this is the simplest vehicle the wheel, without having to apply it to a auto or a bike , no no really a rotation with an electric motor, you come along and you go anywhere, it’s a cool vehicle because it is very small It is the same size as the wheel of a bicycle you can keep it anywhere even in space for the car’s spare wheel you can take 20 km/ h with an independence of too 20 km but that is dependent on pattern there are some which are faster and do more kilometres this is the most basic and actually I think you don’t want to go faster than 20 km/ h with this it goes well and the faster “theres going” the most stable but if you take a huge rock and die at 45 km/ h…As another simulate can go now, I see it hazardous. Besides, those faster patterns weight more and are much more expensive than this one. I bought this one for less than 300, in a sale, and for that toll it is a awfully charming device that’s why I craved it. But you better watch the entire review because it has its cons To start, when you take it out the box it has a protective plastics or rubbers that gives us an idea of what is going to happen you’re going to fall or at least the rotation is going to fall cause at the beginning until you learn to use it you’re going to have some trips or loses of offset. The bad of this motor is … that you have to learn to use it so the first hour you’re not going to like it, is bearing I think it is the first time I use a helmet to ride something like that..Which is slow but I recommend to do it Also I watched tutorials of how to razz it and everyone said you needed to hold to a barrier or something similar so I thought that using crutches was a better idea as if you skied although I “ve never” skied but I find it pretty easy and that road you don’t fall So, to learn how to ride it or the nature I have learn “il take the” crutches to get on it and then take motive as when you are maimed but with a rotation between your paw. At the beginning it’s scary and your legs will quiver and it seems you are going to fall but it is only matters of getting used to it I was like an hour with the crutches sauntering like a chump and I would recommend doing it at night obviusly so that nobody talks to you and assures you doing this so that course you don’t get deconcentrated/ embarrased otherwise you’d said: “I’m embarrased, I go home” However, I thought it was going to take me a lot to learn to journey it, I even set a limit three days of being all night or until I couldn’t continue or move so I get very surprised when in about two hours, more or less, I didn’t need to use the props to estabilize so I stopped using them because as in two hours you know how to travel it but doing closed turns or overstepping accross people..Is a bit more complicated and you have to practice but extremely lose the fear. Anyway you go few inches up to the ground you’re not going to die that’s why I consider no level in being scared. At most you will have some suffering in ankles from doing greater efforts at the beginning when you’re afraid of precipitate and you apply a lot of force but also is cause i use it for 4/5 hours going it also happens with the bycicle with the saddle which befour some hours of use is awkward One other thing is that, if you are one of those who loves to have everything in excellent problems without a scratch, as new…Forget it, because it is going to fall especially at the beginning you’re going to scratch, but it’s resistent as inferno It has a solid sword chassis at the pedals and the persona whatever it is you put your feet is of magnesium with rubber to give a better control Then, in the two sides it has like some pads so that besides from is becoming more comfortable the bateries are protected there they are like the cells of the electric cars in this case from the LG brand The charger is as the one from a laptop and it has a illuminated which is useful because when it is red it intends it is still charging and when it is green, it necessitates it has reached the 100% it takes about two hours and a half to do that to go from 0 to 100 and since the usual is that we won’t drain it we can have full charged in two hours Disassembling it is very easy because it has 4 or 5 cases to restore it “youve had” replacemnets for everything the rotates are from standar biycle so converting them is also easy It has bluetooth to connect it to the smartphone and change the lighters, the rythm, but especially to know the stats temperature of the batteries how much battery you’ve left the kilometres you’ve done..It gives you a lot of information. You are also welcome to modernize the firmware the software or whatever it’s called and that means you can tuning It also has alarm so it isn’t slip althought I think you shouldn’t glance the phone while you are riding it it isn’t as a bycicle or a scooter that you settled the phone on the handlebar this is harder to ride and you must be focus Nevertheless, the app has an option where the screen turns transparent, triggering the camera and you can see where you are going while you look at the phone but it is silly the maximum is 20 km/ h and when you contact it it starts beeping and increasing hurry so you don’t need to see it.The minimum, the most slowly you can go is this you can go chill taking a ride and the weel won’t fall, restrains symmetry The only thing is that when you stop when you want to go down, “youve got to” positioned a feet down as you would do in a motorbike the only difference is that now you don’t have a high handlebar Just a handgrip which is foldable so, you take it from there but I don’t see it as a good theory, I would lean something higher. But, you can buy this as an accessory it isn’t expensive and it would be very recommendable because otherwise if you for example, are in a hurry to cross the street and you won’t risk intersecting on the wheel taking in with your hands while you drag it is very uncomfortable and nonsensical A included accessory is a little tube to inflate the rotations so it is more comfortable.I don’t see it necessary, but make it a lot easier because you gave it on the two sides and you inflate them in a moment Handling it is pretty simple but expense a bit to handle at the beginning To go forward you have to settled the feet down like the car throttle and to stop, you press the heels down the same as the rollerblades then to turn you have to incline the motor to the side you want to go for that the most wonderful is do it like you step in one leg and doing more pressure with the freedom paw if we want to go right and elevate a bit the left foot not completly elevating it, but doing less pres and that behavior it turns.And well … it is a wheel, the simplest thing. so I can’t say much more it is water-resistant, it is pretty cheap for the enjoyable you get but I wouldn’t recommend it for daily use to go between people having to stop all of a sudden .. I see it more “annoying” than the electric scooter which for me is the best alternative I have it at my top of the pyramid Well, I you have to go long distances the bycicle is even better clearly because you have the pedals and if you run out of battery you can continue but the electric scooter for the city for me is still much better but this is the same as with motorbikes people will say…”no, they are dangerous, and harder to handle” well, but parties still buy them because they are fun more than a gondola even so this is the same. That’s why I think this can have some devotees that would be two different types of beings: those who want to use it on the weekends to go around in the common, having fun identify tress, and chicks which is great and second, for those who live at the outskirts because in the city .. having to stop at the crosswalks shunning parties, dogs..Now I stop, etc that’s very boring but if you’re going through the countryside it goes enormous. It is much better than a 8-inches rotate of a scooter you have 16 inches, with a bycicle tyre you are going to go much more cozy. So, to sum up the worst things are 3: first, it weights quite a bit it is not possible to hold it with the entrusts all the time maybe exactly to descend some stairs or something like that but the right thing to do is to buy the accessory of the longer hold and carry it as a suitcase, but with one rotation. The second thing is that it is difficult to handle at first or at least it takes you 2 or three hours to learn to ride it and to be “good” maybe 4 or 5 it depens on each person.The third thing is that the maximum speed is 20 km/ h but even if we could go at 30 you don’t really want to go faster Another thing, that I don’t know if its good or bad .. is that it calls the attention a good deal everyone looks at you everyone stops to talk to you I will show it in the bloppers at the end because I think it is interesting to see my first impressions beacuse all the videos I had verified is a matter of beings dancing with it, going on one leg jump-start, or doing pro things without additional efforts or complication so I thought that it would operate smoothly as the segway you moved up calmly and move like a glamour but it wasn’t the case…So I was genuinely dissapointed I though it was falty, or it couldn’t be used so, I leave you to it. “You rocks mate, i used another in the subway” he[ I’m having trouble read to handle it] this is impossible :/ How the hell I get on it? I virtually take an ear out ayyy but but but, stop please uff how stressful if I hold down do I introduce the other foot? this impels no gumption uyyy he he how do you pretend … i move on this? well, at least it is easy to store it because is small 1 video= 1 dron ded.