okay it’s gone park eventually accused time to test ride right utter us a go to be the first time ever on a ah revolves right so where is it it’s a normal one I’ve got it written Eilat why they’re an inventive oh there we go oops perilous always wear elegant tection cam hostility and a helmet yeah that’s that’s not happen there’s going doing good so direct direction down off the last like concrete storey yeah good-for-nothing can go wrong oh wow yeah that little centre now Danger Danger right apparently how I can this be fine oh whoa turns out yeah so that’s a to be noted that out straight away just like a son yeah it is not likely yet a single explanation of it want to do is move it over this time what you know that happen homeboys yeah Murray V writing possible I’m wrong okay yeah real good I want to close the video I’m startle up three delightful tightened district spawning sure you close to me you’re or pod fortunately the wall where so I said successful number 1 there are yours from immediate level 1 look what i found my no good while bolt off privilege so happening 10 minutes later cousins booster will come to the doctor Christmas yes but we live ten is there no programs and no progress at all that same more actually not breathing right sponsoring up different schoolteacher seventy same transistor wanting same day I’ll sure I’ll do a little ooh oh please actually Oh tight was it highly very tight let me go get water on rush of it we go at 1625 Oh professional to top out is it 10 minutes 10 or 15 instants simply to call it precisely having a balance of both novices like to try and be able acid going useless moves it went underneath the foot turn it don’t get off that informatica do that crony be like oh I envisioned I’d push the boat out and replenish me on it so this is me razzing and these are the tight areas that I got to go through pitch black as well doesn’t help but the lighter come on in a minute because it’s a sensor daybreak in a minute hopefully there you are there’s me whizzing by but it’s an S Pen nice age-old s bouncer aids me tradition the tuning but it’s all good we bump as well there so you can stop to see the race effortless absolutely effortless a sharp-witted adjust try to smacked that then another sharp-worded pitch through this little bit now and we got a shot to left which is always fun try not to stumble those things there “theres going” actually outstandingly easy previously you just get used to the fact that resist on it and you’ve got a control your left and right only really it doesn’t lean forward and backwards for the rest of it it makes you along effortlessly more or less it’s nowhere near as stable as the two-wheel version clearly because you’ve got to do a lot of work to keep it upright but it’s no less been I’ve just gone through that but it’s thumbs up for me it’s brilliant I try and use this in time at some spot formerly I get full govern of it you will be taught to be irresponsible and just go out into town on it so I rode bound now for 10 or 15 kilometers until I can do these angles properly easily without having to think and then I’ll know I can take a network on one hope you enjoyed this you