for inexpensive plays and xbox live codes please visit the link in the description to g2 8 calm hello rumors currency you can welcome to a new video today now this is going to be a video about I’ve actually got two segways now well swag channels as people are calling them and you’re probably visualizing why am I making a video about this now I time want to tell you guys we have an interesting story certainly so first of all I’m actually associated with the website where you guys can go and following these sorts of cheapest segways in the world and where to buy them it’s called balance hyphen boards recognition UK I’ll leave a link to them down below and you are eligible to basically go there for two bird to an ebay or amazon relate and following the boards you require and obviously the narrative you crave so i’ll leave their link to the website down below is a highly terribly handy website and we’ve had great feedback so far but moving on as you can see on the video and it’s me random pictures and stuff throughout this random videos and stuff throughout this video i’ve actually got to now now obviously one i bought and then one actually got through that was broken and what I did is I various kinds of took the percentages out inside and I linked potentially what I’d need to fix it so I went on to one of these Chinese websites that sell the kind of responsibilities for these timbers and there’s loads of different stallings but you need to make your pellet apart to find the specific style of replacements it is necessary to and actually got some replacements through they cost around thirty dollars round forty dollars including ship and I was instrumental in undoubtedly change the portions on my board that I needed and now I’ve got two wreaking rods so that pay maybe that’s a possible mind for you guys if you can find some swag roads around the people may have broke or kind of the motors inside of just gone kaput you may be able to look into alternatives from these Chinese websites to buy cheap import parts and perhaps make a few quid amending swagg channels or too for that are important time repairing one to have for yourself because if you can pick up a fragment one for like fifty quid and invest like twenty five thirty quid changing the parts inside that you need to offers you have a working one that’s gotta be worth it surely because even now with the time gone on and how favourite these things are there still around 220 quid to buy don’t think I’ve really spotcheck any practice the unique kind of like resellers or relied retailers that are selling them for more than sorry for less than that so it could be a good meaning for you guys to potentially buy one in or buy a break-dance one and repair it yourself they’re not that hard it’s just 22 motor rotates two wheels and likewise a big battery pack inside apparently the only thing that could be a little bit hard is the kind of pressure plate but you’d buy something knowing what was potentially wrong with it so it’s just a bit of new ideas of suppose for you guys and I’m really really experiencing the coming week ways my papa and my brother-in-law love it very so I think they’re a great investment to be honest with you I actually got them when undoubtedly the chatter was around and beings are now like I’m getting abode of these things but I still find them moderately reasonably recreation to be perfectly honest and be it merely an idea for you guys look so they leave relates down below to the balance board website where you can gotta go catch out where we’re stock is near you and potentially pick up a buy and be hitherto thanks a great deal for watching this video well casually okay and I’ll catch you guys next time thank you so much for watching today’s video I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did please do leave a like rating likewise come and follow me on social media for plenties more information and likewise about some giveaways that I’m holding and precisely general day-to-day updates of my life and channel thanks again for watching this video this has been casually kate and i’ll see you guys very soon