this is a segway an electric vehicle with autonomy to cross the city and power to tow a car in this video I’m going to show you everything can do and all its features are amazing I start with the unboxing that although I always happen to see them there are a couple of important things that the box weighs a lot is large but that when the you open the inside comes with a pair of handles I say it in case you have to upload it to a third party without elevator for example after inside the box official of the product once you open it there are a couple of cartons but then there are another that is not a cardboard itself but a box and has things inside so that no one I threw it because there comes the charger a couple of screws the remote because if It has a remote control here we can control it by remote control now I teach you more about that, the first thing is that the handlebar, so to speak, comes disassembled and it is only these two screws that you see and the allen key that it is included this is made to make it easier to transport but does not have no difficulty this as such is not a handlebar because it is not handled with the hands but more or less with the knees or with the legs like a skateboard but it is much more secure then up It has a cap and a connector that is in case we want to put a camera on it. As an extra accessory, it is purchased separately so that it can engrave us as a drone but from the ground following us this piece has a small speaker for beeps with which it will communicate and a spotlight to illuminate where we are going how everything is surrounded by screws is a very solid and hard bone piece withstands any type of blow and has a trunk to store both the command as other things in theory is specifically designed to save the camera but I have gotten to keep even the charger that does fit very fair and it costs a bit to place it to get it to close the remote by the On the contrary, it fits very well and does not move because it remains with the rubber tight the charger is small like that of a laptop and is exactly the same It has a cable of these typical compatible with that of any device electrical and charging port can be connected in either direction or not has a position to handle from 0 to 100 takes about 5 hours but really we are almost never going to zero it and if we need a fast charge to the 80 percent goes up very fast when charged the charger light goes on green and all the lines remain illuminated with the battery charged. They can do 35 real kilometers this is like crossing Madrid from end to end end an autonomy that seems really good to me Another thing that I have seen is that it is not necessary to buy the official accessory of the camera with its stabilizer but if you have for example you can fit it in a homemade way very easily and it is because of the shape of this piece is very easy to fit things for example a bluetooth speaker like this one, which is the one from xiaomi, it stays super well embedded and it doesn’t matter there are potholes or whatever you can go around listening to music but the thing is that with the wheels that he rides of 11 inches and look how thick it is like the one with a fist barely notice the bumps also has a motor in each wheel of 400 nominal watts that can peak 2000 between the two is a stupid as you see the wheels have hubcaps and also fenders because we can go on land without worrying about staining our wheels hold a maximum of 100 kilos each and they are tubular this is like those of cars or the motorcycles not the cameras that carry the bikes then underneath it has some grilles to cool the chassis that also acts as a heatsink and this part which is the one that will make us turn is solid that is where we will put the handlebar first we can remove the plastics if we want but at least those of the feet so as not to slip us and in these rubbers is where we will put the feet has more or less the same feel and material as him on the sole of these modern shoes that do not weigh then you see that They have like little arrows these indicate which is the front part so that we Let’s ride from behind and to go forward now to ride the handlebar we take the two screws and the allen key that was in the box and we put the cable mentioned this through the hole of the handlebar we put the two together connectors have a specific binding position that has a little arrow and a slit and we put them as downwards so that they do not protrude they fit easily and there is no need to push the same force as the screws they have to go in smoothly and first tighten one then the other and the point perfect tightening for me is to push the key and when it starts to move the vehicle that is already strong enough we keep the key and we take a plastic that comes next to it that acts as a protector so that it is more beautiful we have to fit it well on both sides and that it is ready because if we only get one hit, they will stay out well, we already have it mounted and this is what will make us turn left and right as you see we turn on with the only button that it has and we put it up and with this it is will be automatically stabilized almost magical because it seems that it is floating, that is, it does not move a millimeter, it does not hesitate, we touch it a a little with your finger and as you can see it is as if it were something that is flying to me through at least I was very impressed by the stability it has that does not even false correction movements is as if I