goal of a salesperson over the phone is to get your contact information. This can be in the form of a phone number or an Email address.

A new Segway can cost close to 5 thousand dollars. Many may think that this is too much money, and that they can buy a good used car for that amount of money. Yes, you can buy a good used car for that much, but it won’t have the same mobility and capabilities as a Segway.  Think about this, if you were looking at a good riding lawnmower that cost about the same price, would you buy a used car instead? You probably won’t, because a used car is not going to mow your grass.

A good, quality used Segway will cost you around twenty five hundred to three thousand dollars.  This is about a 40 percent reduction from the cost of owning one new. The problem with shopping for a good used Segway is that they are rare and hard to find. People who buy Segways new are likely to hold on to them.

I hope this article was informative and that it helps you in your search for a Segway.  To find out if one is right for you, find a place where you can test one out.


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