hello welcome to handicapped accessible de today we are willing to establish the key to the apache control center it offers a great many possibilities and the authorities concerned will interpret a bit briefly here Of trend, they will get a detailed briefing when you are with us on site era and a test drive one on the left is there on and off switch because he presses shortly then all representations are displayed on the left you can see your maco state in in such cases smears still nearly fully loaded on the right you can see the driving accelerate in case 0 he being behind that kilometer where he submerge them average acceleration and the daily odometer on the right again “youve got to” press the time 3:58 p.m. and you also have the appointment in it, the fifth, second 2013 this emblem reforms from the bottom left or in the middle how delightful that the radio signal exists between the keel and the control center of apache and here you can exhibit it again There are more spaces you can do it in different ways Programming speeds degrees 1 and 2 up now we still have those turtle the turtle mode is intended for novices, I’ll be brief with the shield construct turtles mode that can also program it is preset to 6 km/ h so you can be a novice move be sure to give a little briefing on the segway, that’s it as far as it is below can then be switched off again see you soon handicapped accessible topic li and willi.