was really in the air and simply brushing with your finger it already moves once it is turned on it has lights everywhere as you see behind there is one that when we brake turns red as the brake light when we go forward or in normal position is blue and when we turn it does like the yellow indicators also have blue lights on the wheels that give a futuristic look especially for the night that they are very beautiful but it is no longer that they are beautiful but that it increases security because we can see very well the remote also has the keys illuminated and it is used for some things it goes by batteries is charged by micro usb and just by giving the button below that is the power button we can Operating it by remote control has the same feel as a joystick on the psp se handles very well we can give it to all sides even make diagonals is say that if we give it left and up turning at the same time as it goes forward That is if I see a defect and it is that it does not give all the power it uses when we are mounted or it is very slow with the control for security I suppose but the remote control has another function even better than remote control and is to tracking has a button with the face of a puppy and if we press it It will automatically follow us wherever we go well wherever the I command if we throw it at him, go for it, he will not bring it but it is an option and the It is true that this is amazing because it works really well much better than the remote control this follows you fast enough even if you run away it will continue and it is the closest thing to having a dog that has happened to me the only thing that has not It has a sensor and although it has stopped here, you see if I follow a little backwards collides has no sensors or any type of obstacle detection so good we have to go looking where we are going if there is a stick in the middle do not go out there or if it is a difficult area to be able to choose and handle it in a moment with the remote control or directly take it and carry it this remote is connected by Bluetooth already standard 4 that hardly consumes and has a very we can put it in our pocket without problems that will continue to detect it We can go far, it will follow us, the only thing is that this function although it is cool She sees it a bit silly because it is difficult for us to go to the city carefree with a thing like that behind because they steal it from us because there are many obstacles with which it can collide that if it collides it can warn you by beeping but you see you can collide with anything so the best solution there was in the end is to take and tie a rope just like you would with a dog I took the belt to use it as a strap and you leave it on, you strip it and you go following where you go but without being too far and without running the risk of stealing it is more or less like pulling a shopping cart or a suitcase but without using any force or having a really obedient dog that you throw at him a little to the right and goes to the right clear but good for what I wanted this is not to walk it but to ride it because it is really fun and very easy I’m going to show you how I started to assemble it from the first second so you can see how quickly you can adapt and handle it perfectly I mean, this doesn’t have a learning curve neither hours nor anything in a minute you can move on it and in about five minutes it will want to be quite fast and so that you do not say it is not that you already You will know how to ride similar things for nothing they have not ridden or skateboarding or surfing or anything like that and I have tried it with quite a few people that I will teach end of all ages women men does not matter everyone knows perfectly adapted to him in less than five minutes, that is, it does not matter what you are clumsy in the end you will move in it as if it were an extension of your body It seems that you manage it with your mind and I am not exaggerating it is that it gives you a feeling of move where you want this is something that worried me before buy what I said to see how I handle this good because it is very easy no Do not worry to get on, you do not have to do any kind of balance just be confident that it is not going to move you can put one foot up and then calmly the other does not need to do it quickly as if he were going to fall the only thing is that you have to go up and down the back because if we go out forward we move the foot a little and we hit the ankles when we already we drive well, it may be 10 minutes later we can reach speed maximum of 18 kilometers per hour may not sound very fast but I already tell you taking curves at that speed in a thing like this it feels very fast that is, you spend it good and because if it has so much power it does not run any better because it is limited I suppose that for security or legal issues the case is that the acceleration is impressive I mean it compared to other electrical appliances this even if it is on a slope or on land you lean forward and it shoots it smokes it is very fast but it is not that it only goes fast and with reactions abrupt for nothing you can go super slow walking as quietly as you even want to adjust to the millimeter in the interiors you can go super slow if you feel like it or even stop at a traffic light and you don’t have to adjust anything simply with the movement of the body and the feet as I have already told you has a lot of power this means you can take any hill