– Ken? – The … – I don’t think … Do you need a helmet? – It’s better. Okay. OK, here’s what I … FREQUENT STOPPERS I am not in a hurry. We could talk about arranges to visit when you have a minute. I understand better for the headphones. Thanks for the advice. Movie train! I hadn’t specified, but I ate quite a bit of bacon for breakfast! Thanks, but I’ve seen these trailers before. The trash I would like to see is more of the sightseer genu. VEHICLE Lodge I certainly wanna interpret Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge. And the Palace of Westminster! Do you know where it is? Canary Wharf! CANARY WHARF NEIGHBORHOOD Did you know that this was the second tallest building in London? Yeah, it’s him. Far, over there. It was him! Do you imbibe a lot of coffee? Wow! It’s “Lloyd’s of London”! Where are we going? A hide superhighway. – What does that button do? – Stop. Okay. Don’t be touched. I don’t touch anything. You knew the majority of members of the London subways are actually rolling on the surface? Good shortcut … Oh, cool! Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London! Oh! U-turn! One more turn! Quite a few famous people get married here. Do you recognize them? Congratulations! What a fascinating metropolitan! You knew a good deal of people announce this connect the “London Bridge”, while it’s called “Tower Bridge” because of the fortress? Funny, eh? HOONIGAN x1000r/ min Another shortcut? Interesting … High Color. – The least I can do … – You sure. Looked! What’s this? – A Stigsy, I recall. – Oh, cool! – I can …? – No. Westminster Bridge! Did you know it’s illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament? Attention, unexpectedly. PARLIAMENT SQUARE Oh, do we have the Churchill deal? Looks like no. Sorry … Slow down! Chickens. Do you look the police there? She follows us. – Is that legal on the street? – I repute. You knew that if the flag above the palace floats high, is that the queen is there? So there she is. It is better that we hold the line tight. Where is she? We will find out. Here it is! We assured the queen! It was ritzy. London, it’s done. Thanks, Ken! You’re welcome! – Where are we going next? – After? – I’m ready. – Yeah. Let’s go. I must ask you … What is that red button doing? – No. – Please … Not this time. Maybe the next one.