folks i’ll tell you how it is that here would be the helpful video that you guys on the subject of mini segway or whatever you want to call italy see will that is mainly due to the fact that I have both the 16 5 inch tires here as also have the 10 inch tire version here because I can do it very well compare and I can save you from making a purchase decision that I have I first met 65 inches back then mature version is bought eighth, this is much smaller and easier girlfriend wants to take with me then I can easily pack them in my rucksack and then I have to transport the tires and that’s why I choose them smaller version that wasn’t a good decision because the difference between the two size is hardly noticeable who has the 65 inch tire or the ten inch tire fits in the rucksack and even if you somehow do it in general transports in the subway or train what I’ve done many times, you can tell really no difference of course this one is a bit harder but if we take him so takes our poor and then it goes around with it then it is really almost exactly the same feeling if you take part in this under your arms both are pretty hard and both of them are no fun Carrying the devices around so if you guys like me thought I’ll take it maybe in smaller ones because of portability it doesn’t make it isn’t really more portable so now we come to the point why you the ten inch version instead of the 65 inch version should buy it is very easy with the 10 inch device you can drive much better high speeds are really not a problem there is so from At a certain point there is an age limit when directly to the start peeping and you can quasi drive the peep speed without that you feel kind of funny when you are driving at speeds then you feel right there this tire here is also made of rubber and danny made of plastic with which you drive over any keystone water you don’t even notice that it’s like riding a bike park over it without any problems and If you only have slight bumps on the road, you can really feel it every jerk so you drive as much on gravel on the road as possible and that really makes such a big difference thought because I have already seen reviews where both have not been compared at all it certainly doesn’t make such a big difference, but it does a big difference the difference is so big that you can say that here small that is actually devices with which you can drive around a bit but the street in front of the front door has no great added value just a fun device this part is so good I’m really productive with it So drove around to go shopping to a buddy really long stretch I already drove without it that pissed me off when I did you with whom we drive longer distances you think you are so I don’t know why because you have to concentrate very much on longer stretches and it’s no fun at all here the cea gets really super fast drive i would say maybe almost as fast as a bike if you can really fast is above all the fast driver something I was or against what such a change of coach seems to be, I’m on the move so quickly and with whom It’s really not fun anymore because you think that you do every second can fall down and it also happens when you find out quickly it will happen more often that you fall down Another important topic are sidewalks in things that make me so blatant got bored when I bought the parts and I don’t have a single video found by simply filling someone as he drives up a sidewalk with share and that is also one of the others huge differences with most of them are of course clear easier to go up on the sidewalks so when you learn about them area in the city there are actually not many places where you can doesnt get high so energy goes up so high you wont get over it but there are always somehow that small spots were not quite so high is then you come across with those who are really in over there the pattern is rare Take your hand when you drive around with this one really does exist very many against rise always do not come across that starts with very small heights, of course, with this part of your Driving off and with the big one on off-road vehicles is much better with me the little one is a bit better because of the stability of the side protection partly as it should be called as you can see everything here and still intact therefore the part would really have to go through every time someone new wants to drive around with the device then happened that he flies there and that’s part of it then so on wood so papa papa with which it is a little different Driving around after ten minutes is already a part of this land protection of the tires broken off at some point the part is me too jumped down the escalator and then this part really has completely destroyed as you can see here it would clearly have been better with that large device to make no edge parts at all but just call here call straight line and that’s just not protected and i knew right from the start when i had this part in hand hold held that did not hold long you could touch and directly shake and it was just not stable ok I mostly used it compared between these two devices but I still have Nothing said about the mini segway in general before I got this mini secretary, I’ve never tried it with anyone else and I thought about it, yes, I don’t even know how it’s worth the 300 euro but as soon as I was on it thought to myself immediately york it was worth it so you can’t imagine how fun thats i often have it with me at some parties and that’s almost as fun as drugs so grab the parts immediately the attention of all party guests and everyone wants to hang around with it drive and have a lot of fun and generally when you are outside with it there are really so many people driving the pure effort is supposed to be cool style where there is and you can also give a giant to other people or children give pleasure when you briefly share it with these people and if you let someone drive around with me then everyone immediately says mio that I have to pick up my biggest point of criticism Both parts are the battery, especially with this part you could easily have a longer one stretching on yourself but you can do it for so long Take on long stretches as you would actually want if you were with it the battery starts to run at top speed, I would say 40 minutes of an hour at the latest to beep and eat too Such a point of the ultra is also annoying, there are only too few battery indicators levels, so to speak, that either the battery green or the battery brings or the battery flashes threatens and beeps all the time and there is somehow suction one intermediate levels you can somehow not so he for so now in 20 seconds to example the battery is empty and therefore is also when the battery is in the red motifs mode is like saying you can still drive around with it but it does beeps totally annoying, the battery lasts a good bit, so it’s me I think at least ten, maybe even 20 minutes around would have driven that you gave and it would then just be about the beep could briefly exhibit so that it would not be so annoying the problem No problem at all if it were easy to change the battery, but it is very Difficult to change the battery, you have to unscrew a lot of screws but i have heard that evaluations will soon come out for those of the battery Easily interchangeable both devices have the function that you can use them bluetooth can play music that has what it sounds like blood in the net for the fact that there is such a little extra feature and that you actually do it does not really need and is not used for me that fits quality of the boxes is not there now nothing for a mobile disco but the people are always amazed when you tell them so now boxer so it was then most people could still box new fits you can simply say I can recommend you guys very much to get such a segway balance wheel hobart part and if you decided to have to buy some then I advise one of the 10 inch tires It’s just a lot better in almost every way you need to buy you something that I have presented here jacky video description if you like technology bells and whistles that videos are only very rarely uploaded to a channel then subscribe to this channel