How To Put Together A Lucknowi Omelet

Lucknow located in Utter Pradesh is an aged entire world metropolis and one particular that is intently related with nawabs and higher course lifestyle. The culinary delights of the nawabs is very well recognised. They liked regal and royal foodstuff. This individual dish draws its inspiration from the nawabs of Lucknow. Savor it as culinary delight from India. In reality it is an adaption of the well-liked fried eggs of the west.


Two big farm eggs. Use the pure farm eggs in desire to the industrial eggs out there.

Four desk spoons of butter or cooking oil. I would favor the most up-to-date soya bean oil as it is great for the coronary heart and has less cholesterol

Two medium sized onions

Two eco-friendly chilies

A teaspoon of grated cashew nuts and some raisins.

Salt and pepper.

You will want two shallow pans and if achievable a double burner. Use 1 of the most up-to-date non stick cookware that is obtainable.


Crack the eggs in a shallow plate. Put two table spoons of the oil in the pan and heat on medium flame.

Chop the onions and chilies finely. Combine them with the cashew nuts and raisins and hold apart.

Following the oil is heated place the eggs in the pan and fry them very carefully. Insure that the yolk of the egg is not fried.

In a separate pan put the remaining butter/oil and fry the chopped onion, inexperienced chilies and funds nuts with raisin.

As soon as the onion is a bit brown shut the flame. Comply with up by lifting up the pan and evenly unfold the ingredients on the fried eggs. Use a wooden spatula for this goal.Insert salt and pepper to style.You now have a Lucknowi omelet.

It is a basic dish and uncomplicated to prepare, primarily if you are limited on time. Try to eat the geared up dish with white or brown bread or parotha(Indian Bread). You will relish it. This is a dish for just one human being. If more persons are to be served follow up with any amount of eggs and picked elements in the very same proportion. Serve it as a snack or at breakfast.

Supply by Madan G Singh


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