my honey mr the devotees ever get new scooters into the warehouse into bodzek from max moves 30 d i will briefly interpose so a little of appearance which can be a lot of recreation we can already assure the package you can already see a bit of what to expect experience a little of the shape of the good like here and a few cases facts namely, we have an unbelievable range of 65 kilometers of course The standard raced of 20 km/ h is 10 inch massive tire Headed brightness doubled restraints and an ip65 certification that symbolizes a very good one climate resist which of course is also important if you do that extremely want to go outside, unpack the whole thing firstly and then show you how it goes on so you can already ensure the whole thing is relatively easy open it and when you open it for the first time, we jump into my data now and the operating instructions, contrary to the data, is certainly important for them policy so that you also get a license plate now “were having” once the accuse cable the whole thing is natural for this one vast battery because the 65 kilometer series offsets it is vital that you that also quickly accuses sexuality an nearly sharjah and now still have a tool That is probably the concern of the handlebars and now another one little extra things aside there we are able to here this is done pretty cool we just need to pull this out Nevertheless, we can safely expose the scooter now, which we now do now out and see you stand again in detail the handlebar is who it is loosely after the cable has acted here, we are able to set it on the handlebar sterilize the whole thing is now shafted here, that’s what this tool is for since what i have shown i now say actions how to do that firmly how to increase the duration, so to speak, can fasten and secure namely it is delivered in such a way that you have all the freedom here if it is you you just have to employed it down here for a short time drag and tell this fuse sound into place once, namely here not good-for-nothing are moved the whole thing is bombproof Of trend the 30 also labor, I present the whole thing up here I have just taken out the fuse then I believe that here once up and the handlebar creases backwards we are on the blade I can throw this evil one over this recess now and previously is it firm that conveys the whole thing is safe and I can do it very easily Carrying me is of course very important with the e scooter can go through the lanes through the bus that is absolutely easy to do here with “youre seeing” he’s back very quickly Fold up here, secure the fuse and fans, as well as this one expose beautiful shade to the no god there is still an app the netapp the harmless table laded to open the scooter we see it here that you picture first when you open the app that represents the whole thing is a race flaunt and we can already encounter a fastening that makes you can set up anti-theft protection with the app that looks like this if I tap it formerly then the scooter imparts once and cannot quasi switching between steal secured and the city not secured what happens when he is sure the flag is that the engine is blocked and that therefore it cannot be driven there was it still has to be stepped on but it is definitely no longer drivable then there is now of course no substitution for a fasten that means we would still lock recommend it because it is then safe again so not get carried away but it can be used as a basic shelter that goes on very well we have an option here that refers Pedestrian mode so pedestrian state if I initiate it then if if we take a look at the presentation, we determine eco is written here, that meant that the eco driving state when I pulp ok now the whole thing modifies including the pedestrian state this means you can drive a maximum of 6 km h that represents if you are in narrow neighborhoods now, there are so many walkers, that’s it to protect that you don’t drive too fast and don’t endanger anyone unnecessarily Another facet of the app is vigour recuperation that is for example if you drive down the mountain and then do not have to be started or Gas has to be given then the engine can with a modest restraint energy recovered and thus virtually recharge the battery The whole thing moving up, we see here we are able to with vigour Adjust the recovery statu as strong for that if we want too press hard then of course the roller is then restraint a little harder this means that more exertion is recovered, but also a little of the driver ultimately ended that means they would say tell it be weak for now come used to it and then feel at it we also have a few controllers, that is, if you stay for a specified period of time propping the accelerator down then at some item something like that will arise Cruise restraint on if you precisely keep going at the same hurrying you can choose freely here but want us or not you can also determined the name of the router now first unchanged and the buttock daybreak can be adjusted when you turn it off if you turn the switch off, the taillight is is turned off if you now take a look then I can show it is now time I stick with it again and off you go and of course I can do it again make do so perfect solves so you can still prepare your own profile that the whole thing is also a little of a social network where you then have others people can watch very, I have not registered that I could do it now then you can see someone’s profile picture and a few cases individual ones thing for a nighttime procedure that symbolizes if I turn on the whole thing in such a stream black expends less battery on the cell phone is easy for the optics as you want it to be the barrier still has provides for me now and so help almost everything you are eligible to needs the apps certainly very well is also necessary and when driving the rollers, of course, you can unlock it while driving you don’t definitely need them you can use them as it is actually a great one feature what is easy about graf there is a last-place one free in the app accumulate if we swipe to the left here we can see some statistics that is now the remaining range of course comes the scooter in his remit of bringing not with amply charged battery then current mileage average accelerate