with us it is a rather unusual device in a hospital that uses now the security guards of the namur infirmary centre a gyropod in other words you look behind me an electric vehicle with two wheels which allows them to perform their duty shift more quickly in its passages kilometer olivier pierre allard patrol at the namur hospital access to the different assistances is called routes and on its roadway operates from few motorized two-wheeled vehicles to carry out these vital rounds, come along his Segway sort of electric scooter imported from the United Mood a persona of prevention that can lead him to travel up to 10 km per day in the puzzles from the hospital it is often when we are a part of the hospital that we are announced at the other end of the hospital and then return to where we had to leave this that we were doing for some reason but it’s regular the machine has been in operation for 2 weeks chiefly during sequences at night when there are clearly fewer two walkers during the day novelty is not fail to captivate the attention of officials of both patients and visitors easy and helpful the Segway should allow you to monitor more efficiently and more quickly the different areas of the hospital while saving pilot vitality we still have a new offstage which is the areas of health and all that represents about 50 thousand square meters currently on the foot there are seven tiers we also have five parking lots one of a wall this agent goes now for hospital safety