like desserts[ Music] what’s up everyone welcome back to the channel as everybody knows I’m handy it is necessary to some some modifications simple modification of the femur and all that in order to get this shot up speed and acceleration this guide will be valid for the Marcius – as you can see here as well as for the a s4 but basically the logic behind is the same for any so follow me and final I mean that it’s okay let’s top to the quick test with the original cinema our 27 kilometers is the max speed as you can see now time for some overclocking the first step dwells mostly in downgrading the VLE which is basically the firmware of the Bluetooth protocol Billy stands in fact for Bluetooth Low Energy as you can see from my screenshot my ninebot was updated with original 1.5 dot 1 firmware the ble also came modernized with version 1:09 regrettably this form doesn’t allow the app that we need for flash in the framework to connect with the school due to the encryption of the Bluetooth connection therefore in order to solve the issue we firstly need to install another app in order to downgrade the building to the previous explanation and then we can actually proceed with a few more finishing in order to better do so we need an Android phone and we need to install the exile flasher 9th lecture you can see here so these are peas available on the Play Store formerly your scooter is connected at the top you can see all your data and in front in the lower division you will find a ble area with three segments elect the one in the middle which is basically the previous form hence edition 1.0.0 and burst it at the next reconnection at the top you will see that the scooter femur remains one fleck 5.1 but the belly is now 1:06 and instead of 1:09 as you can see from these two screenshots now we are now ready to proceed with the second and final step so the creation and blink of the habit femur in order to proceed we need two things again Android Martha Martha as far as I know there is no solution in case all Apple useds and we need to download the es down G app plus we also need the to access to this website option here after connecting your scooter towards the east on G app you will see something zero similar to the screen if you click on check bar you will see this screen showing the femur and the ble editions and lower down you likewise has the option to load a bin and twinkle it before doing that we need patently to access the website we previously mentioned we are now on the website now and first thing that we can see is that we already have some presets so default preset times four years for Al and the es 2 mod so whatever is the preset that you choose you will see there will be different options that will be automatically replenished in I will exactly show here what are the sets I will try but feel free to proceed with any alternatives you like I will only do em I will exactly create a custom firmware just very basic and very safe so I won’t do annex anything externally but I will still do something that will provide us a good improve so let’s start with the cornerstone form of your firmware I will downgrade to 1.39 so that in case I want to restore the original movie exertion I can still do that and the improve will be official 1.5 fleck 1 a profile patently will be deep you can also choose a different file name I will leave these as the folder as well as the curve stevedore maximum speed we can change it so let’s leant 32 or 33 this should grant us about 230 km/ h and I repute I want to change is the motor starts bolt the because it’s more accessible a bit lower significance here so 3 kilometers this meant that the example will only start if we are at a speed of 3 kilometers instead of default value out of 5 machine capability constant so this is actually the appraise that will basically potentially fry your motor vehicles and routes so be very careful with this there are some people they find the forty five thousand as a safe quality yeah kind of borderline value let’s say so I won’t get below 4900 so I will simply put in fifty to fifty thousand for now everything else so will be left as is very important is to leave mothers proof spoofing disabled undoubtedly every time you will access to the original to the official app you will be asked to update the horror reminding bounce that otherwise you would ruin everything here I won’t change anything else for now we can now submit and as you can see here we will have a zip file automatically generated plainly I’m showing this procedure by personal computers but clearly you can do this directly with your Android phone would be the same in case you do from the PC clearly you will generate this few more then you will need to save it on your Android phone and that show it from there or if you have a bluetooth ability PC you can also do everything from PC so let’s check how these brand-new firmware accomplishes[ Music][ Music][ Music][ Music][ Music] so as we learnt there is a big improvement in terms of a top speed but too to say from zero to 30 kilometers it’s pretty faster please leave a comment below in case you want to share anything with me and satisfy make sure too to check my other video about BBS to maintenance you can find that here and thumped that subscribe like button as you assure told you in the next one[ Applause][ Music] you