and climb it as if nothing even though it weighs more than 100 kilos even if you carry a child on your shoulders gives it still has power to spare even to move a car or a van and it I have tested because in the characteristics it says that it has 70 nanometers of pat and to give you an idea a 500 cubic centimeter motorcycle like the one in maps it has about 45 the torque is basically the force it has and it has that’s why the accelerations as I say are so impressive and if you are thinking do not do that you are going to break it well what comes now are the endurance testing and you’re going to have to endure a lot longer than this to start the blows are not taken directly by the device but by the wheels that make bumpers either front or rear protrude then if ever you have turned off and it falls, nothing happens because it does not have contact by the front, however, by the back when it falls back yes that rubs one of the plastics a little but very slightly as if it gets dirty I know not as if it really scratches the fenders that look like soft rivers and fragile at all it does not matter if you step on them because then you will see they have a metal chassis inside so they hold up very well and what are soft is to better absorb shocks, the only thing is that the test of resistance to dirt does not pass it with note since being matte white in terms of we step on it with dirty sneakers, which is normal, it starts to turn gray which then really is very easy to clean with a paper and having this finish ensures that scratches are not left or are practically invisible afterwards. Hubcaps on the sides can already be kicked or hit against walls that I unintentionally ever do not fall I do not know they break nothing happens to them or they hold up well so shock resistance it is very good now what I am going to test is the resistance to water since it can that we use it one day when it rains, we catch puddles or just we wanted to clean with the hose and I tried to pour water on it for a couple of minutes all over the bottom where the buttons are on the wheels where they put feet even on the axis of rotation in all parts even in the top cap and there is no problem because everything is well insulated with watertight rubber gaskets and I will leave it uncut so that see that it still works perfectly I ride it and without dry it or anything still wet and you can get on and continue using it that is I think it could be used even with rain what happens now that it does not rain after having wet it and seeing that it worked what I did was check it in depth look to see if there were places where water remained and could affect the running or even rusting it but really all I saw was that together rubber everywhere all well watertight and metals that do not rust the The only place where I saw that there was water was under the wells at feet the fact is that this should not be removed just because, in other words, it is not removed for clean it because then it is very difficult to put on or at least I was having a hard time and I said well, what I am going to do is disassemble it whole and so I will show you how is inside the thing is that if you open it and break these stickers you lose the guarantee but hey, I don’t care I’ve never used a guarantee and the first I removed the bottom cover had a gasket that makes the entire interior watertight but the most remarkable thing is the one-piece magnesium alloy chassis this makes it much stronger and lighter than if it were made of aluminum and it also dissipates heat better so this material is often used in racing car rims the wheel axles are made of steel stainless steel and have four screws the thickness of my finger and these bars that You see here is what the chassis makes for the fenders, so although the step on or hit them, they hold up well and you see that in all the little holes there are Like a blue powder, it fixes the screws and that makes them not loosen with the step of the time that with the vibrations that we will have is to be appreciated by the way if one day you remove the rubber supports from the feet and it costs you put them back in if you take out this piece of plastic that goes with six screws more or less you can very easily they can be removed and put without disassembling anything but I was scratching my hands and I said well disassembled and I said good since I put on I show you everything completely and disassembled it Until the last piece until I get to the drums which is the last thing I know arrives and this is because it is highly protected not only with two rubber gaskets but then it is sealed with silicone on the edges and then 15 screws that you have to remove a lot of bone, do not worry that you will not get water and we are going to screen and although we submerged it in water as you can see I had to use a cutter to remove the silicone seal that I had and see how it goes removing but cloth what it cost me to open it and just to show you what You can see that it has cells like those of electric cars, the typical ones in format 18 650 which are the standard so to speak and are from the lg brand has 42 cells and all those little colored cables that you see is to check the status of Each one the temperature is all controlled and I also have another thing that I like a lot is that these transistors, which are pieces that heat up, carry some metal plates that are these that you see that they do but as you can see they have thermal paste and it is because the