hi guys in last a few months the smart-alecky banners will was come to market I certainly have a six and a half inches and also ten inches and eight inches so today we’re gonna establish you astonishing intend at six and a half the great brand-new blueprint smart-alecky banners will I say fan and scooter and somebody call this a hardball so search this pattern you see it’s totally new I said you already know you read a lot of 6.5 inches the rigger layout that’s likey around the like nine miles 10 miles ago and everybody copy in China and a some difficulty with a charge with the batteries and some with the regulate engine self-control plan so today I’m gonna picture you this is a really good you see on the back side and on the breast place look at this two openings this is the whole dis for the charging and this for the switch on and off so we switch on you accompany the power is on merely to show you the artilleries so too you envision the treat is more easy to handle the scooter so we don’t need any flame purse so something like that so it’s very easy to catch up because you guys the mitts is big then I expected some people so easy to catch up and also you see is small nest weighs about eight kilos and a half and likewise you examine the panel this is very smooth sandy for descent okay I’m gonna indicate you the most important sense because this scooter we just double engine self-restraint structure so we’re gonna demo you how to adjust the strata mole and a minimum and a stylish procedure because study state be just for the new chaps really get received a scooter so you you can’t drop in fast you time crave learning how to use it and a meter the centre sequence we just wanna drop in like a smoothly not very faster on the austere sporty procedure is very fast so now we’re going to show you how to adjust the three mode we stand the scooter we set like something on the blue or settled a something on the table so you can see now we just flashing with a blue auto so the blue color is the middle bolt it’s like a drop in smoothly not so fast and I’m not so slow and we just press the button one more time you determine the let’s get it right the liberty is the red is for the most sporty procedure slipping fast under its we know it’s more speed and it would pass one more time so we can see this green right now the ring is for starting procedure so also there’s one more important appreciation you know we’re going to show you because sometimes you’re driving a lot of days maybe the smartband is the scooter we lost the banners so how to you know the I’ll time impact the factory city so it’s more smooth sidle so we’re going to show you now how it operates so we switch off the supremacy and we found something place unusually flat like a small table or something very small and it’s very flat you know the the place only touch is that this place not touching the platter not touch the high to only touch this place so Mac this is very flat so now we just show you to that altered in a safe balance wheel okay so how do that so we just press the publication to noon time press for ten roundabouts around and it only laughs your hands you’re going to hear one one voice and after one two circles you’re gonna have one more expression okay so now let’s do that time give me a little circle I’m gonna make this more more flat we just press the bottom so we’re just waiting for 10 seconds around I don’t we laughter our hands it’s done after our hands one voice at one more voice now it’s on so now we’re back to overweight recede the remaining balance is okay so you can drop in like a the factor sitting when you receive the scooters