Current driving times, total mileage and vehicle temperature so here could practically monitor your vehicle if any there are dissensions or something or who time want to know how we already do be driven in addition to the pedestrian mode and the eco state, which is switched on automatically, there are two more more drivers that intends if we double-click on this button “were having” the drive state, which is tagged with a de a little faster than the eco mode and then the sport procedure with the boast mode reaches 20 km h faster now that planneds with the drive state comes the eight seconds to 20 km h in an economy mode up to 20 km/ h in five seconds so I want one Super fast time to accelerate the stop of this scooter can provide so that entails really well equipped technically We’ll get into a little more detail about this shortly afterwards, but for now Regarding the driving states as a whole, we are not just talking about the driving procedure, but rather the flaunt The series of the rest is also the battery stage and the speed if we look at the whole handlebar formerly we see here we have on on the one paw the two dampers a drum damper with a bar and With this in this device an electromagnetic restraint on the back of the on the right side we learn the accelerator lever same maneuvers as with the electrical brake and a blade of course also important when you’re in the road traffic is on the way up front we have a directly fixed preceded beacon for say exactly at the figurehead like resulted also at the back, we have already shown it formerly a reflector and the whole thing closes everything from above seeing as a whole we of course even if I’m a little bit over it myself The designing of the scooter is very modern and looks really elegant don’t complaints about the whole thing made use of aluminum be it completely made of metal handled very high quality processing overall, we are about to that in more detail again at the nordmarkt 30 de we have ten for pneumatic tires these are tubeless and thus prepare the driving action clear gentler with more stable so it for you for the solace actually very good and we have inside the tires I can of course not show a special gel protective membrane that avoids punctures that means you is not merely have a safe driving knowledge but also a special fuse so that the tires don’t crack so quickly, which is always welcome you obviously don’t say no further back we accompany them now device for the battery that intends if we can open me here fasten all the charging manoeuvre we can already appreciate the running card something rubberized we have a bit of control composition on it as well as including information on the controls for the paws on the handlebars the whole thing should be the whole thing Although x5 protected so that confirms that the whole thing that the scooter before Stream of spray from all directions is certainly protected Nevertheless, be careful that this rustproof aluminum frame does not stay in the rainfall for too long stands and does not go through the deepest 14 simply from rudimentary For insurance grounds, one would now also use interesting thing the hell is waterproof not doing is just ordinary armour but when you have to drive through drizzle or a bit damp environment hat is not bad that keeps the role from so on in all such cases first tire as already pointed out, we lay a rhythm brake If we see it as it is operated, it is of course very important reflectors on both sides as well as the rear damper is one I had said electromagnetic just once before But in addition to the brake, the engine is also sufficient at the rear this has 36 volts and is 350 watts strong that is the endless recital that is very decent and of course likewise the play mode the faster it intensifies it enables that would otherwise not is a possibility again short to the battery this is 15.3 ampere hours that is really huge is big and he truly has a range of 65 kilometers this is of course still 50 kilometers in sport procedure because it is a lot It is more demanding for the battery, but it is still far above that median what’s on the market so we’re really in the ultimate payment province the whole thing is in six hours from faster power supply charged that really is when you look at it now preferably median but for the fact that it is so immense it is really one very nice time so the father-god is definitely rewarded this huge deal is of course also pronounced in areas of heavines this is 19 5 kilograms and now tends to be higher in comparison difficult but that means you really get a particularly robust scooter Not simply does the battery contribute to this weight because but likewise the workmanship we really have a very stable roller very good processing everything runs seamlessly into one another you feel at home drive very safely likewise when you believe that the scooter is 65 65 kilometers organizes the 90 kilos nearly forgotten so this one the ratio of range to weight is really unbeatable you can get that acces the market fell almost at 2 for no second scooter and that is what even the very good scooter simply expenses 799 euros in the mobile phone shop, that is a lot scooters that expenditure well over a thousand euros is not do what this persona can do And the rate is absolutely good that it can only be recommended nybot max is 30 de can withstand 100 kilos and is for people up to around 190 me now 192 pss too no problem collien etc but that wants most of them parties have to fit this scooter so we see the nybot as a whole max g 30 d with all its features the six-part design of the great processing this huge stray and of course the premium spot of 799 euros abruptly at the vanguard of the e scooter busines with us at there’s bot to buy now in limited quantities we just got up So getting a stock paw is of course very popular with all of these contentions like to have quick access you can find the link in the specific characteristics there you come immediately to the article and can access it directly if you so Christmas was a present you wanted to have just once want to give a pose look over the description says and subscribe like the path like to leave a comment under this video and we wish you a nice day and see you next time