chassis also makes heatsink as it is made of magnesium and removes heat very well as it uses it to refrigerate the components and it makes it great, that is, it is as if in the computer in addition to the heatsink that it carries we also use the box and well disassembling it is very easy I do it without any tutorial and I think I could Do it any and good after the blows, wet it and disassemble it, it’s up to you the turn to the ground to see how it works if we do a little fraud we go through a field and the truth is that it is surprising how well it goes until when we go fast the rocks pass them as if they were not and this is in largely due to the large wheels that it carries that together with the Electronic stabilization makes us go as if we were going through the road we will almost notice the potholes a little but if we go with confidence we can go to the most complicated places and it is that these obstacles although they seem small they are quite big when you look at them from below that although what I do is try to avoid them a little so as not to eat the blows already that that could stop us, the truth is that it is a complicated terrain for what is usually seen or is one that I really do not believe that many people I am going to use it to go around places like that more than anything especially not stain the mud and then come home and put it all lost but yeah we have to cross a field in this case it is dry it can be done without any problem if you see that there are difficult areas like this, you slow down a bit and You pass without having to get off we go that although this does not have even wheels of tacos nor is it designed to go overland, it has a height more than enough to even overcome tennis balls a lot more than a brick or things like that difficult so if we look at where we put the wheels we can go very fast anywhere even if it is even sand of this fine that seems to beach that your feet can sink when walking but with this you have a great time and Well, leaving the land, we are going to return to the city, which is where too we can find problems of this type because in cities at least mine are not perfect you can find we are sewers outputs tiles poorly planted trees anything like that and when you go fast down the street the last thing you want is to fall on your mouth and stop your teeth which is also a concern that I had as Anyone clear and the first thing is to see how he faces the curbs lower them Even if you go slow, it is like a little jump, raising them as four fingers look or five I think it can no longer or it costs a lot, however lowering them you can go pretty fast all you want also depends on how hot it is I guess but it happens as if nothing on the slopes I have not seen any that is resist them, upload it slowly fast as you want even if you want to stay standing in the middle of a hill and then continuing to climb it is not necessary to take anything of Castile to climb them has power to spare and what was talked about the typical little surprises that you find on the road and in the city you are going to see how all the sewers pass them and the raisins of any side with one wheel with both even though they are a bit difficult obstacles where the scooters the skateboards and all that is going to lock up and this is not the case you can even go for two or three finger tapas you can upload them with one roll or with both fast or slow although my advice is that you do not trust that you do not think that it is a tank or an SUV because it does not just happen well obstacles but you have to continue to be careful Now I’m going to show you how agility is, which is surprising by putting three of these metal bars to make like a cone circuit improvised you can see that it has an excellent margin of maneuver more or less the distance between them you know the two arms outstretched and you pass them quickly You can go uphill for turns by all kinds of places with that are a centimeter bigger than the skate you can go through there or I have passed even rubbing the hubcaps in many places and the truth is that it comes great that they are made of plastic they make like a little shield and if one day we want change them you can also the weight is 16 kilos which is not very light but it is not that we are going to take it climbing simply can lift with one hand even with a finger if you hurry me but if you are someone that does not have much strength or you have to climb many stairs has two handles so it can be held with both hands, the size is not very big, that is, not It takes up much more than a mouth of era or a full backpack or that kind of things that are in the room and that makes it possible to put it under any desk table and thus not have it in the middle now I’m going to talk of the negative points since there are several the first is that As soon as you start using it, it is limited and what you have to do is connect it to the mobile by bluetooth download the application and follow a tutorial because if not it will be limited to a very very low speed that is, it is as if it was something mandatory that if you do not follow the tutorial which is put a foot I do not know what handle it with the remote is how to install a program next more or less but at least having to do that I did not like because not I have a mobile phone with applications I have had to go asking for it later The application itself is great, it tells you the speed of the kilometers you have done we go like the painting of a