Ninebot One Z – One pedal to rule themall. I’m fairly gushed to share this information with you through differentsources on the Internet I are caught up that Segway the current owner of theNinebot brand( other way around, sorry) is about to release a new electrical unicycle. This video has beenbrought to you in cooperation with EvNerds EvNerds is a cool onlinemagazine that is dedicated to electric vehicles, unicycles and bikes. EvNerds periodical is originated for the community and driven by the community. I will leavea link in the description below if you want to check out EvNerds. When Ifirst started going the electric unicycle I speedily fallen in love with theNineBot One blueprint. I purchased the pose E and I got a lot of fun with that fora while. Eventually I sold it because I needed more reach and more speed.There’s been a few tries from Ninebot/ Segway over the years to innovate and to bringsome brand-new material to the table. But nothing of the assaults certainly washed out to beappealing to the hardcore unicycle community. The Ninebot One design eventhough it looked very cool when it came out it, is a bit outdated by now.Thisis about to change with the Ninebot One Z They seem to have taken thebest from all the other brands and then contributed their own twist to it to start thedesign stand out even more. The example Z is rumoured to be crafted in the cavesbelow Gotham City with the Batman aroused designing. You can see what I’mtalking about from the picture said that a leak from a Chinese source. Model Z is an 18 -inch wheel furnished with a solid tire manufacturing it ideal for off-roadriding. I really like the seek, it does look like it’s something from the future. I did notice that the pedal height is no longer a high-pitched as I wouldhave wanted it to be. It does seem to cause a bit of a problem when turning it will beinteresting to see how this turns out in conjunction with the fatty tire. What’spretty nice is that it seems to have an integrated mudguard and that could bereally useful when you’re riding off-road The model Z comes in threedifferent discrepancies Z6, Z8 and Z10 and theseare the specs that I’ve been able to pick up so far.I’m really happy to see that Segway has upped video games and required some extended array and someupgraded motor power The weakest pose beginning at 1200 wattswhich is quite a lot of power even by today’s standard. Getting a motor with1 800 watts and 45 kph as maximum speed should be more thanenough for the most power hungry riders I hope they can obstruct a nice torque on this rotation because a higher torque is preferred over higher top speed at least inmy point of view. The maximum battery length of 1000wh seems a bit low-toned in comparison with other 18 inch contestants. As citation I cantell you with 840 wh and 1500 watt machine on my MSuper I’m capable ofcranking out around 40 km at full challenge, so the 80 -1 00 km on the big pose it seems pretty rosy to mePrice-wise we are in the 750 to 1500 US dollar range, which seems reasonable tome. But remember these are Chinese price tags so the prices might differ formerly the wheels stumbled Europe and US.According to another source Simin Tay awell known member of the unicycle community, there should be some sort ofredundancy built into the wheel that should help or minimise the risk ofpower cut outs. It’s about time that the the manufactures start looking into somesort of redundancy to help protect the rider on these wheels. If you don’t knowSimon Tay, he causes some pretty cool videos and I will leave a link inthe description below so you can go and check out his YouTube channel.Model Z has front and back light-footed which is pretty much standard by the competition as well. Ninebot/ Segway has included a rotation lighters to do the design there even more stunning. It is totally narcotic and it seems you can adjust the quality. It doesn’t seemthat it will come with a handle as standard. It seems like it’s somethingthat you need to buy and organize afterwards. Trolley handle also act as a parking stand. I personally think it’s a shame that the Segway didn’t find a way to integrate the trolley into the design. Iwant to add that all of this is rumours so far and has not been confirmed by Segway.To get the real information you need to go to the Segway website after theproduct has been released. Eventually, if you haven’t seen it in full yet they an full advert has spilt from Segway that shown in this pose Z in action. Enjoy it and letme know in the comment section below what you think about the brand-new Ninebot One Z. thank you and see you in the next one you.