Is Voodoo A Religion Of Egypt?

Voodoo is a faith introduced to The usa by black slaves from Nigeria, a place that became a central source of slavery increase for colonial powers, which all started with large transport of slaves from West Africa to The us in about the 12 months 1500 with cruelest sorts of humiliation. Of study course, these human beings were being not slaves, but only forcibly designed that way.

Several of them had been killed and flogged to dying like animals. Among the the barbaric nations were Spain (which colonized countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Peru…), Portugal (Brazil), and United Kingdom (which colonized Northern The united states). Other international locations built their overall economy on slavery way too, but the previously mentioned types expanded the yoke hand in hand with Christianity and with the cruelest influence on other native nations like American Indians.

Voodoo originated in Nigeria, which has far more than 250 ethnic teams – the greatest 1 Yoruba or Igbo with a wide range of spiritual devices these kinds of as Olorun or Vodun. Nigeria was a cradle of prehistoric civilizations these types of as Nok. The Nok society experienced created a lot of several years in advance of Christ and it is regarded to have experienced contacts with the then ancient Egypt. Different archeological excavations verify this. The Nok people today utilized symbols which epitomized the authoritative representations of the Egyptian lifestyle.

Dr. Kwame Nantambu (Kent Condition University) suggests that black Africans in historic Egypt wrote the Bible (Outdated Testament) as scribes, which is a actuality that the Catholic Church hides from the community. Even these days, in Ethiopia, you can meet “black Jews” – black Ethiopians with Judaism as their religion.

Perhaps it will surprise some people today, but the Catholic Church is an firm that resembles the Roman Empire in a specified way. It is divided all more than the planet to provinces in the exact way as the Roman Empire it has its Emperor and a lot of the Catholic heraldry resembles the a person made use of in the Roman Empire. Comparable analogies exist in our historical past and Voodoo is not an exception.

Voodoo with each other with some other contemporary African religions is the only living religion in the world which incorporates some aspects of the ancient Egyptian beliefs, specifically the cult of Isis, which had been however incredibly preferred up to the 4th century Ad also in Europe right until Christianity turned the official dogma. A rational assistance for the above assertion is that Isis was the Goddess of Magic, which is the similar component of Voodoo. Of class, there are other “magical religions”, but the cult of Isis and Voodoo (African Vodun) are territorially closer, and the two really aged.

Voodoo is an offshoot of a wide range of religions practiced in the then Nigeria and not only the consequence of the presently dwelling Vodun in Africa, but conditioned by heritage in which it produced from immediately after the calendar year 1500 off the African continent. Presently we have a Haitian-style, but also its offshoots in other sections of Latin and Northern The us.

The essential strategy of this faith is centered on magic, spirits, and worshiping of God. Some pieces of it merged with Christianity – for example, Candomble in Brazil. Louisiana Voodoo is just a different offshoot, which appeared in New Orleans. Apart from for Haiti, the Haitian-style Voodoo can also be observed in Brazil, Trinidad, or the Dominican Republic (we could surely point out some other countries as very well).

Voodoo as a religion can be possibly explained from the inside or the outside and lots of sections of it are secretive. Voodoo is a spiritualistic faith, which usually means that a practitioner may well be exposed to spirits or a non secular encounter some spirits can assistance (remedy, give predictions), or harm (a curse employed towards an enemy). Voodoo believes that there is one particular God and its practitioners give a solid accent on actions of character and adjust their attitudes to it accordingly. Spirits are recognized to be God’s or Devil’s helpers.

Of all mainstream religions, only Hinduism can be comparable to Voodoo, as it is open and attracts its energy from aboriginal cultures way too. A very similar exercise located both equally in Voodoo and Hinduism is, for illustration, Kolam or Rangoli – the Hindu classic images drawn on the ground (auspicious signals), both on the flooring or in front of the threshold. Yet another similarity amongst Hinduism and Voodoo is perception in snake people. Hindus imagine in the Nagas and have Naga Gods (like Khodiyar Maa) practitioners of Voodoo have a snake god (or god intently connected with snakes) identified as Damballah Wedo.

Voodoo as a religion became renowned with its Zombies, which are mentally useless individuals (designed these kinds of by a Voodoo sorcerer). In affiliation with Voodoo, we can also fulfill with the expression Hoodoo, but the difference is like amongst a faith and follow (or Wicca and Witchcraft).

Voodoo has spirits, gods and goddesses (like Erzulie), but its Egyptian factor in all probability survived in the sort of Goddess Yemaya – Yoruban Orisha or Goddess of the ocean, which was brought to The us by the African Diaspora. Yemaya delivers fish to the fishermen and her indicator is the crescent moon, which offers us a sturdy association with Hindu Goddess Durga. In Brazilian Candomble, she is acknowledged by the earlier mentioned title, which might somewhat vary (Yemanja) in the Haitian Voodoo she is worshipped as the goddess of moon.

Voodoo is a religion not to participate in with. It must be approached with respect and not with derision, usually we may perhaps shortly discover out that its electricity seriously will work. The implications can be possibly excellent or negative.

Source by Juraj Sipos


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