IT And Us - The Segway And Human Harmony

Late in 2001, a excellent offer of media notice was focused on Ginger, aka “IT” – a magic formula creation that the fantastic and eccentric inventor Dean Kamen had been doing work on for over a decade. Some stories claimed it would be an even even larger offer than the Pc!

What ultimately emerged in early December was the Segway, a self-balancing “human transporter”. It takes advantage of a blend of gyroscopes, tilt sensors and high efficiency motors – and extensive amounts of computing energy – to develop a scooter-like system that lets you travel above pretty much any sort of terrain without the need of toppling in excess of.

As Kamen explains, “The plan is to set a human currently being into a system the place the equipment functions as an extension of your system. foot in front of the other and falling onto them above and about yet again. When you use a Segway, there&#39s a gyroscope that functions like your inner ear, a pc that functions like your mind, motors that act like your muscle mass, wheels that act like your toes. ”

Segway&#39s general performance has acquired rave evaluations, even though its $ 3000 price tag may possibly limit revenue to industrial markets and the substantial-stop shopper industry.

The Segway is a amazing reminder of our have potential to stand and go about with an upright posture. The Segway&#39s style and design is amazing all suitable, but what&#39s even additional remarkable is the design and style of our human body that enables us to go about daily life devoid of slipping in excess of. Soon after all, we are tall, reliably thin creatures with a high centre of gravity resting on two rather smaller toes.

Why on earth do not we just keep slipping around? How do we stay upright?

A huge section of the remedy lies in the way our head is balanced on top of our spines and an ingenious framework that allows for steadiness – our heads do not effortlessly detach from our bodies! – and for adaptability – our heads can go speedily and quickly in reaction to changing circumstances.

As Joan Arnold, a instructor of the Alexander System in New York Metropolis writs: “… when the neck muscles do not overwork, the head balances evenly at the leading of backbone. . How we regulate that partnership has ramifications through the rest of the human body. As the manager – excellent or terrible – sets the tone for an firm, the head / spine romance – compressed or totally free – establishes the excellent of the human body&#39s overall coordination.

“Our neuromuscular system is built to operate in concert with gravity. Sensitive poise of the head sparks the human body&#39s anti-gravity reaction: a organic oppositional force in the torso that simply guides us upward and invites the spine to lengthen, relatively than compress, as we go. Rather of slouching or keeping ourselves in a rigid submit, we can master to mobilize this guidance system and use it where ever we go – in the vehicle, at the pc, in the health club. ”

But this stylish structure only works very well if the muscle groups in our necklaces are absolutely free of extra rigidity. And regrettably, as we go by way of daily life, a lot of of us acquire tension in our necks and other components of our human body, that interfere with each our upright submit and our ability to use our system as it was created.

You can easily see this for your self if you take a glance at just about any group of adults jogging or jogging and compare what you see to kids operating about at enjoy. Far more usually than not, the grown ups will be tightening their faces shoulders, arms – and of course their necks. Most smaller children will be managing about with simplicity and poise.

The harmful write-up and motion behaviors numerous of us obtain as we develop up can come about for a range of factors: the unconscious perception of older people in their life who themselves have excessive tension, terrible school home furniture structure or annoying spouse and children scenarios, to name but a several.

A equipment like the Segway does not have to deal with these kinds of issues. If some thing takes place to influence its operating – often a motor or pc failure – it&#39s promptly fastened by mend or replacement.

For us, it&#39s a lot more sophisticated. We can not just go out and get a new neck when our previous a person results in being excessively tight. But we can use our intelligence to evaluate the predicament and understand how to release the damaging posture and motion designs that have crept into our life.

There are a variety of somatic instructing and therapeutic processes that can assist us restore the grace and relieve of movement we had as little ones. The a person I&#39m most common with is the Alexander Strategy. Taught for in excess of a century, it has a effectively-deserved status for helping men and women increase the top quality of their bodily functioning.

Segway is an Anglicized variation of the musical time period “segue” which usually means changeover. The Alexander Procedure is seriously about learning how to adapt to changing circumstances – minute-by-moment transitions – in the most economical way feasible.

Supply by Robert Rickover


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