car but on your mobile and everything is saved you can also configure it as you want to remove the lights put them change them from color I do not know how to configure how much you want the speed to be with the I command that kind of thing is all all the settings in that application even You can operate with the mobile as you would with the remote control and also put a burglar alarm that makes you stagger if someone picks it up when is activated and it becomes practically unusable then another defect that I see is that the previous model had a handle instead of the accessory for the camera he is really looking to connect him in a camera that follows you and so but I’m not going to use it I liked it more because having a handle like a briefcase before having to put on the other thing that they have changed with respect to previous model is that the middle arm the rudder or handlebar as you want call him now takes the trunk to put things that is very useful but not allows you to adjust it in position, it cannot be raised or lowered, it stays at a fixed height which is really very good, that is, it gives an aspect of solidity to have a single piece instead of a metal tube with roulet and you are that in the end It would seem like the typical cheap scooter, however, so it seems like I don’t know. a motorcycle that you cannot adjust the seat but it will always fit you and the last drawback the dirt that stains a lot at least in this white color but although it cleans well I would have liked to choose it in black because it is also sold in black but let’s go, the color is not a reason to discard it if we see a very good offer in white as was my case Well, you can choose it because it is very beautiful and with a paper it can be cleaned well and finally, how much does it cost, which in the end is what makes us decide whether we want or if we go from it the price is about 500 euros at least it is for the price what when I asked and it really is not expensive If you compare it with the typical toys, the over war called is a bit more expensive or more expensive in short, but they have nothing to do with it. been able to test and some are a toy and others are an electric vehicle for transport you that’s how those tiny plastic wheels make you can only use indoors or in perfect places while this is that has nothing to do with it, then another very important thing is that those toys These batteries normally carry polymer batteries as opposed to those that you took segway they are very dangerous because they are made of lithium polymer not they come in cells as they do in cars but if they take a hit or if something goes through it, anything that can happen in a vehicle like this can get to catch fire to explode something that I did not want to put between my legs the truth then the magnesium alloy chassis the technology how well it goes which is a completely different product and the only one I can use Compare is with the scooter of the same brand that now costs a few cheaper 300 or even sometimes less that I also have it and I am very happy it is one of The best buy that I have done that is why I decided For now, the question that some will ask when buying is that the scooter from xiaomi or the safeway from yao ming is more worth it. The ideal answer would be to buy both of you because they are milk, but if you have to go by road smooth places and you want to go 25 kilometers per hour all the time you buy the scooter because for the price that has about 300 or even less is something unbeatable or an electric vehicle like that is very good buy but if you are going to take it costs if you think enough or if you want to go for difficult places this is the best option because it has a lot of power and there are Another option is to buy the segway but the old or mini model that is more cheap about a hundred euros less and that is almost the same in chassis engines the only thing that has 5 kilometers less autonomy, it seems to me it loses the function the command to follow you and take it with the joystick but they are things expendable if we want to move with him so I’m going to leave the links of these three options in the description and you already look at it to decide which one you like the most, which one you want and which one you buy and finally and now I’m going to leave you some extra scenes of how people react when he sees something like that on the street when he sees you riding because many will think boas they are going to laugh at me what a shame how am I going to go like this is what makes a lot people do not buy these things but I already tell you that everyone’s reactions is that handsome, I want one, let me know how much does it cost? waking up is wanting to have one and get on because it’s really cool [Applause] [Music] very easy is that the handsome one was the one but they have nothing [Laughs] and that good trick but don’t run over support you will see with something like a taco to taste a camera you know [Music] this guy I don’t think so you trust city yes but I tell you when you release droughts how more relaxed of course is the principle that says jesus I have to hold on but no that’s the feeling this is always for that up down now that it’s there I’ve done It is like that if you trust it does not do anything swings and how long it took you 30 seconds to handle it decently [Applause] we want if you spend 5 minutes you handle it already with the milk sa but [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]